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Lester Young sextet, Ray Brown trio
Royal Roost Club, New York

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December 4, 1948 (17 items; TT = 43:38)
Royal Roost Club, New York
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Kai Winding (tb); Allen Eager (ts); Hank Jones (ts); Ray Brown (b); Charlie Smith (d); Ella Fitzgerald (voc); Jesse Drakes (tpt); Ted Kelly (tb); Lester Young (ts); Freddie Jefferson (p); Dennis "Tex" Briscoe (b); Roy Haynes (d); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

1 Tiny's Blues (T. Dameron) 4:46
2 Bop Goes the Weasel (Trad., arr. R. Brown) 2:27
3 Heat Wave (I. Berlin-R. Brown) 2:22
4 Old Mother Hubbard (Traditional) 2:03
5 Royal Roost Boogie (L. Young) 2:30
6 Flying Home (B. Goodman) 4:27
7 Closing announcement 0:42

"The greatest, ladies and gentlemen, the gradiest. The greatest, Ella Fitzgerald, the Ray Brown organization, and as I've told you before it's always a wonderf... a lot of wonderful kicks... to come down here to the original, the one and only, the house that bop built, the Royal Roost. Remember on Broadway between 47th and 48th Street, right opposite the Strand Theater. And once again I'll remind you that if you haven't fallen by the Roost yet -- mmm-mmm -- you haven't lived. I also would like to remind you that on account of the all-jazz poll that we've hade here on..." (fade out)
8 Introduction 0:07

"Here's Pres -- another one of the gone records that you ask for, a thing called 'The Bebop Boogie'..."
9 Lester's Bebop Boogie (L. Young) 4:05
10 Introduction 1:05

"Oh, you haven't started... No you haven't, unless you come down to the Royal Roost. Ah, the things jump down here, this never happens anywhere in the world. The Metropolitan Bop... I said the Metropolitan Bopera House, hey. The gonest... Everybody's wonderful. Are you the gonest? Let's take our WMCA microphones to somebody's table. Ah? Next week. Next week, next week... Next week when we have the great Mr. B, Billy Eckstine, that's when we'll take our WMCA microphones right to the table and, uh, if you happen to be from Brooklyn, well, we'll... say you're from Brooklyn; if you're from Connecticut, solid. We like alenic, Connecticut people and, when gone (?). Mag's boss lives in Connecticut. And don't forget, it's the great Lester Young and the organization with Lester Young on tenor, Jessie Drakes on trumpet, Ted Kelly on trombone, Freddie Jefferson on piano, Tex Briscoe on bass, and the great Roy Haynes on... drums. Here's Pres once again with a relaxed thing, one I hope you really enjoy, 'Confessin''..."
11 I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (C. Smith-A.J. Neiburg) 3:21
12 Introduction 0:06

"Here's another one of the wonderful sides that... everybody knows... 'I Cover the Waterfront'..."
13 I Cover the Waterfront (E. Heyman-J.W. Green) 5:47
14 Introduction 0:03

"Lester Young, and 'Cover the Waterfront', and..." (cut off)
15 How High the Moon (N. Hamilton-M. Lewis) 4:37
16 Sunday (R. Rodgers-O. Hammerstein) 4:16
17 Jumpin' with Symphony Sid (L. Young) (inc) 0:54

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