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Tadd Dameron quintet, Woody Herman Herd
Royal Roost Club, New York

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November 6, 1948 (17 items; TT = 47:01)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Kai Winding (tb); Allen Eager (ts); Tadd Dameron (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Kenny Clarke (d); Stan Fishelson (tpt); Bernie Glow (tpt); Marky Markowitz (tpt); Ernie Royal (tpt); Milton "Shorty" Rogers (tpt); Bill Harris (tb); Earl Swope (tb); Ollie Wilson (tb); Bob Swift (bass-tb); Woody Herman (cl, as, voc); Sam Marowitz (as); Al Cohn (ts); Stan Getz (ts); John Haley "Zoot" Sims (ts); Serge Chaloff (bs); Terry Gibbs (vb, arr); Lou Levy (p); Grieg Stewart "Chubby" Jackson (b); Don Lamond (d); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

1 Anthropology (D. Gillespie-C. Parker) 5:19
2 Wahoo (T. Dameron) 6:18
3 Tiny's Blues (T. Dameron) (Gabardine and Serge) 3:25
4 Introduction 0:02

"...'Four Brothers'..."
5 Four Brothers (J. Giuffre) 3:29
6 Introduction 0:33

"And so there's the frantic ones. You know, just to give you an idea what kind of characters we got in this wonderful band, just like a bunch of young kids they all chew bubble gum. The whole band chews bubble gum in between solos. It's a wonderful thing, I mean you haven't lived until you came down to the Roost. Right now... 'Pop Gum'? Sorry, that's it, Chubby Jackson, 'bop gum', something new -- 'bop gum'. What a meeskite. Uh, right now let's bring the vocalist of the group, Mary Ann McCall, and I think you'll remember this tune, it's a wonderful thing called 'Romance... in the Dark Age'..."
7 Romance in the Dark (W. Herman) 3:54

Add McCall (voc)
8 Introduction 0:28

"Oh, put out all the lights and call 'em off... 'Romance in the Dark', ladies and gentlemen, and a wonderful thing I hope you really enjoyed. And right now we'd like to feature a young man... young man, a Canadian short... sort of a cat... on the bop kick... Heh... For all the Gilcianos in Brooklyn, I have news for you. Here's Terry Gibbs. Terry Gibbs, one of the gonest, on vibraharp. A little thing called 'John... Had His Number'..."
9 John Had His Number (T. Gibbs) 1:33
10 Introduction 0:45

"Oh, I hope all you good Gilcianos out there are real straight. And don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, on Sunday afternoon the Symphony Sid bop concerts for the next three weeks will feature the great Woody Herman and the entire organization from four in the afternoon until seven in the evening. Ninety cents admission, and to you members who have membership cards, your seventy-five cents. No cover, no minimum. You can sit back and relax of a Sunday afternoon and really have yourself a real gone one, hey. And right now, ladies and gentlemen, uh, everybody has heard of the wonderful and sensational trombone of Bill Harris. Let's hear the number dedicated to Bill Harris, a wonderful thing I know you'll enjoy, 'Flamingo'..."
11 Flamingo (E. Anderson-T. Grouya) 4:16
12 Introduction 0:26

"...Woody Herman, as they do for you another thing I think you'll enjoy... Or are we supposed to do the other one first? Oh, we can do this one now? Solid. Oh, I'm telling you, its so relaxed here. Everything happens. We were supposed to do another one, but... it's better like this. So, we hear... we hear the wood... we hear the woodchoppers... I'll tell you about that later. We hear the woodchoppers do 'We the People Bop'..."
13 We the People Bop (W. Herman) 2:35
14 Introduction 0:19

SS: "Right now, Woody, is now the time? Now the time, daddy? Now the time?" WH: "Yes..." SS: "Wanna do that little thing that we... cooked up? Oh, it's, uh, the one you made at Columbia Records, a real meeskite side." WH: "Oh, yeah." SS: "The one that they sold about nine million copies' worth. And here it is ladies and gentlemen, Woody Herman to sing, 'Yeah, We Got News for Ya, Hey'..."
15 I've Got News for You (W. Herman) 4:00
16 Introduction 0:28

"You see what happens to a band when they get ahold of a bunch of frantic characters and they got a boss like Woody Herman? They got him half-crazy from Brooklyn, too. Heh-heh-heh... Here's a little thing that, uh... meeskite there in the back, with the bubble gum... bop gum, I'm sorry. Meeskite Chubby Jackson thought this brainstorm up when he was in, uh, WHERE? In Sweden? Solid. He and the boys wrote the thing and they call it 'Boomsie'..."
17 Boomsie (S. Rogers) 9:11

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