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Tadd Dameron sextet, Dizzy Gillespie orchestra
Royal Roost Club, New York

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October 23, 1948 (15 items; TT = 37:56)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Theodore "Fats" Navarro (tpt); Rudy "Pinky" Williams (as); Allen Eager (ts); Tadd Dameron (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Kenny Clarke (d); J.B. "Dizzy" Gillespie (tpt, voc); Dave Burns (tpt); Elmon Wright (tpt); Willie Cook (tpt); Jesse Tarrant (tb); Bill Sheperd (tb); Andy Duryea (tpt); John Brown (as, voc); Ernie Henry (as); James Moody (ts); Joe Gayles (ts); Cecil Payne (bs); James Foreman (p); Nelson Boyd (b); Teddy Stewart (d); Chano Pozo Gonzales (bgo, cga, voc); Symphony Sid Torin (ann); Unknown (ann)

1 Introduction 1:00

"And don't forget, currently featuring the great Dizzy Gillespie and his organization, the sensational Dinah Washington, and Tadd Dameron and his wonderful group. And to start things jumpin' while a lot of you frantic ones are diggin' the all-night, all-frantic show, and while you call Circle-six-two-five-hundred, let me introduce to you the great Tadd Dameron group. First, ladies and gentlemen, Tadd Dameron on piano -- let's give Tadd a wonderful hand... Tadd Dameron... Fats, Fats Navarro, Allen Eager, Rudy Williams, Curley Russell, and Kenny Clarke. Let's give 'em a great big hand, and start things jumpin' here once again. And before we get going, and... while we were listening to our theme, 'Jumpin' with Symphony Sid', in walked Pres himself, Lester Young, sittin' at the bar. Hey, Pres? Thanks a lot, diet daddy, and don't forget, Lester Young will be here at the Royal Roost starting on my birthday, November the 25th. And so without wasting too much time, let's get jumpin' -- here's Tadd's original thing, 'Our Delight'..."
2 Our Delight (T. Dameron) 4:21
3 Introduction 0:22

"Well, thanks a lot, Tadd Dameron, that was really wonderful. Fats Navarro, Rudy Williams, Allen Eager, a wonderful group here down at the Royal Roost every night of the week, where you can sit back and relax and dig the gonest in modern jazz. And I told you before, the great and wonderful, and sensational. And right now, let's get back to another one of the wonderful things that were made on records, and here they are, ladies and gentlemen, with 'Good Bait'..."
4 Good Bait (T. Dameron-C. Basie) 5:55
5 Introduction 0:52

"And so, with 'Good Bait' done by Fats Navarro and the wonderful gentlemen... (splice) Sensational tenor men, Wardell Gray and Dexter Gordon of 'Chase' fame, along with last week's sensation who really broke it up with Fats, Howard McGhee... Howard McGhee, ladies and gentlemen, and bringing back the wonderful piano soloist Lennie Tristano and his wonderful All-Stars, featuring Billy Bauer on guitar, Lee Konitz on... alto, Arnold Fishkind, and Mel Zelnick. Don't forget, there won't be a cover charge, no minimum, just a dollar and a half admission, and if you own a membership card you get in for twenty-five cents less. That's Sundays, four to eight, four wonderful hours where you can sit back and relax and dig the gonest. And right now, ladies and gentlemen, let's bring back the Tadd Dameron group, featuring Fats Navarro and his original tune, 'Eb Pob'..."
6 Eb Pob (F. Navarro) 6:06
7 Introduction 0:10

"And so, there's Fats Navarro's original thing called 'Eb Pob', and right now, one that you always ask for, on a Blue Note record made by Tadd Dameron and the group and Fats Navarro, 'The Squirrel'..."
8 The Squirrel (T. Dameron) 4:10
9 Jumpin' with Symphony Sid (L. Young) 0:25

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, you've heard from the wonderful group, Tadd Dameron group, featuring Fats Navarro, Allen Eager, Rudy Williams, Curley Russell, and Kenny Clarke. Hope you've had a lot of fun so far, that's only the first half of the show, the all-night, all-frantic one, the Symphony Sid show, where we take our WMCA microphones ever Friday night, Saturday morning, bring 'em right down here to the house that bop built, the Royal Roost, 1580 Broadway, and bring you the gonest..."
10 Unknown Title 3:28
11 Introduction 0:03

"...'More Than You Know'..."
12 More Than You Know (V. Youmans-B. Rose) 3:35
13 Ray's Idea (R. Brown-W.G. Fuller) 3:07
14 Introduction 0:04

Different announcer: "It doesn't hurt a bit, especially if we listen to it -- 'OW!'..."
15 Ow (D. Gillespie) 4:18

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