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Tadd Dameron quintet, Woody Herman Herd
Royal Roost Club, New York

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October 30, 1948 (19 items; TT = 50:49)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B-)

Kai Winding (tb); Allen Eager (ts); Tadd Dameron (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Kenny Clarke (d); Stan Fishelson (tpt); Bernie Glow (tpt); Marky Markowitz (tpt); Ernie Royal (tpt); Milton "Shorty" Rogers (tpt); Bill Harris (tb); Earl Swope (tb); Ollie Wilson (tb); Bob Swift (bass-tb); Woody Herman (cl, as, voc); Sam Marowitz (as); Al Cohn (ts); Stan Getz (ts); John Haley "Zoot" Sims (ts); Serge Chaloff (bs); Terry Gibbs (vb, arr); Lou Levy (p); Grieg Stewart "Chubby" Jackson (b); Don Lamond (d); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

1 The Chase (T. Dameron) 4:08
2 Wahoo (T. Dameron) 5:14
3 Rifftide (C. Hawkins) (Lady Be Good) 5:06
4 Introduction 0:09

"The great Tadd Dameron group, ladies and gentlemen, here at the Royal Roost, the Metropolitan Bopera House. And here's their theme, a wonderful thing that you always ask for, 'The Squirrel'..."
5 The Squirrel (T. Dameron) 3:37
6 Closing announcement (inc) 0:04

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, that was the great Tadd Dameron group here at the Royal Roost..."
7 Opening Theme 1:05

Voiceover from 0:32: "And so once again, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you for the first time here at the Royal Roost, the Metropolitan Bopera House, one of the greatest bands that Woody Herman has ever brought together, the great Woody Herman Herd featuring Chubby Jackson, Terry Gibbs, Bill Harris, Earl Swope, Stan Getz, Serge Chaloff, Ernie Royal, Don Lamond, and taking care of the vocals, Mary Ann McCall. Ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful and sensational group, with the Woody Herman Herd to start things jumpin' with 'Keeper of the Flame'..."
8 Keeper of the Flame (S. Rogers) 6:03
9 Introduction 0:23

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, and so, ladies and gentlemen, that's just a preview. Just... a little thing that happens down here every night at the Roost, the great Woody Herman Herd, and what a kick it is to have a wonderful bunch of musicians to sit back and relax and blow and have a gang of fun. And right now we bring to you the vocalist of the band, Mary Ann McCall, to sing another one of the favorites, 'Happiness is a Thing Called Joe'..."
10 Happiness is a Thing Called Joe (O. Harburg-H. Arlen) 3:35

Add McCall (voc)
11 Introduction 1:04

SS: "And so with 'Happiness is a Thing Called Joe' I'd like to remind a lot of you folks out there who are listening in, I'd like to remind you that here on Saturday afternoon between four and seven we bring to you the Woody Herman in a concert that I know you'll really enjoy. A lot of you folks would like to fall by here on... Saturday afternoon from four till seven, so that you can come down here and really have a wonderful time. It's the great Woody Herman Herd that will entertain you -- the afternoon, and of course every night of the week here at the Royal Roost, the house that bop built, 1580 Broadway between 47th and 48th Street and... where things really jump. Woody? Have you got news? Tell us about the good news." WH: "Well, it's wonderful to be here, Sid, and, uh, incidentally, the next piece is written by my very dear friend Mr. Zoot Sims of California." SS: "Not the Brooklyn kid this morning." WH: "No, not the..." (laughter) It's a street in Hollywood called Yucca." SS: "'Yucca'? Is that what we're gonna do this time? All right, ladies and gentlemen, here's a brand new thing with the Woody Herman Herd, 'Yucca'..."
12 Yucca (Z. Sims) 5:20
13 Unknown Title 1:51
14 Introduction 0:34

"Wonderful, wonderful, Terry, that was really great. You never know what happens down here at the Royal Roost, and everything, every night something different. And then just walked in... a gentleman who's been here before and who's coming back December the ninth, ninth, and let's give him a wonderful hand, our friend, our wonderful friend, Billy Eckstine... Ladies and gentlemen, Billy Eckstine... Things always jump at the Royal Roost, so... if you haven't been down, come down to the Roost and have yourself a wonderful time. And right now here's Woody to sing another one of his favorite Columbia recordings, 'I've Got News for You'..."
15 I've Got News for You (W. Herman) 3:56

Herman (voc)
16 Introduction 1:22

"'Baby, I Got News for You', the great Woody Herman Herd, and I told you everybody jumps and everybody falls by the Roost. And a gentleman just fell in who has a band of his own, quite popular sort of a guy. Let's give him a great big hand, sittin' in the rear, Stan Kenton, ladies and gentlemen, Stan Kenton... Ah, it's really wonderful here at the Roost, and I'd like to remind you that the Royal Roost presents... bop concerts every Sunday afternoon from four to eight, four wonderful... hours where you can sit back and relax. And this week we're presenting... the great high priest of bop, Thelonious Monk and his wonderful group featuring Milt Jackson on vibraharp. And then the Tadd Dameron grump, Group with Dexter Gordon, Allen Eager, Howard McGhee, Curley Russell, and Kenny Clarke. We'd like to see you come by Sunday afternoon if you haven't got anything to do, sit back and relax and dig the gonest. And right now, featuring the four tenor men, Serge Chaloff and Al Cohn, Stan... Getz, and, uh, Zoot... Sims, we bring to you... Uh, what, Zoot? What is it with his name? Zoot! And here it is, that wonderful side that's selling like crazy on Columbia records, one I know you really enjoy, 'The Four Brothers'..."
17 Four Brothers (J. Giuffre) 3:35
18 Introduction 0:17

"And so there's a real knocked-out thing that I know everybody really enjoys, and don't forget, we'd love to have you come down to the Royal Roost. It's a really wonderful kick to dig the wonderful Woody Herman Herd, and gang of wonderful musicians. And right now, let's bring back our boy Bill Harris, a wonderful thing on trombone, 'Bijou'..."
19 Bijou (R. Burns) 3:26

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