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Andrzej Trzaskowski a.o. (NDR Workshop 38)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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January 29, 1965 (25 items; TT = 123:05)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Richard Kubernat (tpt); Jaromir Hnilicka (tpt); Idrees Sulieman (tpt, as); Leo Wright (as, fl); Michal Urbaniak (ss, ts); Rolf Kühn (cl, ts); Ronnie Ross (bs); Andrzej Trzaskowski (p); Roman Dylag (b); Rune Carlsson (d); Hans Gertberg (ann); Lubomir Doružka (ann)

1 Theme (H. Koller) 1:13
2 Five Degrees East - Five Degrees West (R. Kühn) 5:18

Solos: Sulieman (tpt), Kühn (cl)
3 Introduction (Hans Gertberg) 6:36
4 Bluebeard (A. Trzaskowski) 6:14

Solos: Urbaniak (ss), Trzaskowski, Dylag, Sulieman (tpt)
5 Introduction (Hans Gertberg) 2:37
6 Sub-Basement Blues (R. Ross) 8:18

Solos: Kühn (cl), Ross, Dylag
7 Introduction (Lubomir Dorůžka) 0:24
8 Taking Johnny for a Ride (J. Hnilicka) 5:52

Solos: Hnilicka, Trzaskowski
9 Midnight in Berlin (L. Wright) 5:54

Solos: Wright (ts), Trzaskowski
10 Introduction (Hans Gertberg and Lubomir Dorůžka) 3:11
11 Beneath the Surface (J. Hnilicka) 6:43

Solos: Ross, Kubernat, Trzaskowski
12 The Hip Blues (R. Kühn) 9:48

Solos: Urbaniak (ss), Ross, Kühn (cl), Trzaskowski
13 Gensel's Message (L. Wright) 5:43

Solos: Sulieman (tpt), Wright (as)
14 Introduction (Hans Gertberg) 2:40
15 Fragment Revisited (J. Jacques) 6:16

Solo: Carlsson
16 Majo Taj (M. Urbaniak) 5:49

Solos: Wright (as), Urbaniak (ts)
17 Introduction (Hans Gertberg) 0:40
18 Sonnymoon for Two (S. Rollins) 13:03

Solos: Wright (fl), Sulieman (as), Urbaniak (ts)
19 Introduction (Lubomir Dorůžka) 1:38
20 The Camel (I. Sulieman) 7:16

Solos: Wright (as), Sulieman (as)
21 Introduction (Hans Gertberg) 1:05
22 Bass Romance (R. Dylag) 5:23

Solo: Dylag (b)
23 Exhibition (M. Urbaniak) 3:53

Solo: Urbaniak (ts)
24 Introduction (Hans Gertberg and Lubomir Dorůžka) 2:54
25 Sie gleicht wohl einem Rosenstock (Traditional) (arr. R. Kühn) 4:37

Solo: Kühn (cl)

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 38; produced by Hans Gertberg.

Seven of these titles -- "Five Degrees East - Five Degrees West," "Bluebeard," "Sub-Basement Blues," "Majo Taj," "Beneath the Surface," "Midnight in Berlin," and "The Hip Blues" -- were also recorded the following day at the Ruhrlandhalle, Bochum, and released as Jazz Workshop Ost-West: Bochum 1965 (Columbia SMC 83875). I'm grateful to Ernst Nebhuth for sharing this rare LP with me.

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