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Woody Herman Herd
Royal Roost Club, New York

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November 16, 1948 (12 items; TT = 21:19)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Stan Fishelson (tpt); Bernie Glow (tpt); Marky Markowitz (tpt); Ernie Royal (tpt); Milton "Shorty" Rogers (tpt, arr); Bill Harris (tb); Earl Swope (tb); Ollie Wilson (tb); Bob Swift (bass-tb); Woody Herman (cl, as, voc); Sam Marowitz (as); Al Cohn (ts); Stan Getz (ts); John Haley "Zoot" Sims (ts, arr); Serge Chaloff (bs); Terry Gibbs (vb, arr); Lou Levy (p); Grieg Stewart "Chubby" Jackson (b); Don Lamond (d); Mary Ann McCall (voc); Unknown (ann)

1 Blue Flame (theme) 0:41

"From the Royal Roost restaurant in the heart of New York City, Columbia brings you the band that plays the bop, Woody Herman and his orchestra, featuring the vocal contributions of Mary Ann McCall..."
2 Introduction 0:08

"And Woody's opener is a spotlight... picks out four brothers with four saxophones to play something like this..."
3 Four Brothers (J. Giuffre) 3:21
4 Introduction 0:14

"Four, count them, four brothers... And that you'll find on one side of the latest Herman Herd record release... And now Mary Ann McCall makes her appearance, to the tune of 'My Last Affair'..."
5 (Blame It On) My Last Affair (H. Nemo-I. Mills) 3:52
6 Introduction 0:08

"Bop... is Woodrow Wilson Herman's order of the moment now... as he brings us 'Oh Henry'..."
7 Oh Henry (P. Bley) 2:52
8 Introduction 0:10

"Woody Herman forsakes his saxophone and clarinet now to indulge in a bit of pardonable boasting to the tune of 'I've Got a Way with Women'..."
9 I've Got a Way with Women 2:39
10 Introduction 0:10

"For next, a bucolic ballad embellished by the bop trombone of Bill Harris, 'Flamingo'..."
11 Flamingo (E. Anderson-T. Grouya) 4:00
12 Keeper of the Flame (S. Rogers) 3:04

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