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Lucky Thompson All-Stars (NDR Workshop 16)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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November 25, 1960 (17 items; TT = 79:26)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Eli "Lucky" Thompson (ss, ts); Barney Wilen (ss, ts); Bengt Jaedig (ts); Helmut Brandt (bs, ts); Larry Atwell (g); Roland Kovac (p); Jürgen Ehlers (b); Rudi Pronk (d)

1 Mysterioso Mr. X (L. Thompson) 4:52

Solos: Thompson (ss), Wilen (ts), Atwell
2 Easy (H. Brandt) 6:09

Solos: Jaedig (ts), Brandt (bs)
3 Autumn Leaves (J. Prevert-J. Mercer-J. Kosma) 4:16

Rhythm section only. Solos: Kovac, Ehlers
4 This Here (B. Timmons) 6:17

Solos: Wilen (ss), Jaedig, Kovac
5 Düsseldorf Süd und Wuppertal West (R. Kovac) 4:22

Solos: Ehlers, Atwell, Kovac, Thompson, Pronk (4s)
6 I Surrender Dear (G. Clifford-H. Barris) 3:51

Brandt, Atwell, Ehlers, Pronk only. Solo: Brandt (bs)
7 Why Weep? (L. Thompson) 3:50

Thompsom, Atwell, Ehlers, Pronk only. Solos: Thompson (ts), Atwell, Pronk (4s)
8 Take the A Train (B. Strayhorn) 5:19

Solos: Thompson (ts), Jaedig, Thompson/Wilen/Jaedig/Brandt (4s)
9 Iris (R. Kovac) 4:19

Solos: Kovac, Thompson, Atwell
10 One Last Goodbye (L. Thompson) 4:59

Thompson, Ehlers, Pronk only. Solo: Thompson (ts)
11 Have a Light (H. Brandt) 4:02

Solos: Kovac, Brandt (bs)
12 Fascinating Rhythm (G. Gerswhin-I. Gershwin) 3:14

Rhythm section only. Solo: Ehlers
13 Oleo (S. Rollins) 3:26

Wilen and rhythm section only. Solos: Wilen, Kovac, Pronk (4s)
14 Jahrgang 37 (H. Brandt) 6:58

Solos: Jaedig, Brandt, Pronk (4s)
15 Edith (R. Kovac) 4:11

Rhythm section only. Solo: Kovac
16 Einsames Mädchen am Meer (R. Kovac) 4:39

Solos: Thompson (ss), Wilen (ss), Kovac
17 I Want to Be Happy (V. Youmans-I. Caesar) 4:42

Solos: Atwell, Jaedig, Brandt, Thompson (ts), Kovac, Ehlers, Pronk

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 16; produced by Hans Gertberg. Two other titles were performed, both versions of Jimmy Giuffre and Jon Hendricks' "Four Brothers," one as the opener (1:50) and another as the closer (3:00). Thanks to Noal Cohen for bringing these extra tunes to my attention. See his excellent Lucky Thompson discography for details.

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