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June 23, 1967 (4 items; TT = 23:06)
Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Miles Davis Quintet
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Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b); Tony Williams (d)

1 Madness (take 1) (H. Hancock) 0:59
2 Madness (take 2) (H. Hancock) 6:41

Shorter begins his solo with the theme from "Sweet Pea" (1:59-2:04)
3 Madness (take 4) (H. Hancock) 7:28

Shorter again quotes the "Sweet Pea" theme during his solo (4:28-4:38)
4 Sweet Pea (take 3) (W. Shorter) 7:58

2 Madness (take 2)
12" LP: Mosaic MQ10-177
CD: Columbia C6K 67398, Columbia C6K 90925, Sony SRCS 8575/80, Sony SICP 663/8

3 Madness (take 4)
12" LP: Columbia CL 2794 (= CS 9594), Music on Vinyl MOV LP031, Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory MFSL 2-45436, CBS/Sony SONP 50186, CBS/Sony SONP 52049, CBS/Sony SOPL 167, CBS/Sony 18AP 2071, CBS/Sony 23AP 2571, CBS/Sony 25AP 767, Mosaic MQ10-177
CD: Columbia CK 46113, Columbia CK 65681, Columbia C6K 67398, Columbia C6K 90925, CBS/Sony 32DP 726, CBS/Sony CSCS 5149, Sony SRCS 9116, Sony SRCS 8575/80, Sony SICP 663/8, Sony SRCS 9747, Sony SRGS 4521, Sony SICP 829, Sony SICP 1218

4 Sweet Pea (take 3)
12" LP: Columbia PC 34396, CBS/Sony 18AP 2072, CBS/Sony 23AP 2572, CBS/Sony 25AP 314, Mosaic MQ10-177
CD: Columbia C6K 67398, Columbia C6K 90925, Columbia CK 61405, CBS/Sony 32DP 727, Sony SRCS 5710, Sony SRCS 9307, Sony SRCS 8575/80, Sony SICP 663/8, Sony SRCS 9736, Sony SICP 831

This version of "Madness" is very different from the rehearsal take recorded on June 13.

"Sweet Pea" -- listed on the track sheet as "Sweet Pee's Theme" -- was not issued by Columbia until 1976, by which time Shorter's own remake of it on his Blue Note record Super Nova (recorded in August 1969) was familiar. The issued version is the only complete take from this session.

This is another in the ongoing series of New York studio sessions during May-July 1967. These sessions allowed the Quintet to develop new repertoire centered around original compositions. Only a few of these tunes -- "Masqualero," "Nefertiti," and "Riot" -- became staples of the Quintet's live performances, however.

After returning from the west coast in mid-May, the Quintet was booked at the Village Vanguard (June 2-4), then went to the Village Gate (July 4-16 opposite Dizzy Gillespie, and August 15-27 opposite Ornette Coleman).

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