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Charlie Parker session details

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January 28, 1946 (1 item; TT = 9:31)
Philharmonic Auditorium, Los Angeles CA
Commercial for Mercury

Charlie Parker (as); J.B. "Dizzy" Gillespie (tpt); Al Killian (tpt); Willie Smith (as); Lester Young (ts); Mel Powell (p); Billy Hadnott (b); Lee Young (d)

1 Sweet Georgia Brown (B. Bernie-M. Pinkard-K. Casey) 9:31

1 Sweet Georgia Brown
78 rpm: Arco 1219, Disc 2004
45 rpm: Clef EP Volume 3, Mercury 11039/40/41
10" LP: Arco AL 2, Clef MG Volume 3, Mercury MG 35004
12" LP: Verve (J) 00MJ 3268/77
CD: Verve 837141 (Disc 1), Charly Le Jazz 21, Masters of Jazz MJCD 118, Definitive Records DRCD 11146

Parker and Gillespie, then booked at Billy Berg's, were supposed to play the early set of this JATP concert. Parker arrived late -- you can hear the applause for him during the piano solo. Gillespie asks "Where you been?" and Parker wails. Gillespie left after the first set, but Parker remained.

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