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March 23, 1953 (2 items; TT = 4:25)
Band Box, New York NY
WMGM radio broadcast (B)
Charlie Parker All-Stars
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Charlie Parker (as); Milt Buckner (org); Bernie McKay (g); Cornelius Thomas (d)

1 Interview (Leonard Feather, Charlie Parker) 0:52
2 Groovin' High (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) 3:33

1 Interview (Leonard Feather, Charlie Parker)
CD: Philology Volume 21 (W 851)

2 Groovin' High
12" LP: Bird Box LP 19
CD: Bird Box Volume 15, Philology Volume 21 (W 851)

This is from a Jazz Caravan broadcast. Buckner and Parker play well together; Thomas is very heavy-handed, especially in the exchanges with Parker before the closing theme.

Thanks to Wasaburo Miura for supplying me with the interview, which is sometimes combined with another interview from February 16. But it belongs here. Thanks to Dean Chambers and James Accardi for help with this session.

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