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Bud Shank, Bob Cooper a.o.
Club Studio 15, München

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May 29, 1957 (16 items; TT = 52:30)
Club Studio 15, München
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Bud Shank (as, fl); Bob Cooper (ts, oboe); Attila Zoller (g); Gary Peacock (b); Karl Sanner (d); Werner Götze (ann)

1 Announcement 0:37
2 Studio 15 Theme (A. Zoller) 3:35
3 Interview with Albert Mangelsdorff 0:53
4 I'll Close My Eyes (B. Kaye-B. Reid) 4:20

Mangelsdorff and rhythm section
5 Interview with Bob Cooper 0:58
6 Angel Eyes (M. Dennis-E. Brent) 3:16

Cooper and rhythm section
7 Tea for Two (V. Youmans-I. Caesar) 4:02

Cooper and rhythm section
8 Interview with Bud Shank 1:04
9 I Can't Get Started (V. Duke-I. Gershwin) 2:59

Shank and rhythm section
10 Tangerine (J. Mercer) 5:45

Shank and rhythm section
11 Introduction 0:35
12 The Nearness of You (N. Washington-H. Carmichael) 4:03

Shank, Cooper and rhythm section
13 A Night in Tunisia (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) 7:16

Shank, Cooper and rhythm section
14 Interview with Freddie Brocksieper 0:29
15 I'll Remember April (D. Raye-G. DePaul-P. Johnston) 12:19
16 Closing announcement 0:19

I don't know the exact date of this recording, but the original broadcast date was May 29, 1957. In the interview, Cooper mentions earlier gigs in Holland (there is a recording with the Pim Jacobs Trio from March 13) and that he is going to Italy with an Austrian group (there is a recording with Hans Hammerschmid's Trio from Milan, April 30). So the recording date of this session is probably sometime between March 13 and April 30, 1957.

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