HONR 218C Western Intellectual Heritage: The Hero and Society
  • Academic Accommodations

    If you have a documented disability, you should contact Disability Support Services, Room 0126 Shoemaker Hall. Each semester students with documented disabilities should apply to DSS for accommodation request forms which you can provide to your professors as proof of your eligibility for accommodations. The rules for eligibility and the types of accommodations a student may request can be reviewed on the DSS web site at http://www.counseling.umd.edu/DSS/receiving_serv.html.

  • Religious Observances

    The University System of Maryland policy provides that students should not be penalized because of observances of their religious beliefs, students shall be given an opportunity, whenever feasible, to make up within a reasonable time any academic assignment that is missed due to individual participation in religious observances. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of any intended absences for religious observances in advance. Notice should be provided as soon as possible but no later than the end of the schedule adjustment period. Faculty should further remind students that prior notification is especially important in connection with final exams, since failure to reschedule a final exam before the conclusion of the final examination period may result in loss of credits during the semester. The problem is especially likely to arise when final exams are scheduled on Saturdays.

  • Academic Integrity and the Honors College

    The University is an academic community. Its fundamental purpose is the pursuit of knowledge. Like all other communities, the University can function properly only if its members adhere to clearly established goals and values. Essential to the fundamental purpose of the University s the commitment to the principles of truth and academic honesty. Accordingly, the Code of Academic Integrity is designed to ensure that the principle of academic honesty is upheld. While all members of the University share this responsibility, The Code of Academic Integrity is designed so that special responsibility for upholding the principle of academic honesty lies with the students (The University of Maryland Student Honor Council).

    All University of Maryland students are asked to write and sign the following Honor Pledge to all submitted assignments and exams:

    I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment/examination.

    The University of Maryland honor system is fully described in the Code of Academic Integrity. Please read http://www.studenthonorcouncil.umd.edu/code.html. The Code is administered by an all-student Honor Council. The student Honor Council office is located in Room 2118 Mitchell Building and can be reached at 301-314-8204.

    The Honors College works to enrich its community life by promoting an atmosphere of honesty, trust, and mutual responsibility. In the event that a Honors College student is found responsible for a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity by the Student Honor Council, he or she will be dismissed from the Honors College for the semester in which the violation took place and for all subsequent semesters in which the student is enrolled as an undergraduate at Maryland.

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