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Audio and Hi-Fi Links

Many years ago I began a list of audio-related links. That was before there were comprehensive search engines like Google and Bing. I am no longer maintaining this list except periodically to remove broken links.

General interest


Acoustical Society of America

Alchemist Hi-Fi archive


Audio Engineering Society

Audio Family Audiophile Pages

Audio by Van Alstine

The Audio Pages (Elliott Sound Products)

Black Dahlia Audio Pages

Dolby Laboratories

DynaKit Audio Products

Goldmund Audio and Video

Graham Slee Projects

Hasling Audio Systems Denmark

Heathkit Virtual Museum

Hi-Fi Gear (UK)

Hi-Fi Gear blog

Jena Labs

Kea-Audio: Hi-Fi Loudspeakers and Stereo Amplifiers

Kimber Kable, Inc.

Madrigal Audio Laboratories

Marantz America

NAD Electronics

Nagra Audio and Video

No Name Hi-Fi Audio Classifieds

Pass Laboratories

DIY Projects from Pass Labs

Pear High-Fidelity Audio Cables

RU connected - audio kabels

Shure Brothers, Inc.

Target Hi-Fi


Audio Odyssey

Avantgarde Acoustic Technology

Anthony Gallo Acoustics

Dynaudio Systems

The Karlson Speaker Enclosure (Job Ulfman)

Klipsch, Inc.

Lansing Heritage

Lowther Loudspeaker Systems, Ltd.

Lowther America

Madisound Speaker Components

Monolite Design and Technology

NAC Sound

Per Kristoffersen's Peak Consult International

OHM speakers

Osborn Loudspeakers, Inc.

SB Acoustics

speakerbuilding.com: DIY Loudspeaker Design and Construction

Tannoy, Ltd.

TB Speaker Kits

Turntables, etc.

Analogue Seduction

Elex Atelier Turntable Belts, Cartridges, Styli, etc.

Elusive Disc: Hardware, Accessories, LPs

KAB Electro-Acoustics

LP Gear: Turntable Parts, Cartidges, etc.

LP Tunes: Turntable Parts, Cartridges, etc.

Music Direct: Vinyl, Hardware, etc.

Needle Doctor Quality Turntables

Turntable Needles and Belts

Thorens Analog High Fidelity

Turntable Basics

Vinyl Engine: News, Articles, Forum, etc.

VPI Industries, Inc.: Turntables, Tone Arms, etc.

Disc Doctor - Tools for Cleaning Records

Nakamichi links

Nakamichi Japan

Naks.com: Unofficial Nakamichi Cassette Deck Page

Nakamichi at Vintage Cassette Decks

Willy Hermann Services (service/repair)

Restoring the 700-ZXL (Bala Ganesh Chandra)

Nakamichi Cassette Deck Web Outlet (Henk Schenk)

Nak CyberSpot (K.J. Bleus)

Nakamichi Commonly Asked Questions and Problems (Scott Johnson)

Nakamichi Manuals (Stones Sound Studio)

Electronics Service Labs (service/repair)

Talking Dog Transducer Company (service/repair)

Parts suppliers

Allied Electronics

Antique Electronic Supply

Digi-Key Electronics

Electronix Express

Galco Industrial Electronics

Hammond Manufacturing

Marchand Electronics, Inc.

MCM Electronics

Mouser Electronics

MRO Electric

Parts Connexion

Parts Express

Wavelength Audio

Vacuum tubes

ABC Vacuum Tubes

Antique Audio Laboratory, Limited

ATSI Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, and Sockets

Audio Mirror: Audiophile's Ultimate Choice

Bottlehead.Com: Tube Designs, etc.

Groove Tubes

Hugh's Ominous Valve Works

Sound Valves

Official website MVSZ AO Svetlana

World Tube Audio Portal (Stefan Pickl)

The Tube Store

Tubes World: Vacuum tubes, Audio tubes, Radio and Electron tubes

Vacuum Tubes, Inc.

Western Electric

Wright Audio

Service manuals

BAMA Mirror at eDebris.com

Classic Audio Service Manuals

EBAMAN Digitized Manuals (Tomas Larsson)


Hi-Fi Lit: Brochures and advertising from the Golden Age of Hi-Fi

Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive

Manuals in PDF



Stereo Manuals from Stout & Associates

A.G. Tannenbaum: Service Manuals for Radio, Amplifiers, Receivers, etc.

Vintage Audio Manuals (Mike Thomason)

Ham Radio manuals + list of other manuals sites

Used gear

Audio Classics Used Stereo Equipment

Audio Gold: Quality Used Hi-Fi Equipment

AudioGon: High-End Audio Marketplace

Audio Shopper

Canuck Audio Mart

Global Audio Mart

No Name Hi-Fi

Sound Images by High Tech

Sonic Sense

Sound Smith Vintage Audio Repair

Stones Sound Studio, Australia

Media, sleeves

American Digital

CD Dimensions

Media Supply

Premier Media

Sleeve City

Sound Source

Super Media Store

Tape World Recordable Media


Audio Map (in German)

Bound for Sound Audio Report

Enjoy the Music: High End Audio Equipment and Music Review

www.hi-fi.com: The Hi-Fi Playground

TNT Internet Hi-Fi Review (English and Italian)

Other links


Robert Lundemo Aas's Hi-Fi Pages

Andrew's Music World

VT 52 Tube Page (Jim de Kort)


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