NDR Workshops and Radio Concerts

This is an attempt to compile all informations about the Workshops and Workshop TV and radio concerts by the NDR. The famous Avantgarde composer Rolf Liebermann and Hans Gertberg started this serie in 1958 and tried an new setting as: several days rehearsals for new arrangements of the musicans who take part and a final concert for radio and/or TV. The invited more or less famous jazz musicans were brought together with top rhythm groups from Europe. Special events like the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen or the Funk- und Fernsehausstellung in Berlin and Frankfurt gave the opportunity for the public to get to know something about work inside radio. For seven years Vienna born tenor-saxophonist Hans Koller was the promoter for nowadays legendary meetings and after the death of Hans Gertberg the serie was produced by pianist Michael Naura. Later single performances like concerts or festival appearance were also incluced in the numbering of the workshops.

I must say that the listing is based on my own collection of tapes (in some few parts records as well). It was compiled with the help of the following people: Woldemar von Kiparski (†) / Thomas Mehrens / Gerd Zacharias / Peter Wolkenhauer (†).

Copyright!! It is not allowed to reprint the complete or part of this listing in any form without the written permission of the author. This also includes any form of new electronical media like CD-ROM, other parts of the network like Internet, CompuServe, American Online etc.

Dr. Michael Frohne
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P.S. Comments are mostly in German since most probably only people from Germany can fill the gaps. Of course, it was not possible to get all informations necessary to maintain: This is " A COMPLETE" list therefore I only can say It is "A RATHER COMPLETE" list.

(This version of Dr. Frohne's information is for local research; he maintains more complete lists on his blog, Jazzrealities: Part 1 and Part 2.)

Listing of workshops of NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk)

No. 1

rec. February 21, 1958 Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Fred Christmann (tp) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Glenn Buschmann (cl) Werner Twardy (p) Attila Zoller (g) Peter Trunk (b) Hans Last (b) Karl Sanner (dr)

a. 13324 At The Jazzband Ball (3:24)
b. 13325 Band Meets Riff (3:20)
c. 13326 Rose Room (4:00)
d. 13327 Donna Lee (3:50)
e. 13328 Ballet Symphony (Excerpt) (2:35)
f. 13329 Muffty (4:10)
g. 13330 Loverman's Workshop (5:55)
h. 13331 I'll Close My Eyes (3:45)
i. 13332 YoYo Blues (3:28)
j. 13333 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (NC) (5:50)
k. 13353 Theme For Two Friends (4:20)
l. 13354 Stove Door (4:30)
m. 13355 Veird Blues (5:55)
n. 13356 Soho (3:35)
o. 13357 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (4:00)
p. 13358 A Foggy Day (5:00)
q. 13359 Dream Beat (7:20)
r. 13360 There Will Never Be Another You (NC) (6:30)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 2

rec. Nov 14, 1958 Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Jørgen Ryg (tp) Gerd Dudek (ts) Hans Koller (ts) Willie Sanner (bs) Werner Giertz (p) Attila Zoller (g) Dave Moore (b) Oscar Pettiford (b, cello-1) Kenny Clarke (dm)

a. 13462 Wiener Blues (4:33)
b. 13463 Early Piece (3:03)
c. 13464 Amusia (5:05)
d. 13465 The Lady Is A Tramp (3:45)
e. 13466 Bernie's Tune (3:47)
f. 13467 FGE Blues (5:50)
g. 13358 The Box (3:14)
h. 13469 Yesterdays (3:51)
i. 13470 Willow Weep For Me (3:55)
j. 13471 Kenny's Feeling (3:38)
k. 13472 Cohn's Limit (6:25)
l. 13473 Yardbird Suite (3:58)
m. 13474 Love Nest (4:05)
n. 13475 Dark Glow (5:31)
o. 13476 Stalag 414 (4:46)
p. 13477 Gertberg Walk (1) (3:44)
q. 13478 The Gentle Art Of Love (1) (5:54)
r. 13479 Willie, Der Bär (6:45)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 3

rec. Dec 22, 1958 Großer Sendesaal des Hamburger Funkhauses, Hamburg

Roger Guerin (tp) Dusko Goykovic (tp) Hans Koller (as,ts) Michel Hausser (vib) Attila Zoller (g) Armin Rusch (p) Oscar Pettiford (b,cello) Jimmy Pratt (dr)

a. 13493 Blues In My Mind (11:50)
b. 13494 Long Ago And Far Away (5:05)
c. 13495 Blues Around Joe (7:05)
d. 13496 Yesterdays (3:50)
e. 13497 I Like to Recognize (4:40)
f. 13498 Back In Paradise (4:56)
g. 13499 Are you Real? (3:35)
h. 13514 Autumn Leaves (4:45)
i. H.E.C. Blues (8:05)
j. 13515 How About You (5:00)
k. 13516 Moanin' (6:35)
l. Tune up (4:50)
m. Minor Meeting (4:35)
n. 13517 Sometimes I'm Happy (4:40)
o. Happy Afternoon (2:50)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 4

rec. February 24, 1959 prob. Großer Sendesaal des Funkhauses, Hamburg

Allan Botschinsky (tp) Klaus Marmulla (as) Uffe Karskow (ts) Kai Mathiesen (bs) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Michael Naura (p) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz von Moisy (dr)

a. 13565 Swingin' (4:00)
b. 13566 I Don't Care (5:15)
c. Angel Eyes (7:20)
d. 13567 Things Ain't What They Used To Be (4:55)
e. 13568 You Are Too Beautiful - The Things We Did Last Summer (12:40)
f. 13569 Futurity (4:40)
g. 13570 Softly As In The Morning Sunrise (9:25)
h. 13571 Blues (5:30)
i. Wee Dot (4:15)
j. You Are Too Beautiful - The Things We Did Last Summer (7:25)
k. When Light Are Low (5:30)
l. 3578 My Old Flame (5:05)
m. Siesta (6:08)
n. 13579 Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (3:25)
o. 13580 Donna Lee (4:05)
p. Pairing Off (5:55)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 5

rec. March 20, 1959 prob. Großer Sendesaal des Funkhauses, Hamburg

Allan Botschinsky (tp) Rolf Kühn (cl) Stefan von Dobrzinski (fl, ts) Klaus Marmulla (as) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Michael Naura (p) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz von Moisy (dr)

a. 13581 Dog My Cats (3:55)
b. 13582 New Title (5:48)
c. 13583 Afternoon In Paris (6:12)
d. 13584 Stop (4:10)
e. 13585 Stanley Stomper (4:45)
f. 13586 A Smooth One (6:10)
g. 13587 But Not For Me (3:35)
h. 13588 Workshop blues (inc) (7:25)
i. Walk On (5:20)
j. 13609 I'll Remember April (5:40)
k. 13610 Prelude To A Kiss (4:50)
l. Stupendous Lee (5:35)
m. 13611 I Remember Clifford (5:55)
n. 13612 Sweet Georgia Brown o. 13613 Four (5:35)
p. 13614 Blue 'n Boogie (4:55)
q. Dig (3:30)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 6

rec. April 17, 1959 Großer Sendesaal des Funkhauses, Hamburg

Georges Grenu (tp) Klaus Marmulla (as) Lucky Thompson (ts,ss) Hans Koller (ts,bs) Helmut Reinhardt (bs) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Michael Naura (p) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz von Moisy (dr)

a. Jeannie (5:15)
b. The World Awakes (4:55)
c. Would You Like To Take A Walk? (5:20)
d. Marionettes (4:45)
e. Cherokee (4:30)
f. W + M blues (4:55)
g. Y Spot (5:55)
h. Hi Fi (4:15)
i. 13681 I'll Remember April (3:30)
j. Mr. Beermeier (4:00)
k. 13682 Lover Man (5:40)
l. Spectacular (3:40)
m. 13683 The Midnight Sun Never Sets (5:40)
n. Schwedenplatte (5:40)
o. 13684 Yesterdays (5:40)
p. Easy Does It (4:35)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg

prob. 2 more titles recorded: Eddie McLin/Little Leona

No. 7

rec. Ocober 7 or 23, 1959 Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

André Hodeir et son Jazzgroup de Paris; Michel Hausser (vib) Christian Garros (dr)

a. The Alphabet (9:25)
b. Blues For Pablo (5:30)
c. Round Midnight (5:35)
d. Danse (3:05)
e. On A Riff (2:55)
f. On A Blues (16:15)
g. Le Palais Ideal (11:35)
h. Excise Dieux (6:10)
i. Paradox 2 (2:15)
j. Paradox 1 - Oblique (4:30)
k. unknown (3:50)
l. unknown (4:20)
m. On A Scale (inc) (4:55)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 8

rec. November 20, 1959 Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg,D

Peanuts Holland (tp voc) Jörg von Morgen (tp) Joachim Nolte (tp) Gert Schittek (tb) Günther Wiedecke (tb) Albert Nicholas (cl) Helmut Lamszus (cl) Rolf Roggenbuck (cl) Jean-Toots Thielemans (harm) Dieter Ebeling (p) Rudi Werner (p) Andreas von der Meden (g,banjo) Wolfgang Schult (g) Olaf Lamszus (b) Helmut Söhring (b) Manfred Hilpert (dr) Armin Silva (dr)

a. 14017 Out of Nowhere (5:30)
b. 14018 St. Louis Blues (2:45)
c. 14019 Struttin' With Some Barbecue (3:10)
d. Sweet Georgia Brown (3:05)
e. I've Found A New Baby (4:35)
f. Royal Garden Blues (4:35)
g. Rose Room (3:00)
h. Black And Blue (4:05)
i. Lover Come Back to Me (3:00)
j. Indiana (6:45)
k. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (5:00)
l. Pennies From Heaven (4:55)
m. How High The Moon (3:50)
n. Back o' town Blues (4:45)
o. Lady Be Good (5:55)
p. After You've Gone (6:30)
q. There'll Be Some Changes Made (5:40)
r. I'm confessin' (5:20)
s. Weary Blues (inc) (0:50)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 9

rec. Dec 18, 1959 Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Group 1: Klaus Marmulla (as) Michael Naura (p) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz von Moisy (dr) added Hans Koller (ts-4)

Group 2: Siegfried Achhammer (tp) Klaus Mitcherle (tp) Kurt Sauter (b-tp) Werner Gutterer (tp) Hans Koller (ts) Hans Hammerschmidt (p) Hajo Lange (b) Spiri Karas (dr) added Rolf Schneebiegl (tp-3)

a. 10268 Bennie's Blues (2) (5:15)
b. 10269 Downtown (2) (4:48)
c. 10270 Doodlin' (1) (8:17)
d. 11136 Goodbye (1) (5:00)
e. 11137 No Moe (1) (6:10)
f. 11162 Sermonette (1,4) (8:50)
g. 12214 Only Two Notes (2) (4:20)
h. 12362 Goofin' (2) (3:20)
i. 12363 Margaret Rose (2) (4:10)
j. 12364 There Will Never Be Another You (2) (4:30)
k. 12365 Golden Earrings (1) (5:14)
l. 12366 Blues Around Joe (1,3) (8:54)
m. 12367 Onyx (1,4) (4:20)
n. 12368 Last Run (1,2,3) (5:45)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 10

rec. January 22, 1960 Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Stuart Hamer (tp) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Klaus Marmulla (as) Klaus Doldinger (ts) Karl Blume (bs) Michael Naura (p) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz von Moisy (dr)

a. Da Ya Da Ya (4:30)
b. Regards To Horst (3:45)
c. Misterioso (5:50)
d. It Never Entered My Mind (6:05)
e. It's A Marvelous Time (6:22)
f. Oscar's Blues (2:20)
g. Squally (3:41)
h. The Ed (inc) (4:00)
i. 13809 Blue Stu (5:05)
j. 13810 West 42nd Street (4:38)
k. 13811 Hershey Bar (4:00)
l. 13812 Sweety (3:20)
m. 13813 Uncrowned Kings (3:50)
n. 13814 I Married An Angel (8:05)
o. 13815 Jumpin' At The Woodside (8:25)

Prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 11

rec. February 26, 1960 prob. Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Roger Guérin (tp) Luis Fuentes (tb) Dominique Chanson (fl,as,ts) Bob Garcia (ts) René Urtreger (p) Michel Hausser (vib,p) Michel Gaudry (b) Daniel Humair (dr)

a. 10272 Jive At Five (5:12)
b. 10273 Hautes Etudes Commercialles Blues (5:20)
c. 10274 Mayreh (5:25)
d. 10275 Tune Up (5:03)
e. 10312 Tadd's Delight (3:05)
f. 10313 These Foolish Things (5:15)
g. 10314 Who You (6:00)
h. 10315 Jazz Sur Seine (5:22)
i. Blues à La St.Pauli (6:37)
j. The Way You Look Tonight (6:05)
k. Perhaps (2:45)
l. Ol' Man River (3:12)
m. Darn That Dream (?) (5:10)
n. Takin' A Chance On Love (3:00)
o. Quatre R (3:50)
p. Opus De Funk (5:11)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

a.d.e.f.i.m.p. issued on Columbia(F)FPX 189 Michel Hausser Up in Hamburg

No. 12

March 25, 1960

Joachim Nolte (tp) Gunther Wiedecke (tb) Helmut Lamszus (cl) Rolf Roggenbuck (cl,as) Siggi Gerhardt (cl) Theo Sevin (vib) Dieter Ebeling (p) Rudi Werner (p) Klaus Vetter (p) Andreas von der Meden (g,banjo) Hilbert Homberg (g) Helmut Söhring (b) Carl Heinz Wilshans (b) Manfred Hilpert (dr) Rolf Beckerhoff (dr)

a. Shine
b. Rose Room
c. Seven Come Eleven
d. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
e. Ain't She Sweet
f. Mr.Pokerface
g. That's My Weakness Now
h. C Jam Blues
i. I've Found A New Baby
j. As Long As I Live
k. Workshop blues
l. Riverboat shuffle
m. I've got a feeling
n. Wholly cats
o. Two for the blues
p. Avalon
q. Bluesology
r. Sunday morning
s. At the Jazzband ball
t. A date with Ray

Notes: b.c.f.g. Siggi Gerhardt Swingtet

No. 13

rec. April 22, 1960 prob. Großer Sendesaal des Funkhauses, Hamburg

Klaus Marmulla (as) Lucky Thompson (ss,ts) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Michael Naura (p,org,celesta) Jimmy Gourley (g) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz von Moisy (dr) Helen Merrill (voc-1)

a. 6727 10316 Au Privave (3:15)
b. 6850 10317 Summertime (3:48)
c. 7522 10318 Moon Ray (8:09)
d. 6735 10319 Cute (4:55)
e. 6308 10320 Thin Eyes (3:41)
f. 6753 10321 Deep Passion (4:02)
g. 10322 It Never Entered My Mind (1) (3:30)
h. 6083 10323 What Is This Thing Called Love (1) (3:33)
i. 10324 Bye, Bye Blackbird (1) (2:30)
j. 6754 10325 Star Eyes (3:00)
k. 11468 10326 Misty (4:55)
l. 7092 10327 Brother Bop (4:05)
m. 7094 10328 Broadway (3:44)
n. 6816 10329 Straight No Chaser (3:48)
o. 11486 10330 I Should Care (5:10)
p. 10994 10331 Murder In The Cathedral (5:42)
q. 6817 10332 What's New (1) (4:15)
r. Jive At Five (5:20)
s. 6847 10292 's Wonderful (2:45)
t. 10170 10293 Mama Gmae (3:49)
u. 10346 10294 Lucky's Workshop Theme (3:20)
v. (5:30)

prod. Hans Gertberg

Notes: Order of tunes according to broadcast; tape # order is different; v. is either the same as t. or u.; t. maybe correct title Glamour Game or Lama Game

No. 14

rec. May 19, 1960 Hamburg

Bengt-Arne Wallin (tp) Rolf Schneebiegl (tp,horn) Arne Domnerus (as,cl) Hans Koller (ts) Rudi Flierl (bs) Stephane Grappelly (violin-1) Hans Hammerschmidt (p) Fred Dutton (b) Spiri Karas (dr)

a. 6310 10295 Freddie's Blues (4:15)
b. 10296 Sioux (4:13)
c. 6334 10297 Blue Flame (9:16)
d. 11668 10298 Jordu (4:29)
e. 11693 10299 Jabero (5:31)
f. 11676 10300 Minor Swing (1) (3:38)
g. 11302 10301 Lady Be Good (1) (3:14)
h. 11176 10302 Robbin's Nest (5:18)
i. 6594 10303 Stalag 414 (5:34)
j. 10007 10304 Al's Mood (4:48)
k. 10305 Au Privave (4:17)
l. 10306 Nuages (1) (3:57)
m. 10307 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (1) (3:17)
n. 12559 10308 Lover Man (5:23)
o. 10309 Laura (4:11)
p. 10310 My Old Flame (5:06)
q. 10311 Garland's Blues (4:20)

No. 15

rec. October 28, 1960 Hamburg

Raymond Court (tp) Christian Kellens (tb) Lennart Jansson (as,bs) Francois Jeanneau (ts) Jean-Louis Chautemps (ts,bs) René Urtreger (p) Guy Pedersen (b) Daniel Humair (dr)

a. 25230 It's Sand Man (3:19)
b. 6940 10276 Airegin (6:44)
c. 6852 10277 Dizzy Atmosphere (4:52)
d. 12381 10278 Our Delight (3:47)
e. 11052 10279 Walkin' (5:34)
f. 10280 Hot Sausage (3:43)
g. 10281 The Squirrel (4:28)
h. 12399 10282 Oleo (4:25)
i. 6724 10283 Deed I Do (5:23)
j. 10284 Stablemates (5:44)
k. 13853 10285 Once In A While (3:45)
l. 10286 Can't Remember The Name (4:58)
m. 10287 Big Bone (3:35)
n. 13854 10288 I Remember Clifford (5:31)
o. 7112 10289 On Green Dolphin Street (5:34)
p. 7113 10290 Bye Bye Blackbird (9:12)
q. 7114 10291 Almost Like Being In Love (5:11)

No. 16

rec. November 25, 1960 Hamburg

Bengt Jaedig (ts) Lucky Thompson (ss,ts) Barney Wilen (ts) Helmut Brandt (bs) Larry Atwell (g) Roland Kovac (p) Jürgen Ehlers (b) Rudi Pronk (dr)

a. 13920 10333 Mysterioso Mr.X (5:08)
b. 7121 10334 Easy (6:04)
c. 7122 10335 Autumn Leaves (4:11)
d. 13921 10336 This Here (6:10)
e. 7123 10337 Düsseldorf Süd And Wuppertal West (4:17)
f. 13922 10338 I Surrender Dear (3:46)
g. 13923 10339 Wileweep (3:45)
i. 13924 10340 Take The A Train (5:17)
j. 13930 10341 Iris (4:17)
k. 13940 10342 One Last Goodbye (4:55)
l. 14492 10343 Have A Light (4:00)
m. 14712 10344 Fascinatin' Rhythm (3:14)
n. 13950 10345 Oleo (3:22)
o. 13970 10346 Jahrgang 37 (6:57)
p. 7258 10347 Edith (4:12)
q. 7262 10348 Einsames Mädchen Am Meer (4:40)
r. 13980 10349 I Want To Be Happy (4:47)

No. 17

rec. January 27, 1961 Hamburg

Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Kurt Sauter (tp,b-tp) Rolf Schneebiegl (tp,horn) Klaus Mitcherle (tp,flh) Rudi Fuesers (tb,b-tb) Rudi Flierl (ts,bs) Hans Koller (ts) Helmut Reinhard (bs) Karl Berger (p) Joep Christopher (b) Klaus Hagl (dr)

a. 7137 10384 Broadway (4:09)
b. 15110 10385 Lonely (6:59)
c. 7138 10386 Homer's Concert (3:29)
d. 15111 10387 Remember (4:08)
e. 15112 10388 Warming Up The Bar Worm (5:03)
f. 15113 10389 Monkey (4:29)
g. 15114 10390 Nippon Kazuki (6:04)
h. 7139 10391 Hard Bop For Hartung (3:37)
i. 15115 10392 It Had To Be You (3:04)
j. 7144 10393 Cry (6:12)
k. 13891 10394 Soft And Easy (4:13)
l. 13892 10395 Tune For Antibes (6:21)
m. 13893 10396 Waltz With Me (4:54)
n. 7145 10397 Black Cats (4:43)
o. 7146 10398 D'accord (6:01)
p. 15160 10399 Indiana (3:01)
q. 10347 10400 Workshop After Hours (7:49)

No. 18

February 24, 1961 Hamburg

Jan Allan (tp) Eje Thelin (tb) Rolf Bäckman (cl,as,ts) Johnny Ekh (cl,bcl,bs) Peter Jacques (p) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johanssen (dr) Ruth Linn (voc)

a. 7170 10368 Blues For Fifths (4:26)
b. 15240 10369 I'm Old Fashioned (5:55)
c. 15241 10370 Woody'n You (2:29)
d. 15242 10371 In A Blue Vein (7:12)
e. 15243 10372 Suite (7:44)
f. 15244 10373 Medley (4:53)
g. 7171 10374 All Blues (7:53)
h. 18040 10375 Everything Happens To Me (3:47)
i. 18041 10376 Haitian Fight Song (7:08)
j. 13951 10377 Miles Ahead (3:05)
k. 10378 Jambangle (3:43)
l. 13952 10379 Straight No Chaser (3:07)
m. 10380 What Time Is It (5:10)
n, 10381 Egil's Dream (7:22)
o. 10382 For Ruth And Pete (4:03)
q. 10383 Dimples (5:01)

Notes: f. consists of A Taste Of Honey-Like Someone In Love-Ack Värmeland Du Sköna

No. 19

rec. April 28, 1961 Hamburg

Christian Bellest (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Lucky Thompson (ss,ts) Jo Hrasko (as) William Boucaya (bs) Charlie Diernhamer (p) Peter Trunk (b) Daniel Humair (dr)

a. 7189 10350 It's Fantasy (3:19)
b. 15300 10351 Old triable (6:20)
c. 7190 10352 I Remember When (4:58)
d. 7191 10353 Hang Over Heaven (3:39)
e. 7192 10354 It's Thursday (5:11)
f. 7193 10355 Is The Long Road The Right Road? (4:12)
g. 15301 10356 Seeing Is Believing (3:47)
h. 7194 10357 From Dale Till Dawn (5:30)
i. 7195 10358 Down The Stretch (3:24)
j. 7259 10359 Check Out Time (6:04)
k. 15720 10360 Sky High (4:02)
l. 7264 10361 Could I Meet You Later (4:44)
m. 15721 10362 Last Night I Met An Angel (4:26)
n. 15722 10363 Notorious Love (4:05)
o. 15723 10364 Minuet In Blues (7:05)
p. 7410 10365 The Fire Bug (4:11)
q. 15724 10366 Two Steps Out (4:32)
r. 7486 10367 Another Whirl (3:06)

No. 20

rec. June 30, 1961 Festlandhalle, Recklinghausen

Allan Botschinski (tp) Roger Guérin (tp,flh) Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Rolf Schneebiegl (tp,horn) Kurt Sauter (tp,mellophone) Christian Kellens (tb,euphonium,bariton-horn) Rolf Kühn (cl) Lennart Jansson (as) Hans Koller (ts) Bob Garcia (ts) Klaus Doldinger (ts) Helmut Brandt (bs) Michel Hauser (vib,p) Peter Jacques (p,mellophone) Toots Thielemans (g,hca) Michel Goudry (b) Daniel Humair (dr)

j. 15620 10401 Sid's Delight (4:02)
k. 15621 10402 Made In Switzerland (6:17)
l. 15622 10403 Painter's Lament (4:26)
d. 11467 10404 Berlin Thoroughfare (4:03)
m. 15623 10405 Scratch And Point (5:01)
n. 15624 10406 Nordlicht (4:46)
o. 15625 10407 Strike Up The Band (3:43)
e. 11646 10408 Helga (3:59)
f. 11647 10409 Caravan (5:05)
g. 13903 10410 Scotch (6:24)
a. 6350 10411 Festland Blues (6:01)
h. 13904 10412 Swing Spring (3:53)
i. 13905 10413 Straight No Chaser (11:46)
b. 11207 10414 Campimania (4:58)
c. 11441 10415 Geher's Blues (8:33)

No. 21

rec. October 27, 1961

Dick Murphy (tp) Rudi Wilfer (tp p) Willie Meerwald (tb) Erich Kleinschuster (tb) Fatty George (cl) Hans Salomon (ts) Friedrich Gulda (p,bs) Hans Rettenbacher (b) Karl Prosenik (dr)

a. Danubia Waltz
b. Big 'P'
c. Sadness
d. Rolle 45
e. Tango Of Love
f. Vienna
g. No Snow
h. Petersplatz 1
i. Gemma Blues
j. Improvisation 1
k. Round Midnight
l. Unknown
m. What Is This Thing Called Love
n. Unknown
o. Summertime
p. Quartet
q. Unknown
r. Unknown
s. A Wild One

No. 22

December 1, 1961

Heinz Junghans (tp) Dieter Kock (tp) Peter Krönke (tp) Tonio Van Der Meden (tp) Joachim Nolte (tp) Eberhard Nolte (tb) Gerhard Schittek (tb) Gunther Wiedecke (tb) Fatty George (cl) Rolf Kühn (cl) Helmut Lamszus (cl) Christian Schittek (g) Wolfgang Schult (g) Andreas Van Der Meden (banjo) Helga Von Morgen (banjo) Dieter Ebeling (p) Jochen Euscher (p) Jürgen Gerth (p) Manfred Hausmann (p) Olaf Lamszus (b) Helmut Söhring (b) Peter Neugebauer (dr) Helle Peters (dr) Armin Silvar (dr)

a. Beale Street Blues
b. High Society
c. Darktown Strutter's Ball
d. As Long As I Live
e. I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
f. You Took Advantage Of Me
g. Some Of These Days
h. Ole Miss
i. Dippermouth Blues
j. I've Found A New Baby
k. Indiana
l. Willow Weep For Me
m. After You've Gone
n. Rose Room
o. When You're Smiling
p. Sweet Georgia Brown

No. 23

rec. January 26, 1962 Hamburg

Bengt-Arne Wallin (tp) Arne Domnerus (cl,as) Bjarne Nerem (ts) Rune Falk (bs,bcl) Rune Gustafson (g) Jan Johannson (p,xylophone) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johannsen (dr) strings: Kurt Glauber (violin) Anders Röhn (violin) Wilfred Schadow (violin) Christian Hopp (viola) Konrad Hessler (cello)

a. 13986 10449 Serena (4:20)
b. 13987 10450 Peanut Vendor (6:38)
c. 13988 10451 Deed I Do (4:47)
d. 13989 10452 Deep In A Dream (3:49)
e. 13994 10453 Suite Tried In A Workshop (9:44)
f. 13995 10454 Boogie Stop Shuffle (4:42)
g. 13996 10455 Old Folks (3:43)
h. 13997 10456 Lavanuo (4:25)
i. 13998 10457 Two Voices (3:58)
j. 13999 10458 Strike Up The Band (6:30)
k. 15035 10459 Little Rootie Tootie (5:00)
l. 15036 10460 Haitian Fight Song (4:28)
m. 15037 10461 De Salde Sina Hemmam (4:14)
n. 15038 10462 New Rhumba (4:58)
o. 13039 10463 Sophisticated Lady (4:44)
p. 15042 10464 Written For Eight (3:00)
q. 10465 Unknown (3:25)

No. 24

rec. April 13, 1962 Hamburg

Conny Jackel (tp) Christian Kellens (tb,horn) Rolf Kühn (cl) Bernd Rabe (as,bs) Poldi Klein (ts) Horst Jankowski (p) Attila Zoller (g) Götz Wendland (b) Kurt Bong (dr)

a. Für Bijou
b. Der Harte Jakob
c. 10433 With a Bag Of Swing (4:45)
d. 10434 H-Moll Fieber (5:04)
e. 10435 Ingrid's Blues (5:07)
f. 10436 Unnamed (5:17)
g. 10437 Supernova (3:33)
h. f. 10438 Blue Mood (9:22)
i. 10439 Funky Tower (5:35)
j. 10440 Conny And Bernie (3:42)
k. 15074 10441 Bergwerkstatt (5:41)
l. 15075 10442 Suite Relief 1 (10:13)
m. 15076 10442 Suite Relief 2
n. 15077 10442 Suite Relief 3
o. 15078 10443 Memories Of You (5:01)
p. 15079 10444 Duplicity (7:06)
q. 15094 10445 Wash Day (3:42)
r. 15095 10446 Street Walk (3:36)
s. 10447 Like Someone In Love (6:27)

Notes:l.m.n. (10:13) all together

No. 25

rec. May 31, 1962 Großer Saal des Volksbildungsheims, Frankfurt

Rob Pronk (tp) Jerry van Rooyen (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Rolf Kühn (cl-1) Hans Koller (ts) Lucky Thompson (ss,ts) Klaus Doldinger (ts) Ronnie Ross (bs) Attila Zoller (g) Rob Madna (p) Ingfried Hoffmann (org) Ruud Jacobs (bs) Cees See (dr)

a. Snookie (4:14)
b. 15096 10417 Plain Together (2:40)
c. 15097 10418 Shiny Stockings (4:47)
d. 15098 10419 Good Deal (3:30)
e. 15099 10420 Seven (4:00)
f. 15102 10421 Django (4:47)
g. 15103 10422 The Birth Of Sunday (6:22)
h. 15104 10423 The Green Man (3:34)
i. 15105 10424 Ronnie's Fun (6:40)
j. 15106 10425 Smiling Jack (4:22)
k. John Paul Jones (1) (6:50)
l. Dig (1) (4:54)
m. Big Chief (3:48)
n. Don't Forget Him, Oscar (4:15)
o. Our Delight (4:32)
p. Racy (6:25)
q. Call Me Eric (6:00)
r. Desperation (2:36)
s. It Was Yesterdays (5:30)
t. The Country Squire (NC) (3:40)
u. Made In France (5:30)
v. Blue Note Blues (6:02)
w. Bebop (6:15)
x. The Night That (3:51)
y. Taps Miller (5:17)
z. Blues For Twelve (6:55)
aa. Snookie (3:20)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 26

rec. June 29, 1962 Festlandhalle, Recklinghausen

Rolf Ericson (tp) Ron Simmonds (tp) Bengt-Arne Wallin (tp) Ack van Rooyen (tp) Rob Pronk (tp) Erich Kleinschuster (tb) Nat Peck (tb) Willie Meerwald (v-tb) Rolf Schneebiegl (frh) Robert Politzer (tuba) Fatty George (cl) Arne Domnerus (cl,as) Herb Geller (as) Hans Koller (ts) Ronnie Ross (bs) Friedrich Gulda (p,bs,arr) Toots Thielemans (g,hca) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johansen (dr)

a. Blues (6:28)
b. 10466 4 & 3 = 7 (6:00)
c. 10467 Breezy (4:25)
d. 10468 Good Morning Judge (5:00)
e. 10469 Training (5:55)
f. 10470 Airegin (5:08)
g. 32047 Sto-vie-lon (5:40)
h. Eva (4:38)
i. Feeling Certain (5:20)
j. 15404 10471 Brasilia (3:12)
k. 15405 10473 Air From Another Planet (6:08)
l. 15406 10474 Die Alte Bassgeige (4:35)
m. 15407 10475 Music For Three Soloists And Band (20:35)
n. 15408 10476 Stella By Starlight (6:11)
o. Free Way For Horns (4:50)
p. H.G. Blues (3:55)
q. H.G. Blues (alt.take) (1:25)

prod. by Hans Gertberg

Notes: Titel Aerodynamic/Egil ???; Issues: d.e.f.h.i.j.k.l.o.p. on Columbia(D)C 83342 = Columbia(D)STC 83342 = Columbia(GB)33SX 1540 entitled NDR-JAZZWORKSHOP CONCERT RUHRFESTSPIELE RECKLINGHAUSEN 1962; g. also on RST(A)903 219 entitled HANS KOLLER THE GERMAN YEARS 1957-1964 (var)

No. 27

rec October 26, 1962

Les Condon (tp) Kenny Wheeler (tp,horn) Ray Premru (b-tp) Art Elefson (ts) Hans Koller (ts) Bob Burns (as) Ronnie Ross (bs) Bill LeSage (p,vib) Freddie Logan (b) Alan Ganley (dr)

a. 15437 10477 Good Morning Judge (4:44)
b. 15438 10478 Bond Street (8:04))
c. 15439 10479 Homage A Soulages (4:24)
d. 15441 10480 Ronnie And Ann (8:09)
e. 10481 The Beam (5:37)
f. 10482 The Swinging Door (5:04)
g. 10483 Drummerania (6:47)
h. 15442 10484 Big P. (4:29)
i. 15443 10485 New Orleans (4:57)
j. 15444 10486 Bill, Not Phil (6:14)
k. 15445 10487 Huck (4:09)
l. 15446 10488 Uneven Steven (4:38)
m. 15447 10489 Someday Somehow (4:57)
n. 15448 10490 Mingus Private (4:04)
o. 15449 10491 How Deep Is The Ocean (3:38)
p. 15451 10492 Yogi (6:31)

No. 28

rec. December 7, 1962 Hamburg

Don Ellis (tp) Jacques Pelzer (fl,as) Klaus Doldinger (ts) René Thomas (g) Ingfried Hoffmann (p,org) Benoit Quersin (b) Kenny Clarke (dr)

a. 15528 10493 Quintenzirkel (5:46)
b. 15529 10494 Theme For Freddie (6:18)
c. 15533 10495 Signal (5:38)
d. 10496 Six-Eight Pleasure (6:19)
e. 15535 10497 Crepuscule With Nellie (3:11)
f. 15536 10498 Scene (3:08)
g. 15537 10499 After You've Gone (3:13)
h. 15538 10500 Summertime (6:16)
i. 15539 10501 Mason Jason (2:33)
j. 2019 10502 Solo (3:23)
k. 2001 10503 Country Session (6:27)
l. 2002 10504 For Two Only (5:16)
m. 2145 10505 Sweety's Bounce (5:58)
n. 2149 10506 Woody'n You (6:08)
o. 2018 10507 Bessie (3:13)
p. 2020 10508 Come Rain Or Come Shine (4:13)
q. 2107 10509 Crescendo In Five (2:08)


rec. March 27, 1963 Großer Sendesaal des SFB, Berlin

Benny Bailey (tp) Harry Samp (tp) Ack van Rooyen (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Siegfried Schmidt (v-tb) Herb Geller (as) Stefan von Dobryzinski (fl,ts) Helmut Brandt (bs) Günter Meier (p) Hajo Lange (b) Heinz Niemeyer (dr)

a. 15711 Opus c-moll 794 (5:45)
b. 15712 Boris (5:10)
c. 15713 Berlin Calling (5:45)
d. 15714 'S Pacific View (5:45)
e. 15715 Stellar (4:05)
f. 15716 Tree-fee (3:35)
g. 15717 Studie ABC (8:45)
h. 15718 Boogie Woogie Waltz (5:20)
i. 15759 Tea For Two (5:15)
j. 15763 Passkontrolle (4:55)
k. 15764 Einsame Insel (3:28)
l. 15765 Sturmwarnung (3:30)
m. 15766 Strandfest (4:15)
n. 15767 Urlaubsflirt (5:32)
o. 15768 Fotoalbum (7:00)
p. 15769 The More I See You (4:45)
q. 15770 Opus c-moll 794 (5:40)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg; j. - o. is called "Suite For Two Combos" (30:30)

No. 30

rec. February 22, 1963 Hamburg

Lars Fernlöf (cornet) Björn Nitz (tp) Ulf Anderson (tp) Eje Thelin (tb) Olle Holmquist (tuba) Lars Sjösten (p) Björn Alke (b) Rune Carlsson (dr)

a. 15809 10527 Young Men From Sweden (take 1) (5:32)
b. 15810 10528 Never Make It (3:39)
c. 15811 10529 Miriam (6:51)
d. 15812 10530 My Beloved (7:40)
e. 15813 10531 Forward (4:23)
f. 15814 10532 Dandered (4:35)
g. 15815 10238 Dreams (5:29)
h. 15816 10533 Young Men From Sweden (take 2) (2:39)
i. 15861 10239 Persepolis (23:40)
j. 15862 10240 It's All Over (5:43)
k. 15863 10416 Pia (6:32)
l. 15864 10448 Suomi (5:58)

No. 31

rec. May 31, 1963 Festlandhalle, Recklinghausen

Allan Botschinsky (tp) Jimmy Deuchar (tp) Sixten Ericson (tp) Roger Guérin (tp) Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Bengt-Arne Wallin (tp,flh) Ray Premru (tp) Eje Thelin (tb) Nat Peck (tb) Rolf Schneebiegl (horn) Robert Pulitzer (tuba) Tubby Hayes (fl,sax,vib) Arne Domnerus (cl,as) Hans Koller (cl,ts) Helmut Reinhardt (bs,bcl) Ronnie Ross (cl,bs) Fritz Pauer (p) Georg Riedel (b) Hans Rettenbacher (b) Egil Johannsen (dr)

a. 15888 10564 Call Me Eric (4:05)
b. 15889 10565 Reggie's Tune (5:12)
c. 15890 10566 Sabridjan (17:09)
d. 15891 10567 Find Out The Beat Please (5:57)
e. 15892 10545 Killer Choral (10:48)
f. 15899 10546 Snarreberger (3:09)
g. 15900 10547 Sonor (6:02)
h. 15901 10548 Racy (4:09)
i. 15902 10549 Blues For Reeds And Trombones (4:34)
j. 15903 10550 Suddenly Last Thursday (3:48)
k. 15904 40212 Take Five (5:48)
l. 15905 10552 Early Morning (3:53)
m. 15906 10553 But Beautiful (9:49)

No. 32

rec. September 3, 1963 Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Jimmy Deuchar (tp,mellophone) Ake Persson (tb) Tubby Hayes (fl,ts,vib) Hans Koller (as) Ronnie Ross (fl,cl,as,bs) Pierre Cavalli (g) Peter Trunk (b) Allan Ganley (dr)

a. 10554 Modes And Blues (4:33)
b. 10555 If You Knew (5:30)
c. 10556 Half A Sawbuck (6:51)
d. 10557 Tune For Antibes (3:00)
e. 10578 Ake And I (6:58)
f. 10579 A Portrait Of Elvin (10:21)
g. 18025 10580 Four-Two-Go (6:10)
h. 18026 10581 Blue Flooze (14:32)
i. 18027 10582 Visca L'ampurda (5:31)
j. 18028 10583 Cleopatra's Needle (6:00)
k. 18029 10584 Little Frown (5:51)
l. 18031 10585 Cutie (5:17)

No. 33

rec. November 15, 1963 Hamburg

Allan Botschinski (tp,flh) Rolf Kühn (cl,as) Ronnie Scott (ts) Sahib Shihab (fl,bs) Bill LeSage (p,vib) Jimmy Woode (b) William Schiöpffe (dr)

a. The Opener (7:20)
b. 18089 10586 When Petlaf Dances (3:12)
c. 18091 10587 Harlequin (3:50)
d. 18092 10588 Not Yet (8:05)
e. 18093 10589 After Two Years (5:18)
f. 2034 Lost (4:20)
g. 18094 10590 Summertime (8:10)
h. 18095 10591 The Midnight Sun Will Never Set (3:45)
i. 10592 Fragments (6:28)
j. 2030 10593 Curtain Raiser (5:00)
k. 2021 Lillemore (5:56)
l. 2380 Waterstreet Waltz (4:15)
m. 2031 Polka Dots and moonbeams (4:10)
n. 2032 Vickie (5:36)
o. 2035 Meeting At The Barberina (5:25)
p. 2033 Ruby My Dear (5:25)
q. 18096 The Closer (6:20)

Notes: in the NDR archive files c. entitled "Harlem"; e. entitled "After You've Gone"; p. entitled "Fragments". Tape # according to NDR archive files; order as given above is the order of the performance

pers. e. cl b dr / g. fl vib b dr / h. as p b dr

No. 34

rec. January 31, 1964 Hamburg

Bengt-Arne Wallin (tp) Bosse Broberg (tp) Eje Thelin (tb) Bjarne Nerem (ts) Arne Domnerus (cl,as) Rune Falk (bs) Jan Johansson (p) Rune Gustafson (g) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johannsen (dr)

a. 2327 Hurry Harry
b. 2493 Folk Song
c. 2504 Drei Tänze
d. 4624 Witness Bird
e. 4625 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
f. 4626 Proceeding
g. 4627 Tre Roeselse
h. 4628 Ruhig Gehen, Rasch Laufen
i. 4629 Visa Fran Redvig
j. 4630 Embraceable You
k. 18131 Yesterdays
l. 18132 Three-Two-One Go

Notes: pers. e. ts p b dr

No. 35

rec. February 28, 1964 Hamburg

Johnny Scott (fl,cl,as) Bob Burns (cl,as) Ronnie Ross (cl,as,bs) Bill LeSage (p,vib) Spike Heatley (b) Tony Carr (dr) strings: Freddie Alexander, Maurice Westerby, Francisco Cabaro, Willem De Mond (cello)

a. Night Talk (5:14)
b. 4631 Monkey Blues (7:45)
c. 4632 Kaber Dance (3:56)
d. 4633 Three (4:35)
e. 4634 Lady Day (6:37)
f. 4635 Wigmore Walk (5:17)
g. 4636 Honky-Tonk (4:00)
h. 4637 Morning Theories (4:06)
i. 4638 Yardsticks (5:20)
j. 4639 Blue Trident (4:55)
k. 5155 Clarion (4:00)
l. 5156 Time's Two And A Half (4:50)
m. 5157 Come Rain Or Come Shine (5:55)
n. 5158 So What (4:47)
o. 5159 Minky (6:38)
p. Pastorale D'Hiver (7:20)
q. 5160 Where's The Fire (3:30)
r. 5161 Rustic Gate (5:38)

Notes: correct spelling of names unknown; maybe Francesco Gabaro / William De Mont; prod. by Hans Gertberg

No. 36

rec. June 26, 1964 Festlandhalle, Recklinghausen

Donald Byrd (tp) Benny Bailey (tp) Jon Eardley (tp) Idrees Sulieman (tp,as) Johnny Renard (tp,mello) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Eje Thelin (tb) Ake Persson (tb) Nat Peck (tb,v-tb) Hans Koller (ts) Johnny Scott (as,fl,cl) Klaus Doldinger (ts,as,ss) Johnny Griffin (ts) Sahib Shihab (bs,fl) Rolf Kühn (cl,ts) Ingfried Hoffmann (p,org) Pierre Cavalli (g) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pederson (b) Egil Johanson (dr)

a. 5162 Hey Day (4:30)
b. 5163 Night Song (5:10)
c. 5164 Conversation (5:55)
d. 5165 High Valley (6:05)
e. 5166 Knödl-walzer (3:10)
f. 5167 Concerto For Benjamin And Jonathan (10:00)
g. 5168 Ya Ya Blues (4:25)
h. Berlin Suite (3rd Movement) (6:10)
i. Studie für 12 saitige Gitarre (8:00)
j. Sextet (8:10)
k. Blazy Bones Revisited (4:25)
l. Waltz For The Jive Cats (5:00)
m. Hip Hit (6:00)
n. Revelation (4:15)
o. The Jamfs Are Coming (4:30)
p. Preacher Man

Notes: pers. b. ss p b dr; p. entry according to Jepsen

Issues: c.,e.,f., k.-o. issued on Philips(D) P48095L, Philips(D)840475 PY, EmArcy MG-26002, Mercury(EuSMWL-21036, Mercury(Eu) 134 601 MFY entitled INTERNATIONAL JAZZ WORKSHOP; h. also on RST(A)903 219 entitled HANS KOLLER THE GERMAN YEARS 1957-1964 (var)


rec. December 18, 1964 Studio 10, Funkhaus des NDR,Hamburg

Maurice Thomas (tp) Ivan Jullien (tp) Roger Guerin (tp) Bernard Vitet (tp) Luis Fuentes (tb) Raymond Katarsinski (tb) Marc Steckar (tb) Francois Guin (tb) Emile Vilain (b-tb) Jacques Nourredine (as,bcl) Jean-Louis Chautemps (as) Bob Garcia (ts) Jean-Claude Fohrenbach (ts) Henri Jouot (bs) Michel Hausser (vib) George Gruntz (p) Jimmy Gourley (g) Gilbert "Bibi" Rovère (b) Jean-Louis Viale (dr)

a. Hamburg Special (5:46)
b. Optimiste (5:25)
c. Clos-Vougeot (4:08)
d. Un Ange (7:02)
e. Lotus First (5:06)
f. Barbar-Katar-Fofo (5:17)
g. Over The Rainbow (3:38)
h. Dainaya (3:35)
i. 5172 Jazz Workshop (4:33)
j. 5173 Lord Byron (6:13)
k. 5174 Un Canard Sentimental (8:25)
l. 5175 Etude No. 2 (3:30)
m. Valse (2:55)
n. 5176 My Grandfathers (7:05)
o. Ballade For Anne (6:15)
p. 5177 Thema (inc.) (4:10)

No. 38

rec. January 29, 1965 Studio 10, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg

Richard Kubernat, (tp) Jaromir Hnilicka (tp) Idrees Sulieman (tp,as) Leo Wright (fl,as) Michal Urbaniak (ss,ts) Rolf Kühn (cl,ts) Ronnie Ross (bs) Andrzej Trzaszkowski (p) Roman Dylag (b) Rune Carlsson (dr)

a. Five Degrees East - Five Degrees West (4:51)
b. Bluebeard (5:42)
c. Subbasement Blues (7:42)
d. 5169 Taking Johnny For A Ride (5:18)
e. 5170 Beaneath The Surface (6:28)
f. 5171 The Hip Blues (9:07)
g. 5178 Major Touch
h. 5179 Sonnymoon For Two
i. 5180 The Camel
j. 5181 Bus Romance
k. 5182 Exhibition
l. 5183 Sie Gleicht Wohl Einem Rosenstock

Notes: pers. c. cl bs p b dr / h. tps out / k. reeds p b dr

No. 39

rec. April, 1965

Hans Koller (as,ts) Johnny Griffin (ts) Johnny Scott (ts) Ronnie Ross (bs) Martial Solal (p) Wes Montgomery (g) Michel Goudry (b) Ron Stephenson (dr)

a. West Coast Blues (4:15)

Issues: TV broadcast; a. on Philology(I) W 97-2 (cd) entitled WES MONTGOMERY LIVE IN EUROPE

rec. April 30, 1965 prob. Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Hans Koller (as,ts) Johnny Griffin (ts) Johnny Scott (ts) Ronnie Ross (bs) Martial Solal (p) Wes Montgomery (g) Michel Goudry (b) Ron Stephenson (dr)

a. 2328 Blue Graas (5:20)
b. 2329 Last Of The Wine (7:40)
c. 2330 He Is Gone (4:54)
d. 2331 Here's That Rainy Day (8:30)
e. 2332 On Green Dolphin Street (4:57)
f. 2333 The Leopard Walks (7:00)
g. 2334 No Summer, No Winter (5:02)
h. 2335 Stella By Starlight (4:35)
i. 2336 Stephenson's Rocket (6:15)
j. 2337 Opening Two (5:23)
k. 2338 Four On Six (6:30)
l. 2339 Blue Monk (6:45)
m. 2340 No Smoking (6:50)
n. 2341 We Are Standing Alone (4:38)
o. 2342 Blues Up And Down (4:26)
p. 2343 Twisted Blues (5:20)
q. 2344 West Coast Blues (6:20)

Notes: pers. c. no g / d. g p b dr / e. p b dr / g. as bs p b dr / k. g p b dr / l. Griffin g p b dr / m. p b dr / o. 2 ts p b dr / p. g p b dr / d.m. p, b, dr only

b. on CD as "Glass Of Cool Wine" - which is probably the correct title. Issues: a.b.d.f.k.l.p. on Philology(I) W 97-2 (cd) entitled WES MONTGOMERY LIVE IN EUROPE

No. 40

rec. July 2, 1965 Recklinghausen

Benny Bailey (tp) Ivan Jullien (tp) Rick Kiefer (tp) Maurice Thomas (tp) Roger Guerin (tp,flh) Keith Christie (tb) Erich Kleinschuster (tb) Ake Persson (tb) Emile Vilain (tb,b-tb) Rolf Kühn (cl,as,ts) Leo Wright (fl,cl,as) Johnny Scott (fl,cl,as) Jacques Noureddine (bcl,as) Hans Koller (as,ts) Tubby Hayes (fl,ts) Ronnie Ross (cl,as,bs,bcl) Michel Hausser (vib) George Gruntz (p,cembalo) Stuff Smith (vio-1) Jimmy Woode (b) Ronnie Stephenson (dr)

a. Any Minute Now (4:58)
b. Große Liegende Nr.5 (6:06)
c. My Blue Heaven (1) (5:18)
d. Jazz Essay (8:36)
e. The Freedom (5:00)
f. The Band Goes Churchy (inc) (4:55)
g. Timmie's Blues (1) (5:48)
h. 5414 Ruts, Grooves, Graves and Dimensions (3:50)
i. 5415 Trumpet Upchart (4:48)
j. 5416 Music For Pablo II (5:36)
k. 5417 Stephenson's Rocket (5:56)
l. 5418 100% Proof (14:08)
m. 5419 Take The A Train (1) (4:04)
n. Gemini Waltz (6:30)
o. Ode To A Blossom (6:15)
p. Things Ain't Waht They Used To Be (1) (4:05)
q. Now's The Time (7:30)

Notes: b. only Guerin, Hayes, Scott, Wright, Kühn, Ross, Gruntz, Woode, Stephenson; d. omit Scott; j. omit Kühn, Wright, Scott, Noureddine, Hayes; o. omit Koller, Scott; q. omit Koller.

Issues: d.e.f.j.k.l.n.o.q. chosen to be released on Saba(D) SB-15057ST (not released)


rec. October 25-29, 1965 Studio 11, Hamburg

Michael Mantler (tp) Steve Lacy (ss) Prince Lawsha (as,cl,bcl) Hans Koller (ts) Ronnie Ross (bs,cl,bcl) Attila Zoller (g) Carla Bley (p) Paul Bley (p) Kent Carter (b) Barry Altschul (dr)

a. Slow Dance (9:00)
b. Start (6:35)
c. Cartoon (9:30)
d. Communications No. 6 (7:10)

Notes: Information from NDR files

rec. October 29, 1965 prob. Studio 11, Hamburg

Michael Mantler (tp) Steve Lacy (ss) Prince Lawsha (as,cl,bcl) Hans Koller (ts) Ronnie Rose (bs,cl,bcl) Attila Zoller (g) Carla Bley (p) Paul Bley (p) Kent Carter (b) Barry Atlschul (dr)

a. Touching (5:56)
b. Isis (6:45)
c. Cartoon (8:45)
d. Both (5:15)
e. Walking Batteriewoman (3:30)
f. Communications No. 7 (6:15)
g. Slow Dance (7:15)
h. Closer (7:30)
i. Doctor (7:40)
j. Floater (7:30)
k. Communications No. 6 (11:30)

Notes: pers. a. p b dr

No. 42

rec. November 26, 1965 Hamburg

Les Nouveaux Double Six de Paris: Mimi Ferrin (voc) Helène Devos (voc) Annie Vassiliu (voc) Gaetan Dupenher (voc) Jef Gilson (voc) Bernard Lubat (voc) Rolf Ericson (tp) Ivan Jullien (tp) René Urtreger (p) Michel Hausser (vib) Jimmy Woode (b) Jean-Louis Viale (dr)

a. 2388 Modalité Pour Mimi
b. 2389 Tickle Toe
c. 2390 Early Autumn
d. 2391 Blues In Hoss Flat
e. 2392 Gritta
f. 2393 Margaret
g. 2394 Blue Cembalet
h. 2395 Cherie
i. 2396 Double Indeed
j. 2397 Ow
k. 2398 Keep On Keepin' On
l. 2399 Six In The Background
m. 2400 Groovin' High
n. 2401 Four Brothers (3:15)
o. 2402 Session
p. 2403 Pour Partir Attent
q. 2404 Blues For Marianne
r. 3475 Casino


rec. January 28, 1966

Jan Allan (tp) Bosse Broberg (tp) Rolf Ericson (tp flh) Kurt Järnberg (tb) Arne Domnerus (cl,as) Lennart Aberg (ts) Eric Nordström (ts) Claes Rosendahl (cl fl) Rune Falk (bs bcl) Rune Gustafson (g) Jan Johannson (p) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johansen (dr)

a. Vals Fran Delsbo (4:06)
b. Strasultje (?)
c. Per Anderström
d. Jöta Elf
e. Bagatell
f. Felicidade
g. Lappland
h. Svit i nagra Satsar (5:54)

Issues: a.h. (only 2nd and 5th set) on 629904 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1966 (var)

No. 44 - New Faces from Britain

February 25, 1966

Les Condon (tp flh) Stu Hamer (tp flh) Greg Bowen (tp) Keith Christie (tb) John Marshall (tb) Bob Burns (ss as) Pete King (ts) Danny Moss (ts) Ronnie Ross (bs) Bill LeSage (p vib) Spike Heatley (b) Tony Carr (dr)

a. Jazz Jury
b. Double Exposure
c. Chow Min
d. No Longer
e. Three For The Bar
f. C Deck
g. Maltese Cross
h. Small fry (4:52)

Issues: h. on 629904 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1966 (var)

TV Workshop: A Jazz Suite Inspired By Dylan Thomas's UNDER THE MILKWOOD

Kenny Wheeler flh Stan Tracey p Jeff Clyne b Jack Dougan dr

a. A.M.Mayhem 5:13

Issues: a. on 629904 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1966 (var)


rec. April 22, 1966 Hamburg

Manfred Schoof (tp,flh,cornet) Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Emil Mangelsdorff (fl,bs) Klaus Doldinger (ss,as,ts,bcl) Helmut Brandt (bs,bass-sax) Volker Kriegel (g) Ingfried Hoffmann (p,celesta) Peter Trunk (b,cello) Cees See (dr)

a. 2412 The bluesy Sound (7:15)
b. 2413 Fast Blues In f
c. 2414 Blues Of Its All
d. 2415 To Satisfy My Soul
e. 2416 Blues March
f. 2417 Bossa Nova Blues
g. 2418 One For J.B.
h. 2419 Quartenwalzer (9:04)
i. 2420 Night Stop (5:10)
j. 2421 Cees-See Roder
k. 2422 007- Beat
l. 2423 Springs Talk
m. 2424 Too Late
n. 2425 Blues For Nana
o. 2426 Bukolismen
p. 2427 Two Of A Kind
q. 2428 Shakin' The Blues
r. That bluesy Sound

Notes: pers. d. bcl cello org dr / e. tp bs p b dr / f. fl as bs org g b dr / h. tb ts p b dr

Issues: h.i. on 629904 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1966 (var)

No. 46

rec. June 24, 1966 Festlandhalle, Ruhrfestspiele, Recklinghausen

Bosse Broberg (tp) Ted Curson (tp) Dusko Gojkovic (tp) Carmell Jones (tp) Ronnie Simmons (tp) Kurt Järnberg (tb) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Ake Persson (tb) Emile Vilain (tb) Dominique Chanson (fl,as,ts,cl) Herb Geller (as,cl,fl) Dannie Moss (ts,b-cl) Ray Pitts (fl,ts) Bill Smith (cl, arr) Helmut Brandt (bs,bass-sax) Jan Johansson (p) Spike Heatley (b) Pierre Favre (dr)

a. 4732 Straight Ice (5:45)
b. 4733 Bembasha (4:40)
c. 4734 Nakiainen (6:25)
d. 4735 Autobahn (3:45)
e. 4736 For Satch (5:45)
f. 4747 Blues For Charlie (9:50)
g. Schnaps (7:30)
h. Pete Pierre (6:15)
i. Wailing Waltz (3:40)
j. Helgeansholmen (8:20)
k. For Benny (6:15)
l. The Band (7:15)
m. For Count (12:30)
n. I Remember Clifford (5:55)
o. Explorations
p. Tears For Dolphy (5:43)
q. For Duke (6:09)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg. Issues: j.l.p.q. on 629904 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1966 (var)

No. 47

October 28, 1966 Hamburg

Bosse Broberg (tp) Ted Curson (tp) John Marshall (tb) Nathan Davis (fl,cl,ss,ts) Piet Nordijk (cl,as) Herman Schoonderwalt (cl,sax) Attila Zoller (g) Frans Elsen (p) Jimmy Woode (b) Stu Martin (dr) Fats Sadi (perc)

a. 4857 Petite Suite
b. 4858 Jazz Concerto For String Bass And Orchestra
c. 4859 Quicksand
d. 4860 Happy Girl
e. 4861 M-Cycle
f. 4896 Bass Medley
Not So Bittersweet (Folk-Jazz-Ballad g.-k.)
g. 4897 Sum Of The Vectors
h. 4898 Who'll Buy My Dream
i. 4899 Still Pointing
j. 4900 My Kinda World
k. 4901 Not So Bittersweet
l. The Closer


rec. November 25, 1966 Hamburg

Günter Ehrig (tp) William McKay (tp) Hans Thomas (tp) Manfred Schoof (tp,flh) Horst Gmeinwieser (tb) Gerd Hoffmann (tb) Harald Rosenstein (fl,cl,tb,sax) Erhard Kröger (tb,conga) Gernot Lemaire (tb,b) Thomas Weisweiler (tuba) Manfred Lindner (cl,as,ts,bcl) Gerd Dudek (cl,ts) Niels Unbehagen (cl,p,as) Frank Lemaire (fl,piccolo,ts,bs) Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus (fl,bs) Volker Kriegel (g) Ingfried Hoffmann (p,org,vib,tp) Helmut Kandelberger (b) Erich Bachträgl (dr)

a. 4862 Fun
b. 4863 Why Not
c. 4864 For Bud Only
d. 4865 Bossa
e. 4866 Pavelas
f. 4867 Carnival
g. 4868 Fun
h. 4869 Just One Piece
i. 4870 For Flutes Only
j. 4871 Lazy Bones
k. Four Mothers (5:00)

Notes: no titles given for part 2. Issues: k. on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1967 (var)


rec. January 27, 1967 Hamburg

Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Tomasz Stanko (tp) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Nathan Davis (fl,ss,ts,bcl) Wodzimirz Nahorny (as) Jan 'Rtaszyn' Wroblewski (ts) Andrzej Trzaskowski (p) Dave Pike (vib) Roman Dylag (b) Ronnie Stephenson (dr)

a. 4953 Opener
b. 4954 Mellow Othello
c. 4955 Out Of The Way
d. 4956 Meat For Pete
e. 4957 The Hop
f. 4958 The Quibble (10:40)
g. 4959 Cubism
h. 4960 Berlin Calling
i. 4961 Dookola Wojtek
j. 4962 Post Skriptum
k. 4963 Shonged
l. 4964 Requiem For Scottie
m. 4965 Just For Coincidence
n. 4966 Closer

Issues: f. on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1967 (var)


rec. February 24, 1967 Hamburg

Dusko Gojkovic (tp,flh) Milo Pavlovic (tp) Ake Persson (tb) Eric van Lier (b-tb,tuba) Eddie Busnello (as) Johnny Griffin (ts) Hans Koller (ts) Mal Waldron (p) Karl-Theodor Geier (b,cello) Eddie deHaas (b) Albert Heath (dr)

a. 3935 Blues In The Closet
b. 3936 Laverne Walk
c. 3937 The Gentle Art of Love
d. 3938 Tricotism
e. 3939 Remember Oscar Pettiford
f. 3940 Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home
g. 3941 Leave Me Alone Blues
h. 4941 My Little Cello
i. 4942 Keep The Ford
j. 4944 Bohemia After Dark
k. 4945 To Renaud
l. 4946 Blues In The Closet

Notes: pers. j. tp as Griffin p b dr / k. p b dr

No. 51 - FINALLY BENGT...!

April 28, 1967 Grosser Sendesaal des NDR, Hamburg

Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Bosse Broberg (tp) Ake Persson (tb) Lennart Aberg (ss,ts) Arne Domnerus (cl,as) Erik Nilsson ((bass-sax,bcl) Rune Gustafson (g) Bengt Halberg (p) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johannsen (dr)

a. 4978 A Capella
b. 4979 A Und B
c. 4980 In a Tripled Mood
d. 4981 Refrain
e. 4982 Stony Lonesome (5:04)
f. 4983 Vaguissa
g. 4984 Planten Un Blomen
h. 4985 Gammel Mostral
i. 4986 Hanid (7:12)
j. 4987 Django
k. 4988 Gybbe Nysjellinge
l. 4989 Take Love Easy
m. 4990 Valse
n. 4991 Ad Libitum
o. 4992 Waltz-A-Nova
p. Gubben U Källinge (4:05)

Notes: pers. a. no p g b dr / g. no tps tb / o. p b dr. Maybe p. is in fact the same as k. Issues: e.i.p. on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1967 (var)

No. 52 - 11 AROUND KARIN

June 30, 1967 Recklinghausen

Benny Bailey (tp) Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) John Marshall (tb) Bill Smith (cl) Tubby Hayes (fl,ts vib) Christer Bowsted (fl,as) Jan Konopasek (fl,ts,bs) Jean-Luc Ponty (violin) Ingfried Hoffmann (p,org,vib) Kurt Lindgren (b) Albert Heath (dr) Karin Krog (voc-1)

a. 5832 Piece For a Happy Organ
b. 5833 Dear Johnny B.
c. 5834 Suite For Claudia
d. 5835 The Thrill Is Gone (1)
e. 5836 Folk Free - Free Folks (1)
f. 5837 Peace Brother (1)
g. 5838 A Dedication to Joy
h. 5839 Soul Eyes
i. 5846 Piece For a Happy Organ
j. 5847 Tune For Giselle
k. 5848 Charlie
l. 5849 Love Is a Man (1) (4:45)
m. 5850 You Know I Care (1)
n. 5851 Cool It

Notes: pers. k. cl violin b dr / c. violin p b dr. Issues: l. on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1967 (var)

No. 53 - MEET IN BERLIN ...!

rec. August 31, 1967 Saal 1, Sender SFB, Berlin

Jimmy Owens (tp,flh) Ake Persson (tb) or Albert Mangelsdorff tb Eric van Lier (b-tb,tuba) Gerd Dudek (cl,ts) Emil Mangelsdorff (fl,as) Jan Konopasek (fl,ts,bs) Attila Zoller (g) Don Friedman (p) Barre Phillips (b) Stu Martin (dr,perc) Albert Heath (dr)

a. 5885 Meet In Berlin (4:30)
b. 5886 Contrasts (4:52)
c. 5887 Flute Blues (6:54)
d. 5888 Dreambells (5:56)
e. 5889 Change 'em Up (7:20)
f. 5890 3 Times - 1 Theme (10:52)
g. 5972 Alicia's Lullaby (7:44)
h. 5973 Danzig Suite (9:25)
i. 5974 Spring Signs (11:50)
j. 5975 Three-Four-Five-Six (11:10)

Notes: prod. Hans Gertberg. pers. c. no g / g. g b dr. Issues: d.g. on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1967 (var)


rec. December 1, 1967 Hamburg

Sonny Grey (tp) Don Rendell (fl,ss,ts) Dominique Chanson (fl,ss,as) Tony Scott (cl,bs) Pierre Cavalli (g) Mal Waldron (p) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pederson (b) Alex Riel (dr)

a. 6126 Loser's Lament (6:25)
b. 6128 Nina's Dance (9:50)
c. 6129 La Belle Dominique (4:30)
d. 6130 Bud's Study (5:00)
e. 6380 Trans-Trane-Dance
f. 6381 Minor Festival
g. 6382 Speedy
h. 6383 The Life and Death of Charlie Parker
i. 11198 Anthony (8:00)
j. 11199 Sunny Blues (4:00)

Notes: pers. j. tp fl g b dr / g. p b dr / e. ss ss p b dr. Issues: h. (part of ?: Blues for Charlie (4:50)) on on 654057 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1968/69 (var)

No. ?

rec. ?

Peter Rühmkorff (recitation) Leszek Zadlo (ss,ts) Michael Naura (p) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib)

a. Komm Raus (3:35)

Notes: TV Workshop

No. ?

rec. 1967

Gerd Dudek (ts) Jean-Luc Ponty (violin) Wolfgang Dauner (org) Eberhard Weber (b) Fred Braceful (dr)

a. Sketch Up And Downer (9:17)

Issues: a. on 599865 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1967 (var)

No. 55

rec. January 26, 1968 Hamburg

Mandred Schoof (tp,flh,cornet) Tomasz Stanko (tp,flh) Nathan Davis (fl,ss,ts,bcl) Wlodzimierz Nahorny (as) Zbigniew Namyslowski (as) Karl Jenkins (oboe,bs) Gunther Hampel (vib,fl,cl) Andrzej Trzaskowski (p) Roman Dylag (b) Ronnie Stephenson (dr)

a. The Opener (2:11)
b. Offertory (6:20)
c. Blue 68 (3:24)
d. Ballad (5:25)
e. Cadenza (7:40)
f. Blues Shmues (4:11)
g. Piece For Ronnie (10:00)
h. The Workshopper's Stopper (7:25)
i. Disagreement (13:25)
j. Four Elements (9:13)
k. (8:00)
l. (1:35)

No. 56

rec. March 29, 1968 Studio 10 des Funkhauses NDR, Hamburg

Allan Botschinsky (tp,flh) Torolf Mölgard (tb) Claes Rosendahl (fl,ts) Lee Konitz (as,fl) Heinz Sauer (ss,ts) Cecil Payne (cl,bs) Wolfgang Dauer (p,org) Attila Zoller (g) Barre Phillips (b) Stu Martin (dr)

a. 7988 Struwwelpeter (5:26)
b. 7989 Beehive '94 (6:15)
c. 7990 The Sweet Hustler (5:38)
d. 7991 At Twilight (6:44)
e. 7992 Up To The Moment (7:48)
f. 7993 Rumpelstilzchen (6:35)
g. 7994 Impressions Of Sounds For Piano and Band (5:35)
h. 7995 Flying Fish (6:22)
i. 7996 Cry Cry Gypsy Cry (8:40)
j. 7997 Rebecca Is 18 (5:23)
k. 7998 Get The Money Blues (6:46)

Notes: prod. Hans Gertberg. Issues: c.g.j. on 654057 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1968/69 (var)


May 31, 1968 Hamburg

Jimmy Owens (tp,flh) Ack Van Rooyen (tp,flh) Slide Hampton (tb) Lee Konitz (fl,as) Phil Woods (cl,as) Gato Barbieri (ts) Volker Kriegel (g) Joachim Kühn (p,org) Günter Lenz (b) Barry Altschul (dr) Aldo Romano (dr)

a. Never Subject To Change (3:50)
b. The Jazz Galeo (9:45)
c. Blue Mist (12:10)
d. Western Meaning (10:40)
e. 7406 And When We're Young (6:50)
f. 7407 We Are Going Up (8:10)
g. 7408 String Tales (11:25)
h. 7414 Tribute To Louis (6:36)
i. 7445 Cane '68 (7:10)
j. 7446 Milan Is Love (4:03)
k. 7457 Present And Future (4:34)

Issues: a.h. on 654057 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1968/69 (var)

No. 58 - The Wonderful World Of Jazz: From early blues to avantagarde

rec. June 14, 1968 Recklinghausen

Jimmy Owens (tp,flh) Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Slide Hampton (tb) Ale Persson (tb) Clifford Jordan (fl,ts) Phil Woods (cl,as) Tony Scott (cl,bs) Ole Molin (g) Freddie Sunder (g) Eddie Louiss (p,org) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b) Alex Riel (dr) Knut Kiesewetter (voc)

a. (9:24)
b. (8:05)
c. (6:50)
d. (3:30)
e. (10:00)
f. (inc) (4:36)
g. Oh my Lord (7:24)

Issues: g. on 654057 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1968/69 (var)

No. ?

March ?, 1968 Hamburg

John Tchicai (as) Gato Barbieri (ts) Dollar Brand (p) Barre Phillips (b) Makaya Ntsoko (dr)

a. (7:33)


rec. December 6, 1968 Hamburg

Harry Beckett (tp flh) Ted Curson (tp) Nick Evans (tb) John Mumford (tb) Tony Roberts (ts bcl fl) Stan Sulzman (fl as ts) Karl Jenkins (oboe p ss bs) Graham Collier (b) Pierre Cavalli (g) John Marshall (dr)

a. Indian Flower
b. Indian Flavour Samba
c. Indian Rock
d. Across The River
e. Blues In Fortyone Four
f. View From Hungerford Bridge
g. Back Track


January 24, 1969 Hamburg

Bernard Vitet (tp flh) Eje Thelin (tb) Rolf Kühn (cl as) Heinz Sauer (ss ts) Barney Wilen (ss ts) John Surman (bs) Joachim Kühn (p org) Mimi Lorenzini (g) Günter Lenz (b g) Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (b) Aldo Romano (dr) Stu Martin (dr perc)

a. Noninka
b. Blues
c. Circus
d. Dur Dur Dur
e. Atlantis
f. To Your Father
g. Revised Edition
h. To Blow Your Mind

No. 61 - CARTOON

rec. March 3-7, 1969 Hamburg

Dave Pike (vib) Volker Kriegel (g) Hans Rettenbacher (b) Peter Baumeister (dr) Ingfried Hoffmann (org)

a. Slum On Wheel (7:30)

No. 61, part 2 - SUOMI CALLING

March 28, 1969

Charles Tolliver (tp) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Juhani Aaltonen (as fl ts) Eevo Koivistoinen (as ts) Herb Geller (fl as cl) Gilbert Dall'anes (bs) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib perc) Eevo Ojanen (p) Pekka Sarmanto (b) Ralf Hübner (dr)

a. Suomi Calling
b. Twenty Four After Bird
c. Alhambra Mood
d. My Mother
e. I'm Coming Suomi


rec. April 18, 1969 Großer Sendesaal des Funkhauses, Hamburg

Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Erich Kleinschuster (tb) Malcolm Griffiths (tb) Mike Osborne (as,cl) Alan Skidmore (ts) Ronnie Ross (ts) John Surman (ss,bs,bcl) Fritz Pauer (p,org) Harry Miller (b) Alan Jackson (dr)

a. Jacknife (Surman) (5:30)
b. Gratuliere (Pauer) (10:38)
c. Hallo Thursday (Surman) (10:40)
d. Undercurrent (Surman)
e. Mayflower
f. Dalap (?)
g. Puzzle (5:55)
h. Background (7:30)

Notes: prod. by Hans Gertberg. Issues: g.h. on 654057 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1968/69 (var)


rec. September 3, 1969 Deutsche Funkausstellung, Stuttgart

Bosse Broberg (tp) Bertil Löfgren (tp) Olle Lind (tb) Arne Domnerus (cl as) Lennart Aberg (fl ss ts) Claes Rosendahl (fl cl as ts) Eric Nielsson (bs bcl) Lars Sjösten (p) Rune Gustafson (g) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johansen (dr)

a. Tomboy
b. The Revenge
c. Samba Trieste
d. Hej Blues (4:42)
e. Hot Summer (4:25)
f. Mossult (?)
g. Ennevu Boogie (?)

Issues: d.e. on 654057 NDR JAZZWORKSHOP 1968/69 (var)


rec. November 28, 1969

Allan Botschinsky (tp,flh) Roger Guerin (tp,flh) Slide Hampton (tb) Nick Evans (tb) Radu Malfatti (tb) Herb Geller (cl,fl,as,ts,horn) John Surman (bcl,ss,bs) Leszek Zadlo (ss,as,ts) Pierre Cavalli (g) Steve Kuhn (p) Palle Danielsson (b) Stu Martin (dr)

a. Catching The New Ones
b. Joachim
c. Raindrops, Raindrops
d. Let Me Play The Lion Too
e. Transmitations
f. Pretty Things
g. Wintersong
h. Mini rock (7:12)

Issues: h. on 654094 NDR Jazzworkshops 1969/70 (var)


rec. January 23, 1970 Hamburg

Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Manfred Schoof (tp,flh) Paul Rutherford (tb) Michel Pilz (bcl) Gerd Dudek (cl,ts) Evan Parker (ss,ts) Howard Riley (p) Derek Bailey (g) Jeff Clyne (b) Barry Guy (b) Tony Oxley (dr) Alan Jackson (dr)

a. Convolution (40:10)
b. Deeper (inc) (2:45)
c. Saturnalian (9:25)
d. Eclipse

Issues: c. on 654094 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1969/70 (var)


rec. March 20, 1970 Hamburg

Allan Botschinsky (tp, flh) Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Erich Kleinschuster (tb) Dave Taylor (tb) Lew Delgato (cl,sax,fl,oboe,horn) Bob Keller (cl,bs) Lew Tabackin (fl,ts) Leszek Zadlo (ss,as,ts) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib,perc) George Gruntz (p) Chuck Israels (b) Bjarne Rostvold (dr)

a. Kevin's Garden (13:25)
b Lament Of A Lost Course (6:30)
c. Sarabande (7:00)
d. Bunaura (5:43)
e. Bunaura (7:35)
f. Skippin' Tune (10:30)
g. Minor Rhythm Complex (inc) (0:48)
h. Environments

Notes: not sure if in fact two takes of Bunaura exist. 2nd version on tape 157. Issues: c.e. on 654094 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1969/70 (var)


rec. December 7.-12., 1970 Hamburg

Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) John Surman (bs) Friedrich Gulda (p) Pierre Cavalli (g) Barre Phillips (b) Klaus Weiss (dr)

a. To John Coltrane (5:30)
b. To Albert Heath (6:33)

Issues: b. on 654094 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1969/70 (var)


rec. April 17, 1970

Tomasz Stanko (tp,flh) Frederic Rabold (tp,flh) Radu Malfatti (tb) Wlodzimierz Nahorny (fl,as) Jan Wroblewski (fl,ts) Alan Skidmore (fl,ss,ts) Leszek Zadlo (ss,as,ts) Louis Stewart (g) Eric van Lier (tb btb) Andrzej Trzaskowski (p) Roman Dylag (b) Tony Oxley (dr)

a. Pixis
b. Catherine's Dance
c. Emotion
d. That Makes You Laugh? Me Not... (8:55)
e. Collection

Issues: d. on 654094 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1969/70 (var)


Kalle Neumann (fl,as) Lars Göran Ulander (fl,as) Berndt Egerbladh (p) Terje Rypdal (g) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b) Sten Öberg (dr) Karin Krog (voc)

a. Voodoo (10:12)

Notes: on LP cover given as "WOODOO". Issues: a. on 654094 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1969/70 (var)


Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Tony Roberts (fl,cl,ts) Robert Cornford (p) Philip Lee (g) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b) Spike Wells (dr) strings cond. by Prof. Erich Röhn

a. Flood (8:53)

Issues: a. on 654094 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1969/70 (var)

No. 69

November 27, 1970 Hamburg

Kenny Wheeler (tp flh) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Eje Thelin (tb) Mike Osborne (sax) John Surman (ss bcl cl bs) Alan Skidmore (fl ts) Barre Phillips (bs) Stu Martin (dr)


Barre Phillips (b) J.F.Jenny-Clarke (b) Palle Danielsson (b) Barry Guy (b) Stu Martin (dr)

a. Whoop (3:40)
b. La Palette (3:58)

Issues: a.b. on 654963 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1971 (var)

No. 70

July 16, 1970

Manfred Schoof (tp flh) Elito S.Valmonte (tp) Eddy Ramirez (tp) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Leonardo S.Sanchez (tb) Michel Pilz (fl sax bcl) Pablo M.Martinez (fl cl sax) Gerd Dudek (cl sax) Heinz Sauer (ts) Alexander von Schlippenbach (p) Alphonso Soliano (p) Loreto G.Albano (g) Günter Lenz (b) Ralf Hübner (dr) Bill A.Savagih (vib) Romeo S.Dila (dr) Marinito S.Balbuena (b) Fernado C.Cortez (b)

a. Jet Set From Bangkok
b. Conversation
c. Pachita Blues
d. Roaring Plenties
e. Insertions For Four Parts

No. 71

Art Farmer (tp,flh) Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Rick Kiefer (tp,flh) Jiggs Whigham (tb) Peter Herbolzheimer (tb,b-tb) Rudi Fuesers (tb) Herb Geller (fl,as) Dieter Reith (p,org) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b) Eberhard Weber (b) Tony Inzalaco (dr) Joe Harris (dr,perc) Horst Mühlbradt (dr,perc)

a. Rockin' Chair
b. Sunflower Chant
c. Modus Vivendi
d. Wildchick
e. Timbales Calintas
f. Blues In Latin (11:00)

Issues: f. on 654963 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1971 (var)

March 4, 1971 Hamburg

Anthony Braxton (reeds) Chick Corea (p) Dave Holland (b) Barry Altschul (dr)

a. 508 MK/Rhymes (inc) (31:40)
b. Kelvin 406 (10:30)
c. There is No Greater Love (25:00)
d. Toy Room - Q & A (18:20)

Notes: date not sure; Radio broadcast

No. 72 - Phil Woods And The European Rhythm Machine

rec. June 4, 1971

Phil Woods (as) Gordon Beck (p) Ron Matthewson (b) Daniel Humair (dr) Chris Hayward (fl) Michelle Libretti (g) George Locatelli (g) Henri Texier (b) Aldo Romano (dr)

a. Chromatic Banana
b. Rustic
c. Executive Suite (10:20)
d. Resurrection (7:00)
e. I Always Walk In The Sun

Issues: c.d. on 654963 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1971 (var)


rec. September 3, 1971 Funkausstellung, Berlin

Wayne Shorter (ss,ts) Joe Zawinul (keyboards) Miroslav Vitous (b) Alphonze Mouzon (dr) Dom Um Romao (fl,perc) Eje Thelin (tb-1) Alan Skidmore (fl,ts-1) John Surman (ss,bs,bcl-1)

a. I Would Like To Tell
b. Early Minor
c. Fire Fish
d. Umbrellas (6:33)
e. Sunrise (1) (14:48)
f. Moto Grosso Feio (1)
g. Directions (1) (0:40)

Notes: g. also as TV broadcast. Issues: d.e. on 654963 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1971 (var)

No. 75

rec. January 28, 1972 Hamburg

Mike Mantler (tp) John Tchicai (cl as) Irène Schweizer (p) Ole Thilo (p) Carla Bley (p voc ) Peter Warren (b) Pierre Favre (perc) Karin Krog (voc)

a. Ida Lupino (7:15)
b. Watermusic (16:00)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 76

February 14, 1972 Funkhaus, Hamburg

Bill Evans (p) Eddie Gomez (b) Marty Morell (dr) Herb Geller (fl-1)

a. Re:Person I Knew (7:02)
b. Turn Out The Stars (4:56)
c. Gloria's Step (7:10)
d. Two Lonely People (7:44)
e. Nardis (inc) (9:35)
f. Waltz Of Dissention (1) (6:18)
g. Quarter Tone Experiment (1) (7:40)
h. Northern Triangle (1) (5:35)

Notes: TV broadcast. Excerpt of g. (5:37) also on Moon Records MCD060-2 (cd) entitled BILL EVANS TRIO EMILY

No. 77

rec. February 25, 1972 Fabrik, Hamburg

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Paul Rutherford (tb) Steve Lacy (ss) Peter Brötzmann (ts bs) Misha Mengelberg (p) Fred van Hove (p)Han Bennink (dr,perc)

a. Nick C'est Drole
b. Oh No


rec. March 3, 1972

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (reeds) Ron Burton (p) Henry Pete Pearsson (b) Richie Goldberg (dr) Joe Habao Texidor (perc)

a. We Free Kings (9:25)
b. Make It With You (4:50)
c. Roland's Spirit (8:17)
d. My Girl (4:50)
e. Serenade To A Cuckoo (6:40)
f. Fast As How Long Can It Last (10:21)
g. Lush Life-Afro Blue-Blue Train (24:50)
h. Prelude Back Home-Satin Doll (6:50)
i. My Cherie Amour (3:46)
j. (6:45)
k. There Is A Balm In Gilead (3:45)
l. Volunteered Slavery (14:30)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 79

rec. April 14, 1972

Wolfgang Dauner, Michal Urbaniak

No. 80

rec. 1972, Recklinghausen

Association P.C., Gerd Dudek

No. 81 - Chick Corea's Return to Forever

rec. prob. August 1972 Hamburg

Joe Farrell (ss,fl) Chick Corea (p) Stanley Clarke (b) Airto Moreira (dr,perc)

a. Noon Song (10:30)
b. Matrix (13:30)

Notes: other titles unknown. Issues: a.b. on 666063 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1972 (var)

No. 83

Jean-Luc Ponty


rec. December 14, 1972 NDR Funkhaus, Hannover

Oscar Peterson (p) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b) Tony Inzalaco (dr) Ben Webster (ts)

a. Mack The Knife (5:15)
b. (4:25)
c. Sweet Georgia Brown (3:30)
d. Pountin' (7:40)
e. Sunday (7:06)
f. I Got It Bad (7:33)
g. Perdido (7:48)
h. Come Sunday (7:30)
i. For All We Know (10:30)
g, Cottontail (6:50)
h. Ben's Blues (= Friskin' The Frog) (9:07)

Notes: a.b.c. all piano solos. TV & Radio broadcast

No. 85

rec. January 26, 1973

Volker Kriegel, Harry Beckett (?) Stan Sulzman, Zbigniew Seifert (violin)


rec. February 15, 1973

Mike Gibbs (arr,cond) Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Henry Lowther (tb) Stan Sulzman (sax) John Taylor (p) Ray Warleigh (b) John Marshall (dr) Norma Winstone (voc)

a. Mother Of The Dead Man (7:00)
b. Just Ahead (8:10)
c. Fanfare (3:10)

Notes: TV & Radio Broadcast

No. 87

rec. March 12, 1973 Studio 10 des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Freddie Hubbard (tp) Junior Cook (fl,ts) George Cables (p) Kent Brinkley (b) Michael Carvin (dr)

a. Sky Dive (20:50)
b. Where Is Love (12:20)
c. Povo (13:05)
d. Without A Song (9:00)

Notes:prod. Michael Naura

No. 88

New Jazz Trio / Four Men Only

No. 89

Soft Machine Hugh Hopper

No. 90

rec. June 13, 1973

Terumasa Hino (tp) Jeremy Steig (fl) Association P.C.

No. ?

rec. June 14, 1973 Hamburg

Keith Jarrett (p,fl) Charlie Haden (b) Paul Motian (dr)

a. Standing Outside (22:40)
b. (12:25)
c. Bring Back The Times When (7:35)
d. (19:22)
e. (inc) (7:28)
f. Rainbow - Piece for Ornette - Take me back (19:20)
g. Life, Dance (7:20)

Notes: c. also certainly TV broadcast, maybe the others as well. Maybe b.d.e. are corresponding to all or part of f.g. Issues: f.g. on 666063 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1972 (var)


rec. September 5, 1973 Hamburg

Archie Shepp (ss,ts) Jaspar van t'Hoff (p) Raffael Don Garrett (b) Muhammad Ali (dr)

a. Quiet Dawn-Sonny's Back (38:57)
b. Sophisticated Lady (3:27)
c. Along Came Betty (11:50)
d. Little Willie Leaps (2:16)
e. Things Have Got To Change (37:47)

Notes: Radio broadcast

No. 92

rec. September 14, 1973 Hannover

Jim Hall (g) Attila Zoller (g) Red Mitchell (b) Daniel Humair (dr)

a. Bags Groove (11:20)
b. Where Would I Be (7:40)
c. Alicia's Lullaby (5:32)
d. Careful (7:45)
e. Watch The Girls Go By (7:28)
f. Body And Soul (9:12)
g. St.Thomas (9:30)
h. My Romance (4:55)
i. Extension (10:16)
j. All Across The City (4:30)
k. (6:52)
l. (18:45)
m. Blues In The Closet (9:10)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 93

October 18, 1973 NDR Funkhaus, Hannover

Peter Brötzmann (reeds) Fred van Hove (p) Han Bennink (perc) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb-1)

a. Elements (14:00)
b. unknown (12:00)
c. unknown (1) (26:30)
d. Einheitsfrontlied (4:32)

Notes: See tape 224/2/1 prob. part 2 Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Heinz Sauer (ts) Buschi Niebergall (b) Peter Giger (dr) 26:30 unknown title. d. TV broadcast

No. 94

October 11, 1973 Hamburg

part 1 Alexander von Schlippenbach 4t

part 2 Dollar Brand

No. 95

rec. November 20, 1973

Rolf Kühn Joachim Kühn Brecker, Toto Blanke (g)

No. 96

November 23, 1973 Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Gary Burton (vib) Mick Goodrick (g) Steve Swallow (b) Ted Seibs (dr)

a. Turn Of The Century (7:46)
b. Nonsequence
c. Desert Air
d. Falling Grace

Notes: this is the second part of the workshop. c. GB solo

No. ? (Ist dies tatsächlich ein Workshop?)

rec. 1973

Tone Jansa (ts) Dieter Glawischnig (p) Lucas Lindholm (b) Tony Inzalaco (dr) Herb Geller (as-1) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib-1) NDR Studio Big Band cond. by Franz Thon

a. Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich, Frei (6:25)
b. Eplas (1) (7:08)
c. Ade Zur Guten Nacht (1) (4:05)
d. Ostinato (1) (NC) (9:13)

No. 97

Friedrich Gulda, Paul Fuchs, Limpe Fuchs

No. 98

rec. March 15, 1974 Studio 1 des NDR Funkhauses, Hannover

part 1: Paul Bley (p)

a. Oh Henry (6:35)
b. Anthony The Great (8:00)
c. Ojos De Gato (3:35)
d. How Long (8:25)

part 2: Oregon Ralph Towner (g) Gary Moore, Paul McCandless, Collin Walcott

Notes: Radio broadcast

No. 99 ??

Michel Portal (cl,sax,bandoneon) Bernard Vitet (tp,violin,horn,p) Beb Guérin (b) Léon Francioli (b,cello) Pierre Favre (perc)

a. Splendid Yzlement (22:33)

Notes: other titles unknown. Issues: a. on 666516 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1974 (var). Part 2: Soft Machine

No. 100

rec. April 18, 1974 Funkhaus des NDR, Hannover

Keith Jarrett (p) Jan Garbarek (ss,ts) Palle Danielsson (b) Jon Christensen (dr)

c. Blossom
d. The Windup (13:30)

Notes: 3 uninterrupted sets: a.-d. (NC) (44:30); e.-g. (39:20); h. (NC) (3:38). Issues: d. 666516 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1974 (var)

No. 101

rec. September 26, 1974

Joey Fleming (voc) Victor Behrens, Ralph Novi

No. 102

Harry Beckett, Alan Skidmore


Uli Beckerhoff (tp,flh) Herbert Joos (tp,flh) Hans Kennel (tp,flh) Günter Christmann (tb) Wolfgang Czelusta (bs,ts) Bernd Konrad (ss,b-cl) Paul Schwartz (p) Adelhard Roidinger (b) Heinrich Hock (dr) Thomas Cremer (perc)

a. Mowhile (40:10)
b. Windgame (16:50)

No. 104

rec. ??

Klaus Doldinger (ts,cl,ss,keyboards) Kristian Schultze (keyboards) Wolfgang Schmid (b) Kurt Cress (dr) Philip Catherine (g) Inga Rumpf (voc)

a. (8:00)
b. (9:30)
c. Give The Credit (??) IR voc (6:25)
d. Ready To Take Off (??) IR voc (6:15)
e. (IR voc) (4:25)
f. (7:05)

Notes: c.d. IR, PC and KD (keyboards) only


rec. November 19, 1974 Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

Manfred Schoof (tp,flh) Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Günther Christmann (tb) Paul Rutherford (tb) Rüdiger Carl (sax) Gerd Dudek (sax) Evan Parker (ss,ts) Michel Pilz (bcl) Derek Bailey (g) Alexander von Schlippenbach (p) Peter Kowald (b,tuba) Han Bennink (cl, dr, perc) Paul Lovens (dr) NDR Rundfunkchor cond. by Helmut Franz

a. (34:12)
b. Kontraste And Synthesen (19:11)
c. Hamburg '74 (26:29)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. c. entitled "Hamburg '74" with I. Overture; II. Interlude; III. Ovation; IV.Fusion; V. Kollison + Explosion; VI.Free Jazz; VII Epistrophen; VIII. Special Coda. Issues: b. and c issued on FMP 0650 entitled HAMBURG '74 THE GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA & THE CHOIR OF THE NDR-BROADCAST

No. 107

rec. June 20, 1975 Funkhaus NDR, Hannover

Harry Beckett (tp,flh) Martin Drover (tp) Henry Lowther (tp) Paul Nieman (tb) Malcolm Griffiths (tb) Geoff Perkins (tb) John Warren (sax) Stan Sulzman (sax) Ray Warleigh (sax) Alan Skidmore (sax) John Taylor (p) Jeff Clyne (b) Alan Jackson (dr)

a. Rebound (6:28)
b. We Make It (6:13)
c. The Dandelion (6:00)
d. The Author's Review (6:35)
e. The King Fisher (6:32)
f. More Than Change (6:35)
g. Clim Back, Clim Back (14:30)
h. Bass Line (4:50)
i. Wake Up Thirty (6:50)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura

No. 108

rec. April 25, 1975 (?) Hamburg

Charlie Mariano (ss,as,fl,nagaswaram) Rainer Brüninghaus (p,elp) Eberhard Weber (b) Jon Christensen (dr)

a. (NC) (43:40)

Notes: unknown tune, incomplete tape

No. 109

rec. May 7, 1975

Greetje Kauffeld (voc) Herb Geller

No. 110

rec. June 5.-8., 1975 Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg

Leszek Zadlo (ts) Larry Porter (p) Günter Lenz (b) Joe Nay (dr)

a. Very Little Green Man (43:40)

John Surman (ss,bs) Barre Phillips (b) Dieter Feichtner (syn)

a. When the Bean Cake Rises (44:32)

Notes: oder rec. June 20, 1975: Harry Beckett Alan Skidmore Peter Warren

No. 111

rec. September 4, 1975

Peter Brötzmann Frank Wright

No. 112

rec. October 10, 1975 Hannover

Backdoor John Abercrombie ?

No. 113

Eberhard Weber Embryo


rec. December 9, 1975 Studio 10, NDR Funkhaus,Hamburg

Gary Burton (vib) Pat Metheny (g) Mick Goodrick (g) Steve Swallow (b) Bob Moses (dr) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb-1)

a. Family Joy (7:46)
b. Vashkar (6:25)
c. Airegin (6:23)
d. Chorale (6:58)
e. Grow Your Own (5:25)
f. (1) (9:17)
g. No Name (inc) (1) (8:50)

Notes: Radio broadcast

No. 115

rec. ? January 1976 ?

Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Jan Garbarek (ss,ts) Bobo Stenson (p) Palle Danielsson (b) Jon Christensen (dr)

6202 Chekarasi

No. 116

rec. ?? Hamburg

Alan Skidmore (ts) Rainer Brüninghaus (p,elp) Volker Kriegel (g) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Hans-Peter Ströer (b) Curt Cress (dr) Nippi Noya (perc)

a. Oriente (12:10)
b. Bahia Next Year (9:52)
c. Hallo Albert - Palm Dreams (11:20)
d. Hypnotic Pegeno (9:40)
e. Tide (20:35)
f. Skid (16:25)
g. (NC) (5:50)

Notes: unknown date

No. 117

rec. March 12, 1976 Onkel Pö, Hamburg

Al Jarreau (voc) Tom Canning (p) Jerome Rimson (b) Nigel Wilkinson (dr)

a. Shiny Stockings (4:40)
b. Take Five (8:43)

Notes: other titles unknown. Issues: a.b. on 666796 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1976 (var)

No. 118

rec. April 2, 1976 Hamburg

REVOLUTIONARY ENSEMBLE: Leroy Jenkins (violin) Sirone (b) Jerome Cooper (dr,perc)

a. (20:46)

Notes: part 2, ZBIEGNIEW SEIFERT QUARTET, titles unknown. Radio broadcast.

No. ??? - Ella Fitzgerald - Joe Pass

rec. May 19, 1976, Studio B des NDR , Hannover

Ella Fitzgerald (voc) Joe Pass (g)

a. Them There Eyes (2:35)
b. Come Rain Or Come Shine (2:56)
c. Feelings (4:40)
d. Feelings (4:15)
e. One Note Samba (7:30)
f. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else (3:05)
g. Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (4:45)
h. My Old Flame (6:05)
i. Tennessee Waltz (4:22)
j. Little Girl Blue (3:52)
k. Perdido (6:51)

No. ???

rec. May 22, 1976 Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Eje Thelin (tb) Harold Svensson (p) Bruno Raberg (b) Leroy Lowe (dr)

a. Capricorn (5:04)

Notes: other titles unknown. Issues: a. on 666796 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1976 (var)

No. ???

rec. May 27.-31.,1976 Funkhaus des NDR, Hannover

Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Zbigniew Seifert (violin) Wolfgang Dauner (p,syn) Adelhard Roidinger (b) Bronislav Kovacev (dr) Rundfunkorchester Hannover des NDR cond. by Mladen Gutesha

a. Der Urschrei (26:50)

Notes: other titles unknown; date 1974 as given on cover is most probably wrong. Issues: a. on 666796 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1976 (var)


rec. May 23, 1976

No. ???

rec. 1976 Hamburg

Günther Christmann (tb) Detlef Schönenberg (perc) Pina Bausch (dance)

a. (6:15)

Issues: TV broadcast

No. ???

rec. September 17, 1976 Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Jean-Luc Ponty (violin,autoharp) Darryl Stuermer (g) Alan Zavod (p) Tom Fowler (violin) Marc Craney (b,perc)

a. Renaissance (8:10)

Notes: other tunes unknown. Issues: a. on 666796 NDR JAZZWORKSHOPS 1976 (var)

No. 121

October 8, 1976 Hamburg

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb-1) Azar Lawrence (ss,ts) Ryo Kawasaki (g) David Williams (b) Elvin Jones (dr)

a. 6332 Oh Horn! (1)
b. 6333 Three Card Molly (1)
c. 6374 Shinyitsu
d. 6375 Bessie's Blues
e. 6376 Waltz Of Doudou
f. 6377 Giraffe

No. ???

March 1977 Hamburg

Zbigniew Seifert (violin) Urszula Dudziak (voc) Leszek Zadlo (ss ts) Joe Haider (p) Isla Eckinger (b) Joe Nay (dr)

a. Love In The Garden (5:04)

Issues: Mood Records 24500 entitled WE'LL REMEMBER ZBIGGY (var)

No. ???

rec. March 15, 1978 Großer Sendessaal Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Pat Metheny (g) Lyle Mays (p,syn) Mark Egan (b) Dan Gottlieb (dr)

a. Phase Dance (8:30)
b. April Joy (4:30)
c. (4:33)
d. San Lorenzo (8:40)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. d. on NDR 0666 969 entitled NDR-JAZZWORKSHOP 78/79 (var)

No. 126 - Azimuth

rec. ???


rec. April 11, 1978

No. 128 - Tomasz Stanko

rec. ???

No. 129

rec. ???

Alexander von Schlippenbach (p) Sven-Ake Johannson (dr,perc)


rec. May 25, 1978 NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg

Dollar Brand (p,fl,voc) Johnny Dyani (b,voc)

a. (5:30)
b. (23:43)
c. (26:40)
d. (5:30)
e. (24:40)

Notes: Part of this broadcast has the titles: Banyana - The Children Of Africa

No. 135 - CARLA BLEY

rec. July 1, 1978 Bremen

Mike Mantler (tp) George Lewis (tb) Bob Stewart (tuba) Vincent Chancey (frh) Gary Windo (ts) Alan Braufman (fl,cl,as) Carla Bley (p,ts,org) Blue Gene Tyranee (p) Patti Preiss (b) Andrew Cyrille (dr) D. Sharpe (perc)

a. 440 (10:00)
b. Spangled Banner Minor And Other Patriotic Songs (22:00)
c. Rose And Sad Song (13:00)
d. Musique Mechanique (7:40)
e. Song Me Softly Of The Blues (5:20)

No. 136

September 13, 1978 Hamburg

Don Cherry (fp.fl.perc) Colin Walcott (sitar,tabla,perc) Nana Vasconcelos (perc)

a. Like That Of Sky (25:05)
b. Codona-Moondog-Relativity Suite (34:05)
c. Uni Papa I + II (27:20)
d. African Dance (7:13)
e. Race Face (5:10)

No. ???

rec. 1978 Onkel Pö, Hamburg

Dizzy Gillespie (tp,voc) Leo Wright (as) Rodney Jones (g) Benjamin Brown (b) Mickey Roker (dr)

a. Blues (9:50)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 138

rec. October 25, 1978 Funkhaus, Hamburg

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (ss,as,ts) Klaus Koch (b) Günter Sommer (dr)

a. unknown (11:20)
b. Ohne Mich (3:15)
c. Kurz Vor'm Chinesen (3:45)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. b.c on NDR 0666 969 entitled NDR-JAZZWORKSHOP 78/79 (var)


rec. December 11, 1978 Hamburg

Valerie Ponomarev (tp) Bobby Watson (as( Dave Schnitter (ts) James Williams (p) Dennis Irvin (b) Art Blakey (dr)

a. Miskina (14:50)
b. Chelsea Bridge (1o:25)
c. Blues March (11:04)
d. My One And Only Love (10:34)
e. Georgia On My Mind (8:28)
f. Moanin' (10:30)
g. Dr.Jekyll (12:20)
h. Stardust (10:24)
i. 1977 A.D. (inc) (20:04)

No. 141

rec. January 12, 1979

Leszek Zadlo (sax) Joachim Kühn (p) Palle Danielsson (b) Billy Hart (dr)

No. ???

October 30,1979 Onkel Pö, Hamburg

Freddie Hubbard (tp) Hadley Caliman (sax) Bill Chiles (keyboards) Larry Klein (b) Carl Burnett (dr) Leon Thomas (voc)

a. Cousin Mary (8:00)
b. Let the rain fall on me (6:00)
c. Song for my father (6:00)
d. One (6:00)
e. If we all could love (6:00)
f. Here's that rainy day (9:20)
g. A Night In Tunesia (10:45)

Notes: TV & Radio Broadcast


rec. March 14, 1979 Hamburg

Lester Bowie (tp) Roscoe Mitchell (reeds,perc) Joseph Jarman (reeds,perc) Malachi Favors (b,perc) Famoudou Don Moye (dr,perc)

a. (47:00)
b. Odwallah (2:35)

No. 144

April 19, 1979 Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Arild Andersen (b) Pierre Favre (dr)

a. 7062 Green Shading Blue
b. 7063 Virgin Green Of Spring
c. 7065 Good Old Circus
d. 7067 Brief Impression On Brighton
e. 7243 Tinkustan
f. 10982 Sparrhärmlingslied (11:00)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. f. on NDR 0666 969 entitled NDR-JAZZWORKSHOP 78/79 (var)


rec. May 15, 1979 Hamburg

Sam Rivers (fl,ss,ts,p) Joe Dailey (tuba,bariton-horn) Dave Holland (b,cello) Thurman Barker (dr,perc)

a. An Evening In Hamburg (58:00)
b. Blossoms I + II (57:40)

No. ???

rec. July 10, 1979 Ball Pompös, Kiel

Jan Garbarek (ss,ts) Bill Connors (g) John Taylor (p,org) Eberhard Weber (b) Jon Christensen (dr)

a. Entering (9:36)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. a. on on NDR 0666 969 entitled NDR-JAZZWORKSHOP 78/79 (var)

No. ???

rec. July 18, 1979 Onkel Pö, Hamburg

Woody Shaw (tp) Carter Jefferson (ss) Onaje Allan Gumbs (p) Stafford James (b) Victor Lewis (dr)

a. Teotihuacan (14:08)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. a. on NDR 0666 969 entitled NDR-JAZZWORKSHOP 78/79 (var)

No. 150

March 31, 1980 Fabrik, Hamburg

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Michel Portal (reeds,bandoneon) J.F.Jenny-Clarke (b) Pierre Favre (perc)

a. Quadrouple (7:30)

Notes: a. TV & Radio Broadcast

No. 151 - EYEBALL

rec. ???


prob. rec. June 13, 1980 Hannover

part 2

rec. June 13,1980 NDR Funkhaus, Hannover

Jan Garbarek (ss,ts) Egberto Gismonti (g,p) Charlie Haden (b)

a. (9:25)
b. For Turiya (12:00)
c. Magico (15:45)
d. Bodas De Prata (11:45)
e. Cego Aderaldo (10:20)
f. Silence (9:50)

Notes: a. TV broadcast: prob. same as f. Issues: part also as TV broadcast.

No. 153

rec. July 8, 1980 Onkel Pö, Hamburg

Pat Metheny (g) Lyle Mays (p,syn) Mark Egan (b) Dan Gottlieb (dr)

a. Cross The Heartland (11:10)
b. Hermitage (7:02)
c. April Joy (7:50)
d. Sirabhorn-The Windup (20:50)
e. The Epic (17:40)
f. Phase-Dance (8:00)
g. Airstream (7:10)
h. Unquity Road-Broadway Blues-Lakes (18:30)
i. Down Here On The Ground (8:00)
j. All The Things You Are-Jaco (15:20)
k. San Lorenzo (13:50)
l. American Garage (3:50)

Notes: prod. by Michael Naura. TV broadcast as well.


rec. December 12, 1980 Hamburg

Heinz Habermann (tp) Bob Coassin (tp) Mani Moch (tp) Manfred Schoof (tp,flh) Manfred Grossmann (tb) Wolfgang Ahlers (tb) Teddy Plato (tb) Eje Thelin (tb) Rick Ende (tuba) Steve Lacy (ss) Harald Ende (reeds) Klaus Nagorski (reeds) Jochen Ment (reeds) Werner Römfeld (reeds) Herb Geller (as) Alan Skidmore (ts) George Gruntz (p,elp,syn,arr,cond) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Lucas Lindholm (b) Charlie Antolini (dr)

a. Round Midnight (7:38)
b. Off Minor (5:00)
c. Blue Monk (9:35)
d. Jackie-ing (12:15)
e. Monk's Mood (7:32)
f. Straight No Chaser (8:20)
g. Rhythm-a-ning (take 1) (5:45)
h. Totally Be-monk-ed (34:41)
i. Rhythm-a-ning (take 2) (4:28)

No. 158

rec. January 21, 1981 Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Hugh Ragin (tp,flh) Ray Anderson (tb,tuba) Anthony Braxton (ss,as,ts) Marilyn Crispell (p)

a. Composition 98 (50:00)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 159 - Rolf Kühn Joachim Kühn Randy Brecker

rec. ???

No. 160

rec. March 20, 1981 Hamburg

Dave Holland (b,cello)

a. Combination-Under Redwoods-Hooveling (25:30)
b. Flurries-Don't Dance (9:50)
c. Last Moments (12:30)
d. Solar (5:35)

Notes: part 2: Sam Rivers

No. 161 - Charlie Mariano, Milt Jackson

rec. ???


rec. May 5, 1981 Fabrik, Hamburg

Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp) Joe Newman (tp) Benny Powell (tb) Marshall Royal (as) Buddy Tate (ts) Billy Mitchell (ts) Nat Pierce (p) John Heard (b) Gus Johnson (dr) Joe Williams (voc)

a. Bluebeard Blues (9:20)
b. Send Me Someone To Love (5:50)
c. Shiny Stockings (8:50)
d. Everything Happens To Me (6:10)
e. This Is All I Ask (6:15)
f. I'm Confessin' (7:40)
g. Little Pony (8:35)
h. (3:05)
i. All Blues JWvoc (9:30)
j. Teach Me Tonight JW voc (4:20)
k. Come Back Baby JW voc (4:35)
l. I Want A Little Girl JW voc (4:56)
m. JWv oc (3:55)
n. Blues In My Heart JW voc (3:32)
o. Alright, Okay You win JW voc (2:02)
p. Just The Way You Are JW voc (5:52)
q. Person to Person JW voc (9:35)
r. Shake, Rattle and Roll JW voc (3:18)
s. One O'Clock Jump (1:55)

No. 168

rec. February 26, 1982 Studio 10, Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Paul McCandless (oboe,ss,engl-horn) Bill Frisell (g) Lyle Mays (p,syn) Eberhard Weber (b) Mario Castronari (b) Michael DiPasqua (dr,perc)

a. Workshop 1 (22:50)
b. Kutulla (14:30)
c. Workshop 2 (19:00)
d. Sand (10:25)
e. Tod In Der Waschstrasse
f. Yellow Fields

Notes: a.c. above given titles are declared by Eberhard Weber as "Stücke, die noch keinen Titel haben." b. part of composition written for a movie; maybe spelling is incorrect

No. 169

rec. March 11, 1982 Kleiner Sendesaal Funkhaus, Hannover

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Lee Konitz (as)

a. A Minor Blues In f (4:14)
b. Mississippi Mud (12:24)
c. She's As Wild As Springtime (4:15)
d. Rootie Toot (7:40)
e. Mood Indigo (4:20)
f. Body And Soul (7:10)
g. Hannover Square (7:01)
h. KoMa (5:00)
i. Just Friends (6:18)
j. About Time We Looked At This (inc) (2:25)
k. Duo Love Call (6:00)

Notes: pers. d. AM solo; f. LK solo


rec. April 2, 1982 Fabrik, Hamburg

Clark Terry (tp,flh) Benny Bailey (tp) Palle Mikkelborg (tp,flh) Britt Woodman (tb) Herb Geller (as,cl.fl) Norris Turney (as) Alan Skidmore (ts) George Gruntz (p,arr,cond) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib) Günter Lenz (b) Gerry Brown (dr) added NDR-Big Band, NDR-Choir-1

a. Sophisticated Lady (7:10)
b. It Don't Mean A Thing (3:35)
c. African Flower (5:45)
d. Come Sunday (1) (4:20)
e. East St.Louis Toodle-oo (4:40)
f. Caravan (8:20)
g. Solitude (1) (6:52)
h. Rockin' In Rhythm (7:00)
i. What Is Music (28:15)
j. Take The A Train (7:10)
k. Take The A Train (alt.take) (5:30)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast


rec. May 25, 1982 Fabrik, Hamburg

Mauro Senise (sax,fl) Egberto Gismonti (g,p) Zeca Assumpcao (b) Nana (dr,perc)

a. Maracatu (10:45)
b. 10 Anos (11:00)
c. Loro (6:05)
d. Don Quixote (7:06)
e. Baiao Malandro (8:30)
f. Selva Amazonica (10:30)
g. Salvador (5:15)
h. Quatro Mundo (10:46)
i. Em Familia (6:30)
j. (14:45)
k. Bodas De Prata (10:00)
l. Palhaco (8:35)
m. Frevo (4:40)
n. Karate (3:35)
o. Folia (5:05)

Notes: i. also part of TV-broadcast on Jazzworkshops. TV & Radio broadcast


rec. June 4, 1982 Studio 10 des Funkhauses NDR, Hamburg

David Murray (ts,b-cl) John Purcell (fl,bs) Peter Warren (b) Jack deJohnette (dr,p,melodica)

a. The Blessing (14:40)
b. Central Park West (6:55)


rec. ???

No. 178 - NOOD BAND

rec. ???

Greetje Bijma, Jasper van't Hoff


rec. ???

John Abercrombie (g) John Taylor (p)

No. 180

rec. May 19, 1983 Hamburg

James Newton (fl) Marty Ehrlich (reeds) Anthony Davis (p) Abdul Wadud (cello) Shem Guibberry (violin) Cindy Iverson (bassoon)

a. Wayang No. IV (42:35)
b. A Walk Through The Shadow (14:30)
c. Who's Life (9:22)
d. Still Waters No. IV (32:50)

No. 181

rec. ???


rec. October 27, 1983 Studio 10 des Funkhauses des NDR, Hamburg

John Lewis (p) Milt Jackson (vib) Ray Brown (b) Kenny Clarke (dr)

a. Woody'n You (3:55)
b. Round Midnight (6:00)
c. Billie's Bounce (5:30)
d. Yesterdays (3:45)
e. Confirmation (2:57)
f. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (4:05)
g. Bags Groove (4:40)
h. Monterey Mist (4:15)
i. One Never Knows (7:36)
j. Watergate Blues (6:05)
k. That Slavic Smile (8:00)
l. Nature Boy (5:10)
m. Milano (6:34)
n. D And E (9:40)
o. Sacha's March (9:22)
p. True Blues (5:48)
q. The Horn Pipe (8:20)
r. Django (5:53)

Notes: h.-r. Ray Brown is replaced by Percy Heath (b) and Kenny Clarke by Connie Kay (dr). a.b.d.e.f.g.p. broadcasted on TV; these plus others on radio.


rec. November 3, 1983


rec. November 30, 1983 Studio 10, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg

Byron Stripling (tp,flh) Scott Wagstaff (tp,flh) Paul Mazzio (tp,flh) Mark Lewis (tp,flh) William 'Bill' Byrne (tp,flh) Eugene Wrightley Smith jr. (tb) Don Fedchock (tb) Randall House (tb) Woody Herman (cl,as,voc) Frank Tiberi (ts,fl) James 'Jim' Carroll (ts) Steve Brody (ts) Mike Brignola (bs) Phillip DeGregg (p) John Adams (b) Dave Miller (dr)

a. Blue Flame (1:00)
b. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (4:40)
c. Four Brothers (3:38)
d. Early Autumn (4:35)
e. La Fiesta (5:45)
f. Pavane (6:10)
g. Midnight Run (5:35)
h. Woodchopper's Ball (5:03)
i. Caledonia (12:03)
j. Perdido (5:05)
k. I've Got News For You (5:02)
l. Count Down (4:08)
m. Come Rain Or Come Shine (5:25)
n. The Peanut Vendor (5:55)
o. Greasy Sack Blues (7:22)
p. As Time Goes By - Mood Indigo (5:40)
q. Fanfare For The Common Man (8:52)
r. Blue Flame (1:00)
s. Cousins (2:10)

No. 185

rec. ???

No. 186

rec. January 19, 1984 Studio 10 des NDR, Hamburg

Cecil Bridgewater (tp) Sam Rivers (fl,ss,ts-1) Odean Pope (ts) Tyrone Brown (b) Max Roach (dr)

a. Scott Free (46:16)
b. Six Bits Blues
c. Jordu (9:53)
d. Evening In Hamburg (1) (7:31)
e. Straight No Chaser (inc) (1) (6:40)
f. Five For All (1) (20:47)

Notes: d. pers. Roach-Rivers (ts) only

No. 187

rec. February 21, 1984 Studio 10 Funkhaus des NDR, Hamburg

Manfred Schoof (tp,flh) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Dave Holland (b) Billy Higgins (dr)

a. Blues Sauer (11:40)
b. Old Times (13:30)
c. Quadruple aliens (12:28)
d. Jumpin' In (13:45)
e. The Eternal Turn On (8:35)
f. Neon (11:55)
g. Matts Matter (10:30)
h. A.M.Blues (13:50)
i. Hot Hut (13:00)
j. Short 'n Swift (4:44)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 188

rec. ???

No. 189 - AAAG

rec. April 4, 1984 Hamburg

Bernd Konrad (reeds) Warne Marsh (reeds) Hans Koller (reeds) Allan Praskin (reeds) Fritz Pauer (p,elp) Paul Schwartz (p,elp) Fritz Osmez (dr)

a. Tu m' (15:05)
b. No Name (13:50)
c. Ha-Ma-Ko (10:10)
d. Jean Paul S. (11:42)
e. Last Not Least (15:50)
f. Background Music (4:35)
g. California Concert (13:50)
h. Inside In You (10:32)
i. You Are (6:20)
j. (inc) (5:50)

No. 190

rec. May 16, 1984 Hamburg

David Friedman (vib) David Samuels (vib)

a. Mr.Close - April Joy (16:15)
b. Sunset Glow (10:45)
c. Like Someone In Love (8:40)
d. Orient Point (17:05)
e. Dusk (13:40)
f. Soaring (6:50)

John Abercrombie (g) Ralph Towner (g)

g. Bumabia-The Juggler's Etude (21:25)
h. Beneath An Evening Sky (5:23)
i. Half Past Two-Late Night Passenger (16:35)
j. Timeless (8:50)
k. Waterwheel (6:10)
l. Nardis (4:50)


rec. ???

No. 199

rec. Hamburg

Betty Carter (voc) Bennie Green (p) Tarik Shah (b) Winard Harper (dr)

a. (6:00)
b. The Good Life (5:45)
c. This Is New (5:50)
d. Everything I Have Is Yours (5:40)
e. Tight (6:35)
f. Blue Moon (8:25)
g. (10:40)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast


rec. Hamburg

Ian Carr (tp,flh) Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Johannes Faber (tp,flh) Ack van Rooyen (tp,flh) Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Charlie Mariano (as) Barbara Thompson (fl,ts) Christof Lauer (sax) Wolfgang Dauner (p) Volker Kriegel (g) Eberhard Weber (b) Dave King (b) Jon Hiseman (dr) Gerry Brown (dr) Wolfgang Schlüter (vib)

a. Feuerwerxmusik (21:25)
b. Löschzug 1 + 2 (23:10)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast


rec. November 9, 1985

Hannes Koteck (tp,flh) Herbert Joos (tp.flh,alphorn,b-horn) Karl Fian (tp,flh) Christian Radovan (tb) John Sass (tuba) Harry Sokal (fl,ss,ts) Roman Schwaller (cl,ts) Wolfgang Puschnigg (fl,ss,as,bcl) Uli Scherrer (p,melodica) Andy Manndorff (g) Heiri Känzig (b) Joris Dudli (dr,perc) Tom Nicolas (perc) Laureen Newton (voc) Matthias Rüegg (arr,cond)

a. (3:40)
b. Perpetuum Mobile (10:25)
c. Ragtime (10:00)
d. (7:00)
e. Tears In Atlanta (8:50)
f. (4:55)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

No. 203

rec. January 30, 1986 Studio 10, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg

Al Grey (tb) Johnny Griffin (ts) Buddy Tate (ts,cl-1) Horace Parlan (p) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b) Aage Tanggaard (dr)

a. Just Jazz (7:02)
b. God Bless The Child (7:24)
c. All The Things You Are (13:10)
d. Hi-fly (9:26)
e. When I'm Blue (8:52)
f. Lester Leaps In (13:40)
g. Mood Indigo (1) (10:50)
h. Sophisticated Lady (8:50)
i. Ow (inc) (13:55)

No. 206

rec. April 4, 1986 Studio 10 des NDR, Hamburg

Philip Catherine (g) Niels Henning-Ørsted Pedersen (b)

a. Wishin' Hopin' (8:05)
b. Changement d'Aris (8:33)
c. Little Train (4:55)
d. Nuages (7:35)
e. The Puzzle (7:00)
f. Father Christmas (12:54)
g. Girl Talk (7:11)
h. Stella By Starlight (9:12)
i. Leaving (11:25)
j. Samba Petit-Air Power-Dancing Girls (8:00)
k. My Funny Valentine (7:45)


rec. May 28, 1986 Studio 10, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg

Tom Harrell (tp,flh) Phil Woods (cl,as) Hal Galper (p) Steve Gilmore (b) Bill Goodwin (dr)

a. Tenor Of The Times (11:55)
b. Heaven (14:35)
c. The Duke (11:38)
d. Springville (9:29)
e. The touch of your lips (8:00)
f. Repetition (11:20)
g. 222 (11:24)
h. Serenade in blue (8:50)
i. Another Jones (11:02)
j. Azure (14:23)
k. Occurence (9:32)
l. How Is Your Mama? (1:20)

No. 215

rec. March 12, 1987 NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg

Chuck Findley (tp,flh) Don Menza (ts) Frank Strazzeri (p) Frank De La Rosa (b) Jimmie Smith (dr)

a. Diablo's Dance (12:37)
b. Relaxin' (13:31)
c. Line For Lyons (11:25)
d. You Are Too Beautiful (10:28)
e. The Third Eye (10:30)
f. Train Line (10:03)
g. Hip Pocket (11:43)


rec. April 27, 1988 Hamburg

Manfred Schoof (tp,flh) Kenny Wheeler (tp,flh) Arturo Sandoval (tp) Marvin Stamm (tp,flh) Sharon Freeman (frh) Tom Varner (frh) Ray Anderson (tb) Art Baron (tb) Dave Taylor (b-tb) Howard Johnson (tuba) Bob Malach (sax) Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (sax) Larry Schneider (sax) Grace Hunter (sax) George Gruntz (p,arr,cond) Mike Richmond (b) Adam Nussbaum (dr) added Baseler Tommler (1)

a. Everybody's Song But My Own (10:15)
b. Novellette (13:05)
c. Happening Now (16:50)
d. Rap For Nap (10:15)
e. (1) (4:20)
f. Rolling Drums (1) (8:30)
g. Hamburg Kulturblues (23:00)
h. (10:05)
i. (11:05)
j. Moongerms (inc) (1) (3:25)

Notes: TV & Radio broadcast

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