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Ronnie Ross a.o. (NDR Workshop 44)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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February 25, 1966 (a) (12 items; TT = 74:03)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Stu Hamer (tpt, flh); Les Condon (tpt); Greg Bowen (tpt); Keith Christie (tb); John Marshall (tb); Bob Burns (ss, as, cl); Peter King (ts); Danny Moss (ts); Ronnie Ross (bs); Bill Le Sage (p, vb); Spike Heatley (b); Tony Carr (d)

1 Jazz Jury (B. Le Sage) 7:11

Solos: Burns (as), King, Ross, Hamer, Christie, Heatley
2 Double Exposure (B. Le Sage) 7:20

Solos: Burns (as), Hamer (flh)
3 Chow Min (S. Hamer) 6:03

Solos: Moss, Marshall, Carr
4 No Longer (R. Ross) 8:03

Solos: LeSage (vb), Ross
5 Three for the Bar (R. Ross) 5:58

Solos: Ross, Christie, Heatley
6 C-Deck (B. Le Sage) 5:23

Solos: Ross, LeSage (p)
7 Way Out Back (L. Condon) 5:25

Solos: LeSage (p), King, Condon, Marshall, Carr (4s)
8 Since Yesterday (R. Ross) 8:06

Solos: Moss, Burns (ss), Hamer, Christie
9 Spike's Bit (S. Heatley) 7:17

Solo: Heatley
10 Tobago (S. Hamer) 5:14

Solos: Hamer, Moss
11 Veronique (S. Hamer) 4:46

Solos: LeSage (vb), Ross
12 Ugetsu (C. Walton) (inc (fade out)) 3:17

Solos: Condon, Marshall

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 44 - "New Faces from Britain"; produced by Hans Gertberg. An additional title ("Small Fry", 4:52) was included on the LP NDR Jazz Workshop '66 (NDR 629 904). NDR also recorded a TV workshop on this date featuring a quartet -- Kenny Wheeler (tpt), Stan Tracey (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Jack Dougan (d) -- performing a suite based on Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood. Another title from that set ("A.M. Mayhem", 5:13) was included on the LP mentioned above.

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