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Miles Ahead session details

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January 13, 1973 (7 items; TT = 57:10)
Village East, New York NY
Audience recording (B-)

Miles Davis (tpt); Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl); Reggie Lucas (g); Khalil Balakrishna (sitar); Cedric Lawson (keyb); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); Badal Roy (tabla); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

1 Chieftain (incomplete) (M. Davis) 0:07
2 Rated X (M. Davis) 6:56
3 The Hen (M. Davis) 16:56
4 Honky Tonk (incomplete) (M. Davis) 6:49

Splice/gap at 2:24
5 Agharta Prelude (M. Davis) 10:08
6 Ife (incomplete) (M. Davis) 10:05

Splice/gap at 6:12
7 Black Satin (incomplete) (M. Davis) 6:09

Cut off at 6:09

"Chieftain" was first recorded in the studio on August 23. It is commonly performed in a medley with "Rated X" during this period. The transition occurs when Henderson begins the distinctive (and insistent) el-b vamp. I am grateful to Jim Szabo for discussion on these tunes.

The Davis group and the Paul Winter Consort were booked for two nights at the Village East. These were the first live performances since Davis broke both legs in an automobile accident on October 19, 1972 (NYT report), although there were several studio sessions in November-December.

Despite Davis's immobility, the group continued its live bookings: Toronto (January 24); Michigan State University Auditorium, East Lansing (January 26); Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis (January 28); Tower Theatre, Philadelphia (March 2); Alexander Hall, Princeton University (two shows, March 3). There were also apparently a number of Columbia studio sessions during February, but none of the music from these sessions has surfaced.

Davis was arrested on February 23 on weapons charges.

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