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Miles Ahead session details

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November 25, 1968 (3 items; TT = 7:59)
Columbia Studio B, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Chick Corea (el-p); Herbie Hancock (el-p); Josef Zawinul (org); Dave Holland (b); Tony Williams (d)

1 Splashdown (M. Davis) 7:59
2 Interlude 1 (M. Davis) 0:00
3 Interlude 2 (M. Davis) 0:00

1 Splashdown
12" LP: Mosaic MQ5-209
CD: Columbia C3K 65362, Columbia C3K 90921, Sony SICP 35/7, Sony SICP 924/6

Another keyboard added to the mix. This is Josef Zawinul's first session with Davis, beginning a partnership that lasted into 1970. Here the organ occasionally doubles the bass and generally adds a late-1960s pop feel.

There are four themes in "Splashdown," none memorable in itself; but the transitions between them, and deft solos especially by Hancock and Williams, make this an interesting example of the transitional music Davis was working on. The tune has a jaunty, occasionally Motown-like feel to it. Here is the basic structure:

0:00-0:46 - first theme
0:46-1:25 - second theme, Davis solo
1:25-1:37 - third theme, drum break
1:37-2:36 - fourth theme (3/4)
2:36-3:23 - back to themes #1 and #2
3:23-4:06 - Shorter solo
4:06-4:16 - theme #3
4:16-5:18 - theme #4
5:18-7:06 - theme #2, Williams solo
7:06-7:59 - back to theme #1, Hancock/Corea together

The two rejected interludes do not include Davis or Shorter.

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