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Charlie Parker session details

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January 24, 1946 (1 item; TT = 2:04)
NBC Studios, Hollywood CA
WEAF radio broadcast (C+)

Charlie Parker (as); J.B. "Dizzy" Gillespie (tpt); Eli "Lucky" Thompson (ts); Milt Jackson (vb); Al Haig (p); Ray Brown (b); Stan Levey (d)

1 Salt Peanuts (D. Gillespie-K. Clarke) 2:04

Gillespie, Parker (voc)

1 Salt Peanuts
12" LP: Phoenix LP 17, Spotlite SPJ 123
CD: Philology Volume 14 (W 844), Volume 44 (W 875), Masters of Jazz MJCD 121, Definitive DRCD 11250, ESP-Disk 4050, Rare Live Recordings RLR 88642, Frémeaux & Associés FA 1332

Parker improvises only on the bridge to the opening theme.

This short performance may represent the first time bebop was broadcast on a major network to a national audience. The recording was part of The Drene Show, sponsored by Proctor and Gamble and hosted by Rudy Vallee and broadcast live on NBC at 7:30 pm Pacific time (= 10:30 Eastern time). "Salt Peanuts" was preceded by a couple minutes of jive talking between Vallee and Harry "The Hipster" Gibson, who introduces the tune: "I'm gonna have them play one of the old special specials. You know, one of those fine, groovy, mellow, voutovouties -- a little deal that Dizzy cooked up. It's called 'Salt Peanuts, Salt Peanuts'."

Apparently there are at least two acetates of the broadcast, one recorded in Hollywood, probably by NBC affiliate KFI; the other recorded by NBC affiliate WEAF. The versions in general circulation are based on the former acetate, the quality of which is quite poor. The latter acetate is contained in the NBC archives housed in the Library of Congress, and apparently the quality is dramatically better.

Thanks to Mark Ladenson and Phil Wilson for help with this session.

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