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Lucky Thompson All-Stars (NDR Workshop 19)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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April 28, 1961 (19 items; TT = 89:10)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Christian Bellest (tpt); Nat Peck (tb); Eli "Lucky" Thompson (ss, ts); Jo Hrasko (as); William Boucaya (bs); Carlos "Charlie" Diernhammer (p); Peter Trunk (b); Daniel Humair (d)

1 Mr. Care Free (L. Thompson) (opening theme) 6:23
2 It's Fantasy (L. Thompson) (Scratching the Surface) 3:20

Thompson and rhythm section only. Solos: Thompson (ts), Diernhammer
3 Old Reliable (L. Thompson) 6:24

Solos: Diernhammer, Boucaya, Hrasko, Humair
4 I Remember When (L. Thompson) (Love and Respect) 5:03

Thompson and rhythm section only. Solo: Thompson (ss)
5 Hang Over Heaven (L. Thompson) 3:40

Solos: Diernhammer, Thompson (ts), Humair
6 It's Thursday (L. Thompson) 5:15

Solos: Hrasko, Thompson (ts)
7 Is the Long Road the Right Road? (L. Thompson) (Our Shared Blessings) 4:16

Thompson and rhythm section only. Solos: Thompson (ss), Trunk, Diernhammer
8 Seeing is Believing (L. Thompson) 3:51

Solos: Trunk, Diernhammer, Thompson (ts)
9 From Day Till Dawn (L. Thompson) 5:34

Solos: Thompson (ss), Diernhammer
10 Down the Stretch (L. Thompson) 3:25

Solos: Diernhammer, Thompson (ts)
11 Check Out Time (L. Thompson) 6:08

Solos: Trunk, Boucaya, Peck, Hrasko, Humair, Thompson (ts)
12 Sky High (L. Thompson) (Say That to Say This) 4:02

Thompson, Trunk, Humair only. Solos: Thompson (ts), Humair (4s)
13 Could I Meet You Later? (L. Thompson) 4:41

Solos: Thompson (ts), Diernhammer
14 Last Night I Met with an Angel (L. Thompson) (Warm Inside) 4:26

Solos: Thompson (ts), Diernhammer
15 Notorious Love (L. Thompson) 4:04

Solos: Humair, Thompson (ss)
16 Minuet in Blues (L. Thompson) (inc) 6:57

Solos: Humair, Trunk, Diernhammer, Thompson (ss)
17 The Fire Bug (L. Thompson) 4:10

Solos: Thompson (ts), Diernhammer
18 Two Steps Out (L. Thompson) (Choose Your Own) 4:30

Solo: Thompson (ss)
19 Another Whirl (L. Thompson) 3:01

Solo: Thompson (ts)

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 19; produced by Hans Gertberg. Another version of "Mr. Care Free" was performed as the closer (2:35). Thanks to Noal Cohen for bringing these extra tunes to my attention. See his excellent Lucky Thompson discography for details.

Several tunes on disc 2 are marred by digital noise, notably "Last Night I Met an Angel," "Notorious Love," and "Minuet in Blues." I'm working on getting a cleaner (and more complete) master.

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