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Michael Naura a.o. (NDR Workshop 9)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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December 12, 1959 (15 items; TT = 84:09)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Siegfried Ackhammer (tpt); Klaus Mitschele (tpt); Werner Gutterer (tpt); Rolf Schneebiegl (tpt); Kurt Sauter (tb); Klaus Marmulla (as); Hans Koller (ts); Michael Naura (p); Hans Hammerschmidt (p); Wolfgang Schlüter (vb); Hajo Lange (b); Heinz Von Moisy (d); Sperie Karas (d)

1 Bennie's Blues (H. Koller) (large group) 5:20

Solos: Koller, Lange, Hammerschmidt, Ackhammer
2 Downtown (H. Hammerschmidt) (large group) 4:48

Solos: Koller, Ackhammer, Hammerschmidt
3 Doodlin' (H. Silver) (small group) 8:19

Solos: Marmulla, Schlüter
4 Goodbye (G. Jenkins) (small group) 5:12

Solos: Marmulla, Naura, Schlüter
5 No Moe (S. Rollins) (small group) 6:13

Solos: Marmulla, Schlüter, Lange
6 Sermonette (C. Adderley) (small group) 9:01

Add Koller. Solos: Schlüter, Koller, Naura, Lange
7 Unknown Title (large group) 4:41

Solo: Karas
8 Only Two Notes (H. Koller) (large group) 4:15

Solos: Koller, Hammerschmidt, Lange
9 Goofin' (H. Hammerschmidt) (large group) 3:25

Solos: Hammerschmidt, Koller
10 Margaret Rose (H. Koller) (large group) 4:17

Solo: Koller
11 There Will Never Be Another You (M. Gordon-H. Warren) (large group) 4:30

Add Schlüter (vb). Solos: Koller, Schlüter
12 Golden Earrings (J. Livingston-R. Evans-V. Young) (small group) 5:16

Schlüter and rhythm section only. Solos: Schlüter, Naura
13 Blues Around Joe (H. Hammerschmidt) (large group) 8:52

Add Schlüter. Solos: Gutterer, Koller, Schlüter, Hammerschmidt, Lange
14 Onyx (H. Hammerschmidt) (large group) 4:16

Koller with rhythm section only. Solos: Koller, Hammerschmidt, Lange
15 Last Run (H. Hammerschmidt) (both groups) 5:44

Solos: Marmulla, Ackhammer, Sauter, Hammerschmidt, Mitschele

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 9; produced by Hans Gertberg.

Two groups performed: the first ("small group") consisted of Marmulla, Schlüter, Naura, Lange, and Von Moisy, with Koller added for one number; the second ("large group") included Ackhammer, Mitschele, Gutterer, Sauter, Koller, Hammerschmidt, Lange, and Karas, with Schneebiegl added for one number. The groups play together on "Last Run."

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