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Tadd Dameron sextet, Dizzy Gillespie orchestra
Royal Roost Club, New York

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October 16, 1948 (12 items; TT = 32:27)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Theodore "Fats" Navarro (tpt); Rudy "Pinky" Williams (as); Allen Eager (ts); Tadd Dameron (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Kenny Clarke (d); J.B. "Dizzy" Gillespie (tpt, voc); Dave Burns (tpt); Elmon Wright (tpt); Willie Cook (tpt); Jesse Tarrant (tb); Bill Sheperd (tb); Andy Duryea (tpt); John Brown (as, voc); Ernie Henry (as); James Moody (ts); Joe Gayles (ts); Cecil Payne (bs); James Foreman (p); Nelson Boyd (b); Teddy Stewart (d); Chano Pozo Gonzales (bgo, cga, voc); Dinah Washington (voc); Symphony Sid Torin (ann); Unknown (ann)

1 Jumpin' with Symphony Sid (L. Young) 1:16

Voiceover from 0:16: "And so once again, ladies and gentlemen, we take our WMCA microphones right down here to the Royal Roost, the Metropolitan Bopera House, where we bring you the gonest in modern jazz here at 1580 Broadway between 47th and 48th Street, where the lights are low and the music's with that real knocked-out groove. [theme ends] And remember, that's our Friday night, Saturday morning edition of the all-night, all-frantic one, the Symphony Sid show, which comes to you from midnight up until six in the morning, playing the gone sides for a lot of frantic people. [splice] And don't forget, after four o'clock, if you'd like to hear some more of your favorites, go ahead and call the meeskite there, Bob Garrity. Remember, it's Circle-six-two-five-hundred. Circle-six-two-five-hundred, the all-night, all-frantic one, where we always have a gang of fun. And, to start things off here down at the Roost, the Royal Roost, I'd like to bring to you the great gentlemen of the Tadd Dameron organization. Let's give 'em a great big hand: Tadd Dameron, Fats Navarro, Allen Eager, Rudy Williams, Curley Russell, and Kenny Clarke. And to start things jumpin', a wonderful thing that you always ask for, 'Anthropology'..."
2 Anthropology (D. Gillespie-C. Parker) 4:52
3 Introduction 0:18

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, there's the great Tadd Dameron group... Allen Eager, Fats Navarro, wonderful gentlemen in the organization for cool, relaxed, modern jazz. And right now, another one that you ask for a whole lot, that Tadd made on Blue Note records, a little thing called 'Our Delight'..."
4 Our Delight (T. Dameron) 4:05
5 Introduction 0:28

"Ah, this wonderful Royal Roost, where the lights are low and the music with that real knocked-out groove, and everybody's really wonderful. And don't forget, everybody's invited to fall by the Roost, the house that bop built, here at 1580 Broadway between 47th and 48th Street, where you can sit back and relax from nine-thirty in the evening till four in the morning and dig the gonest. And right now, to wind up the little session with Tadd Dameron and the wonderful group, here's Tadd to do his own composition, made for Savoy, a thing called 'The Tadd Walk'..."
6 The Tadd Walk (T. Dameron) 5:19
7 Ow (D. Gillespie) 4:52
8 Introduction 0:22

"And so, the wonderful voice of Johnny Hartman with the great Dizzy Gillespie organization doing 'Confess', a beautiful tune that everybody loves. And right now... Enna Henry, Henry Henry... he's from Brooklyn! All right, we'll give Brooklyn a shot this time. Featuring Ernie Henry on alto, Dizzy Gillespie and the entire organization -- one that everybody asks for, 'Groovin' High'..."
9 Groovin' High (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) 4:25
10 I Want to Cry (E. Randall-R. Pirrone) 3:21

add Washington (voc)
11 Introduction 0:10

Different announcer: "The boys and Miss Dinah Washington. Here's an encore -- 'Baby, Is it Too Soon to Know?'..."
12 Is It Too Soon to Know? 2:59

Add Washington (voc)

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