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Ronnie Ross a.o. (NDR Workshop 35)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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February 28, 1964 (18 items; TT = 93:19)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Johnny Scott (as, cl, fl); Bob Burns (as, cl); Ronnie Ross (as, bs, cl); Bill Le Sage (p, vb); Freddie Alexander (cello); Maurice Westerby (cello); Francis Gabarro (cello); William De Mont (cello); Spike Heatley (b); Tony Carr (d)

1 Night Talk (B. Le Sage) 5:00

Solos: Burns (as); Ross (bs); Scott (fl); cellos; Le Sage (vb); Heatley; Carr
2 Monkey Business (B. Le Sage) 7:38

Solos: Scott (as); Le Sage (p);
3 Saber Dance (S. Heatley) 3:49

Solos: Ross (bs); cellos/Carr (4s); Carr
4 Three (B. LeSage) 4:37

No cellos. Solos: Scott (as); Burns (as); Ross (as); altos/ensemble (4s)
5 Lady Day (R. Ross) 6:27

Solos: Ross (bs); Le Sage (p)
6 Wigmore Walk (B. Le Sage) 5:11

Solos: Le Sage (vb); Scott (fl); Heatley; ensemble/Carr (4s)
7 Honky-Tonk (B. Le Sage) 4:03

Solos: Scott (as); Burns (as)
8 Morning Theories (J. Scott) 3:57

Solos: Scott (fl); Ross (bs); Burns (cl);
9 Yardsticks (B. Le Sage) 5:14

Solos: Scott (fl); Burns (cl); Ross (bs); Le Sage (vb)
10 Blue Trident (R. Ross) 4:47

Solos: Scott (as); Ross (bs); Le Sage (vb); Heatley
11 Clarion (J. Scott) 4:20

No cellos. Solos: Scott (cl); Ross (cl); Burns (cl)
12 Times Two-and-a-Half (J. Scott) 4:42

Solo: Scott (as)
13 Come Rain or Come Shine (H. Arlen-J. Mercer) 5:53

Solo: Ross (bs)
14 So What (M. Davis) 4:46

Solos: Scott (fl); Heatley
15 Minky (R. Ross) 6:27

Solos: Ross (bs); Scott (as); Ross/Scott (16s/8s/4s)
16 Pastorale D'Hiver (J. Scott) 7:16

Solo: Scott (fl)
17 Where's the Fire? (J. Scott) 3:30

Solos: Scott (fl); Le Sage (vb); Scott/Le Sage/Carr (4s)
18 Rustic Gate (R. Ross) 5:42

Solos: Ross (bs); Le Sage (p)

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 35, "Directions in Jazz in Hamburg"; produced by Hans Gertberg.

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