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Charlie Parker session details

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January 1949 (5 items; TT = 13:00)
Unknown recording studio, New York NY
Commercial for Mercury
Show chatter

Charlie Parker (as); Mario Bauza (tpt); Frank "Paquito" Davilla (tpt); Bob Woodlen (tpt); Gene Johnson (as); Fred Skerritt (as); Jose Madera (ts); Leslie Johnakins (bs); Rene Hernandez (p); Roberto Rodriguez (b); Jose Mangual (bgo); Luis Miranda (cga); Umbaldo Nieto (timbales); Frank "Machito" Grillo (maracas)

1 Okiedoke (take 1 (inc)) (A.R. Hernandez-R. Azpiazu-C.R. Isaacs) 1:36
2 Okiedoke (take 2) (A.R. Hernandez-R. Azpiazu-C.R. Isaacs) 3:17
3 Okiedoke (take 5 (inc)) (A.R. Hernandez-R. Azpiazu-C.R. Isaacs) 1:52
4 Okiedoke (take 6) (A.R. Hernandez-R. Azpiazu-C.R. Isaacs) 3:13
5 Okiedoke (take 7) (A.R. Hernandez-R. Azpiazu-C.R. Isaacs) 3:02

1 Okiedoke (take 1 (inc))
CD: Verve B0024802

2 Okiedoke (take 2)
CD: Verve B0024802

3 Okiedoke (take 5 (inc))
CD: Verve B0024802

4 Okiedoke (take 6)
CD: Verve B0024802

5 Okiedoke (take 7)
78 rpm: Mercury/Clef 11017
45 rpm: Clef EPC 501
10" LP: Clef MGC 511
12" LP: Verve MGV 8000, Verve (J) 00MJ 3268/77
CD: Verve 837141 (Disc 2), Verve B0024802, Frémeaux & Associés FA 1336

This is the second studio encounter putting Parker together with a Latin big band. The blend here is much better than on the December 1948 session, and Parker has three excellent solo choruses on the master take of "Okiedoke." According to Phil Schaap the engineer's announced take numbers are from a 1950s acetate session, not the original recording session.

The exact dates of the Parker-with-Latin-orchestra dates are not certain. Symphony Sid Torin and Parker talk about "Mango Mangue" during the January 1, 1949 broadcast from the Royal Roost, and on the January 15 broadcast he is giving away copies of the just-issued "No Noise."

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