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Woody Herman Herd
Royal Roost Club, New York

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November 20, 1948 (14 items; TT = 28:13)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Stan Fishelson (tpt); Red Rodney [Robert Chudnick] (tpt); Marky Markowitz (tpt); Ernie Royal (tpt); Milton "Shorty" Rogers (tpt, arr); Bill Harris (tb); Earl Swope (tb); Ollie Wilson (tb); Bob Swift (bass-tb); Woody Herman (cl, as, voc); Sam Marowitz (as); Al Cohn (ts); Stan Getz (ts); John Haley "Zoot" Sims (ts, arr); Serge Chaloff (bs); Terry Gibbs (vb, arr); Lou Levy (p); Grieg Stewart "Chubby" Jackson (b); Don Lamond (d); Mary Ann McCall (voc); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

1 Blue Flame (J. Bishop-J. Noble) 1:40

"And so once again, ladies and gentlemen, right down back here to the Royal Roost, the Metropolitan Bopera House, the house that bop built, on Broadway between 47th and 48th Street, for the last time... on a remote broadcast from WMCA will you dig the great Woody Herman Herd, because they leave on Sunday. Sunday is their last day at the Royal Roost. And what a wonderful stay it's been with one of the most sensational organizations in the country, featuring guys like Stan Getz, Serge Chaloff, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Woody Herman... Bill Harris, Earl Swope, Red Rodney, meeskite enchin... Everybody... everybody's in the Woody Herman Herd, a wonderful organization, and I know that... the Royal Roost really was very, very happy to have this great organization before they go back to the coast and really break it up. Woody Herman and the Herd -- let's give 'em one more big hand... Yes, we do. And without wasting any time, here's a brand new thing written by Walter Fuller, brought right into the Woody Herman Herd, a thing called 'Oh Henry'..."
2 Oh Henry (P. Bley) 3:02
3 Introduction 0:39

"So there he is, the great Woody Herman Herd. Sensational outfit, really breaking it up, and I know that you really have a lot of fun diggin' the Herd. And don't forget, this coming Sunday afternoon from four till seven is our last afternoon concert with the great Woody Herman organization, where there's no cover charge, no minimum, ninety cents admission and members seventy-five. That's this coming Sunday, the last one with the great Woody Herman Herd. What did you say, hey-hey, meeskite? What? Heh-heh-heh. How's it feel... Well, let's bring the glamor to the stand right now. And here she is, Mary Ann McCall, to do with the great Herd, 'I've Got It Bad and, Jack, That Ain't Good'..."
4 I Got it Bad (and That Ain't Good) (D. Ellington-P. Webster) 4:18
5 Introduction 0:14

"You never had it so good in your life. Heh-heh. And now let's bring the woodchoppers up to the... microphone and see what happens when they do, uh, 'We the People Bop'..."
6 We the People Bop (W. Herman) 2:31
7 Introduction 0:42

"Woody Herman... Woody Herman, keeper of the flame and the microphone. Ooh-ya, and you know what they mean... you know what they mean when they say woodchoppers, it means Woody Herman, Ernie Royal... and it means, uh, Serge Chaloff and, uh, you know, it's too bad that Red Rodney wasn't on, he wants his old lady to get him some food when he gets home. Ah, Red Rodney, always tryin' to get in on the act. Well, heh-heh, anyhow, let's get back to the show here and some more of this gone music from the wonderful Woody Herman Herd as we do, uh, a little something featuring Bill Harris on trombone, 'Flamingo'..."
8 Flamingo (E. Anderson-T. Grouya) 4:16
9 Unknown Title 4:07
10 Introduction 0:17

"See what I mean? A gone outfit, the great Woody Herman Herd. Remember, Sunday's the last day, and if you miss out, you haven't lived. You haven't lived until you've dug this great, great band, the Woody Herman Herd. Hey, I'm sorry... 'Out of Nowhere'..."
11 Out of Nowhere (E. Heyman-J.W. Green) 3:14
12 Introduction (inc) 0:03

"...'Way with Women'... If you haven't, somebody'll..."
13 I've Got a Way with Women 2:51
14 Closing announcement 0:19

"And there's the guy that wanted to be a disk jockey, with a voice like that? Hoo-hoo-hah! Woodrow Heh-heh-heh-Herman, ah, wonderful guys. Sunday you'll be leavin' the joint, goin' over to California where it's nice and warm -- is it still warm in California these days? Very warm. What a lucky kid you are. Well..." (cut off)

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