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Bud Powell Trio
Unknown venue, Oslo

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September 1962 (5 items; TT = 27:58)
Unknown venue, Oslo
Source/Quality: aud (B)

Earl "Bud" Powell (p); Unknown (b); Unknown (d)

1 Dance of the Infidels (B. Powell) (inc) 6:05

Opening theme missing
2 I Remember Clifford (B. Golson) 7:10

Piano/bass duet
3 Hot House (T. Dameron) 5:48
4 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) 1:55

Opening theme missing
5 Dance of the Infidels (B. Powell) 7:00

From a different venue?

This sounds like a rehearsal, since there is no appluase or audience chatter. The two versions of "Dance of the Infidels" sound like they were recorded under different circumstances. Many thanks to Masayuki Hatta for help with this session.

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