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Charlie Parker session details

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May 5, 1949 (5 items; TT = 10:12)
Unknown recording studio, New York NY
Commercial for Mercury

Charlie Parker (as); Kenny Dorham (tpt); Tommy Turk (tb); Al Haig (p); Tommy Potter (b); Max Roach (d); Carlos Vidal (cga)

1 Cardboard (C. Parker) 3:10
2 Visa (take 1 (inc)) (C. Parker) 0:44
3 Visa (take 2) (C. Parker) 3:02
4 Visa (take 3 (fs)) (C. Parker) 0:16
5 Visa (take 4) (C. Parker) 3:00

1 Cardboard
12" LP: Verve MGV 8009, MGV 8126, Verve (J) 00MJ 3268/77
CD: Verve 837141 (Disc 2), Frémeaux & Associés FA 1336

2 Visa (take 1 (inc))
CD: Verve B0024802

3 Visa (take 2)
CD: Verve B0024802

4 Visa (take 3 (fs))
CD: Verve B0024802

5 Visa (take 4)
78 rpm: Mercury/Clef 11022
45 rpm: Clef EPC 337
10" LP: Clef MGC 512
12" LP: Verve MGV 8000, MGV 8009, Verve (J) 00MJ 3268/77
CD: Verve 837141 (Disc 2), Verve B0024802, Frémeaux & Associés FA 1336

After closing at the Roost in mid-March, the Parker Quintet was booked for four weeks in Chicago, then returned east to open at Bop City in mid-April. After the success of the February JATP concert at Carnegie Hall, Norman Granz added Tommy Turk and a conga player to the mix for this session. This session is sometimes dated in March, but according to Phil Schaap, Parker and Turk "are not in the same place from February 12, 1949 until April 25th at the earliest, and likely not until April 30, 1949."

"Visa" (titled in anticipation of Parker's trip to Paris for the Festival International de Jazz?) is a catchy blues that Parker performed live a few times in 1950.

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