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Miles Ahead session details

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July 10, 1973 (6 items; TT = 90:32)
Rainbow Theatre, London (United Kingdom)
Band recording (B+)

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

First set
1 Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis) 11:55
2 Tune in 5 (M. Davis) 10:24
3 Untitled Original 730424c (with applause, announcement) (M. Davis) 21:27

Second set
4 Right Off (M. Davis) 13:38
5 Ife (M. Davis) 20:50
6 Calypso Frelimo (incomplete) (M. Davis) 12:18

Cut off at 12:18

1 Turnaroundphrase
CD: Be Twisted BTCD 015

2 Tune in 5
CD: Be Twisted BTCD 015

3 Untitled Original 730424c (with applause, announcement)
CD: Be Twisted BTCD 015

4 Right Off
CD: Be Twisted BTCD 016

5 Ife
CD: Be Twisted BTCD 016

6 Calypso Frelimo (incomplete)
CD: Be Twisted BTCD 016

This recording was probably made by one of the band members, since musicians' voices are audible at several points (9:20, 10:38, 16:50 of "Unknown 730424c" and 9:59 of "Right Off"); and Davis can be heard tapping out the tempo for "Ife" at 0:03-0:08.

The Davis Septet finished a Japanese tour at the end of June. After performing at the Hampton Jazz Festival (July 1), the Septet immediately began a two-week tour of European festivals. The itinerary was as follows:

July 6: Temple of Jupiter, Baalbeck
July 8: Montreux Jazz Festival
July 10: Rainbow Theatre, London
July 11: Olympia Theatre, Paris
July 16: Parco delle Naiadi, Pescara
July 17: Teatro Romano, Verona
July 20: La Pin`de, Juan-les-Pins

There are probably other performances as well, but I have not found ads or reviews.

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