Here's a listing of all the books and web sites I've
used along the way.  All of these web sites deserve
praise as they are continuing the legacy known as
the blues....


Bane, Michael.  White Boy Singin’ the Blues:
    The Black Roots of White Rock.  New York:
    Da Capo Press,  1992

Barlow, William.  "Looking Up At Down": The
    Emergence of Blues Culture. Philadelphia:
    Temple UP,  1989.

Berry, Chuck.  Chuck Berry: The Autobiography.
    New York:  Harmony Books, 1987.

Cook, Bruce.  Listen To The Blues.  New York:
    Da Capo Press, 1995

Davis, Francis.  The History of the Blues.
    New York: Hyperion, 1995.

Dixon, Willie; Snowden, Don.  I Am The Blues:
    The Willie Dixon Story. New  York: Da Cape
    Press,  1989

Keil, Charles.  Urban Blues.  Chicago:
    Chicago UP,  1966.

Shaw, Arnold.  Honkers and Shakers: The Golden
    Years of Rhythm and Blues.  New York:
    Macmillan Publishing,  1978.

Springer, Robert.  Authentic Blues: Its
    History and Its Themes. Lewiston: Edwin
    Mellen Press, 1995

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this page and blues music in general.


  Last, but certainly not least, those who should receive the most credit, my professors.

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