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Tadd Dameron sextet, Charlie Ventura group
Royal Roost Club, New York

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August 28, 1948 (23 items; TT = 49:10)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Theodore "Fats" Navarro (tpt); Allen Eager (ts); Tadd Dameron (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Kenny Clarke (d); Kenny "Pancho" Hagood (voc); Benny Green (tb); Conti Candoli (tpt); Charlie Ventura (ts); Ben Ventura (bs); Roy Kral (p, voc); Kenny O'Brien (b); Ed Shaughnessy (d); Jackie Cain (voc); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

1 Jumpin' with Symphony Sid (L. Young) (with announcement) 1:54

Voiceover from 0:16: "And so once again ladies and gentlemen, with our theme 'Jumpin' with Symphony Sid' done for you by the Tadd Dameron group, we bring you, and bring our microphones right down here to the Royal Roost, Metropolitan's Bopera House [sic], here at 1580 Broadway between 47th and 48th Streets [theme ends] where the lights are low, the music's with that real knocked-out groove, and the people wonderful. Remember, you can have a ball every morning of the week here at the Roost, so come on down from ten in the evening till four in the morning; for only ninety cents admission you can sit back and relax and have a ball diggin' the gonest. Remember, we say the gonest -- we mean the greatest in modern jazz, and featuring the great Charlie Ventura and his bop group along with the great Tadd Dameron. Remember, this coming weekend, or this weekend, as of tomorrow, or tonight, we're having Mr. Blues himself, Wynonie Blues Harris. We have him here, and he's gonna come out and say a few words in a little while. And right now, I'd like to introduce for you the gentlemen in the Tadd Dameron organization. Tadd Dameron, wonderful musician, one of the greatest in small-group jazz, here he is. Let's give him a great big hand -- Tadd Dameron, ladies and gentlemen... And not to waste, not to waste too much time, let's bring to you a few of the other gentlemen. On... On trumpet, one of the greats of all time, Fats Navarro. Fats Navarro, ladies and gentlemen... And on tenor, on tenor a wonderful guy, Allen Eager. Allen Eager, ladies and gentlemen... And then of course it's, ah, Curley Russell on bass and Kenny Clarke on drums. Let's give 'em all a great big hand. And here's one of the great things you always ask for when you call at the studio at Circle-six-two-five-hundred, the all-night, all-frantic show, 'The Squirrel'..."
2 The Squirrel (T. Dameron) 2:52
3 Introduction 0:44

"Thanks a lot, ladies and gentlemen, and that was 'The Squirrel'. I'd like to remind you that here at Metropolitan's Bopera House [sic], the Royal Roost, starting, ah, September the ninth we're bringing the great Count Basie and his organization along with the outstanding and wonderful Dinah Washington. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Dinah Washington making her first appearance since the blessed event, along with the great Count Basie. And I understand that there's a big party going on at Count Basie's home out in St. Albans [Sid says "St. Aldwyns"], and I know everybody... from around here, all the... managers and everybody went down to dig the great Count Basie. Remember the date, September the 9th, here at Metropolitan's Bopera House [sic], the Royal Roost. Well, here's one you always ask for, it was arranged originally by the great Tadd Dameron, one that Dizzy made, and I hope you enjoy it, 'Good Bait'..."
4 Good Bait (T. Dameron-C. Basie) 4:49
5 Introduction 0:33

"And so, there ladies and gentlemen, was 'Good Bait' done by the Tadd Dameron organization, and right now we bring you a gentleman who's done very well with the great Dizzy Gillespie organization, who did things like 'Ool ya'... 'Ool Ya Koo' and a recent thing, uh, just came out on RCA Victor, a thing called 'Cool Breeze'... And I'd like to introduce to you the gentleman who brings you the new sound, the new sound in son, our boy Kenny Pancho Hagood (Sid mispronounces Hagood's name: 'hah-good') HAY-good? Come on right up and do one of the famous things, a wonderful side that I know you'll really enjoy..."
6 Pennies from Heaven (J. Burke-A. Johnston) 4:25
7 Introduction 0:08

"Let's bring back the great Tadd Dameron organization, ladies and gentlemen. Tadd Dameron, a wonderful thing, one you ask for very often, a thing called 'Anthropology'..."
8 Anthropology (D. Gillespie-C. Parker) 3:40
9 Introduction 0:10

"Right now, ladies and gentlemen, let's bring Pancho back again, Pancho Kenny Hagood to do... 'Kitchenette Across the Hall', a real novelty thing, one I hope you really enjoy. Pancho? It's all yours..."
10 Kitchenette Across the Hall (T. Dameron) 1:35
11 Introduction 0:14

"You say? You say you were good bait? Good bait for the kitchenette across the hall. Right now, to wind up the first half-hour here from our... WMCA broadcast direct from the Royal Roost, here's a wonderful take-off on 'Lady Be Good'..."
12 Rifftide (C. Hawkins) (Lady Be Good) 3:05
13 Jumpin' with Symphony Sid (L. Young) (inc) 0:18

"Thanks a lot, Tadd Dameron, and a wonderful group. That's the first half-hour here of our little broadcast from the Royal Roost, Metropolitan's Bopera House [sic], relax with gone music that I know you'll really enjoy..."
14 Yesterdays (J. Kern-O. Harbach) 1:09

Voiceover from 0:23: "And so. ladies and gentlemen, once again with the theme, 'Yesterdays', done by Charlie Ventura and the bop group featuring Jackie Cain and Roy Kralls [sic] taking care of the bop vocals and Benny Green on trombone, we bring you here to the Royal Roost the gonest. That's right, the wonderful Charlie Ventura and his most wonderful, wonderful organization playing nightly here at the Royal Roost, Metropolitan's Bopera House [sic] where you can sit back and relax and remember, you still have just a few days left to dig the great and wonderful Charlie Ventura and his wonderful group. And don't forget, after that it's Count Basie and the great Dinah Washington... And right now, Charlie... Ventura and his wonderful group to do a thing that you're asking for, that's been recorded and will soon be released, 'High on an Open Mic'..."
15 High on an Open Mic (C. Ventura) 5:59
16 Introduction 0:16

"And so, there's the one that we get a lotta calls for, hasn't been released yet, 'How, um, High on an Open Mic'. And right now here's a medley of two things I think you'll enjoy: first, featuring Benny Green on trombone, 'Embraceable You', and then Charlie Ventura featured on 'Blue Champagne'..."
17 Embraceable You - Blue Champagne 3:35
18 Introduction 0:13

"And right now, ladies and gentlemen, here's -- with voices, with Jackie Cain and Roy Krall -- and the whole organization doing and oldie all dressed up in the new style, 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'..."
19 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (J.W. Kellette-J. Kenbrovin) 3:09
20 Introduction 0:23

"Ah, they were great big fat bubbles, weren't they? (splice) Wow! and right now, ladies and gentlemen, in the... Charlie Venter... Ventura group you know there's a young lady, her name is Jackie Cain. She's got a wonderful voice, and you're gonna hear a whole lot more about Jack... FROM Jackie Cain, and here she is right now to sing 'I'm Glad There's You'. Jackie..."
21 I'm Glad There is You (In This World of Ordinary People) (J. Dorsey-P. Madeira) 3:05
22 Introduction 0:52

SS: "Ah, 'I'm Glad There's You', and that was Jackie Cain, the female department of the, uh, Roy Krall deal. (Cain laughs) He writes the music, they're goin' together, I dunno what that means... Jackie, how'd you enjoy your stay here at the, uh, Royal Roost?" JC: "Well I loved every minute of it." SS: "You've um... You're a Chicago girl, aren't you?" JC: "Well, I'm originally from Milwaukee." SS: "Milwaukee? Oh, that's a good place to be from. Schlitz? Just a moment. We're on the air. Ahhh... You really had a lot of fun, though, didn't you have a lot of fun bein' on Broadway? JC: "Yes, I enjoyed my stay down here very much." SS: "I'm glad you did. You're a sweet kid. We hope a lot of good things happen. And don't forget..." JC: "Thanks a lot." SS: "...do the thing. Thanks a lot, Jackie Cain, and right now let's see, we got another one coming... Oh, yes, this is a real... uh, let's see. A thing they call, uh, 'O-Go-Mo'...
23 O-Go-Mo (K. Winding) 6:02

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