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Charlie Parker session details

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November 20, 1950 (5 items; TT = 0:00)
Konserthuset, Stockholm (Sweden)
Private recording (Tape) (B-)

Charlie Parker (as); Rolf Ericsson (tpt); Gunnar Svensson (p); Yngve Ã…kerberg (b); Jack Noren (d)

1 Anthropology (D. Gillespie-C. Parker) 0:00
2 Cool Blues (C. Parker) 0:00
3 Cheers (H. McGhee) 0:00
4 Lover Man (J. Davis-R. Ramirez-J. Sherman) 0:00
5 Stupendous (H. McGhee) 0:00

The five tunes listed here were recorded by a member of the audience, but they have never been released, and as far as I know they have not circulated even as "private recordings."

This whirlwind European tour was organized by Parker's manager Billy Shaw. Parker and Roy Eldridge had been invited by Nils Hellstrom, publisher of the journal Estrad, to play a number of Swedish venues accompanied by Swedish rhythm sections. The American musicians arrived at Bromma airport on Sunday Novemeber 19th, where Parker was met by a large group of enthusiastic fans. The itinerary for the tour was as follows:

November 20: Konserthuset, Stockholm (two shows)
November 20 (after the Konserthuset shows): Van der Lindeska Valven, Stockholm (jam session)
November 21: Unknown venue, Gothenburg (two shows)
November 22: Amiralen Dance Hall, Malmö
November 22 (after the Malmö show): Unknown venue, Lund (jam session)
November 23: KB Hallen, Copenhagen (two shows)
November 24: Folkets Park, Hälsingborg
November 24 (after the Folkets Park show): Unknown restaurant (jam session)
November 25: Unknown venue, Hälsingborg (Vail says Jönköping)
November 26: Unknown venue, Stockholm (Vail says Gävle)

Parker left Sweden on November 28, stopping in Paris to record with the Maurice Moufflard Orchestra. The Paris stay, which was supposed to include a concert organized by Charles Delaunay, was cut short by stomach pains; Parker returned early to New York and was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer.

Parker's playing on these Swedish dates is relaxed and inventive, and he sounds like he's having a blast. The audiences are very appreciative.

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