Review Questions for Rebel Without a Cause

In a short review essay (2-3 double-spaced pages) answer one of the questions listed below. Essay due: beginning of class, April 19.

  1. All of the families in Rebel Without a Cause -- Jim's, Judy's, and Plato's -- appear to be dysfunctional in some way or other. Describe the flaws in each family as represented by the movie and the effects on the children.

  2. Using more or less the same evidence as that required for the previous question, describe what an ideal family might look like. (Hint: what does the "fantasy family" acted out by Jim, Judy, and Plato suggest about families?)

  3. What do you make of the title Rebel Without a Cause? The movie identifies a problem, juvenile delinquency. It's obviously a Bad Thing to have people like Jim Stark, or like Buzz Gunderson and his pals Crunch, Gene, Chick, and Moose, or like Plato Crawford. What can be done about this? Does the film suggest a solution to the problem of juvenile delinquency?