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Tubby Hayes (NDR Workshop 32)
Akademie der Künste, Berlin

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September 3, 1963 (12 items; TT = 79:34)
Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Jimmy Deuchar (tpt, mellophone); Åke Persson (tb); Hans Koller (as); Tubby Hayes (ts, fl, vb); Ronnie Ross (as, bs, fl, cl); Pierre Cavalli (g); Peter Trunk (b); Allan Ganley (d)

1 Modes and Blues (T. Hayes) 4:35

Solos: Hayes (ts); Deuchar (tpt); Cavalli
2 If You Knew (J. Deuchar) 5:34

Solos: Deuchar (tpt); Ross (bs); Hayes (ts)
3 Half a Sawbuck (T. Hayes) 6:54

Solos: Hayes (ts); Deuchar (tpt); Cavalli; horns/Ganley (8s)
4 Tune for Antibes (H. Koller) 7:02

Solos: Koller; Koller/Ganley (4s)
5 Åke and I (J. Deuchar) 3:02

Solos: Persson; Deuchar (mellophone)
6 A Portrait of Elvin (J. Deuchar) 10:24

Solos: Ganley; Hayes (ts)/Deuchar (tpt)/Koller/Ganley (4s)
7 Four-Two-Go (P. Cavalli) 6:10

Solos: Cavalli; Cavalli/Trunk (4s)
8 Blues Flues (T. Hayes) 14:34

Solos: Trunk; Hayes (fl); Persson; Koller
9 Visca l'Ampurda (P. Trunk) 5:23

Solos: Trunk; Persson
10 Cleopatra's Needle (R. Ross) 5:25

Solos: Ross (as); Cavalli; Koller
11 Little Frown (P. Trunk) 5:38

Solo: Hayes (ts)
12 Q.T. (S. Hamer) 4:53

Solo: Hayes (vb)

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 32; produced by Hans Gertberg.

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