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Jutta Hipp Quintett
Franz Althoff Bau, Frankfurt

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May 28, 1955 (d) (8 items; TT = 33:03)
Franz Althoff Bau, Frankfurt
Source/Quality: SB (B+)

Walter "Joki" Freund (ts); Attila Zoller (g); Jutta Hipp (p); Branko Pejakovic (b); Karl Sanner (d)

1 Introduction (Hans Gertberg) 1:22
2 Introduction (Joki Freund) 0:41
3 Hipp-Noses (J. Freund) 6:11
4 The Song is You (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) 6:56
5 Indian Summer (V. Herbert) 3:18
6 A Cool Talk (J. Freund) 4:47
7 These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) (H. Marvell-J. Strachey-H. Link) 3:44
8 Gone with the Wind (H. Magidson-A. Wrubel) 6:04

Recorded at the 3. Deutsches Jazz Festival, Frankfurt; first of three concerts. The first two concerts were evening shows at the Franz Althoff Bau, the third was a matinee at the Grosser Saal des Volksbildungsheims. All of these titles are included in the eight-CD set Deutsches Jazzfestival 1954-1955 (Bear Family BCD 15430).

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