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Klaus Doldinger a.o. (NDR Workshop 45)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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April 22, 1966 (36 items; TT = 155:57)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Manfred Schoof (tpt, flh, cornet); Ack Van Rooyen (tpt, flh); Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Klaus Doldinger (ss, as, ts, bcl); Emil Mangelsdorff (as, bs, fl); Helmut Brandt (bs, bass sax); Volker Kriegel (g); Ingfried Hoffmann (p, org, celeste); Peter Trunk (b); Cees See (d)

1 That Bluesy Sound (I. Hoffmann) 7:15

Solos: Hoffmann (p); A. Mangelsdorff; E. Mangelsdorff (as); Van Rooyen (tpt); Brandt (bss); Schoof (cornet); Kriegel; Doldinger (ts)
2 Studio chatter 1:49
3 Shakin' the Blues (H. Brandt) 2:52

Solos: Brandt (bs); Kriegel; Doldinger (ts)
4 Studio chatter 0:46
5 Night Stop (P. Trunk) 3:50

Solo: Kriegel
6 Studio chatter 1:01
7 Blues for Nana (M. Schoof) 6:46

Solos: Schoof, Mangelsdorff, Doldinger, Hoffmann, Trunk, See only. Solos: Mangelsdorff; Schoof (flh); Doldinger (ss); Trunk
8 Studio chatter 1:17
9 Too Late (K. Doldinger) (false start and chatter) 1:27
10 Too Late (K. Doldinger) 3:49

Solos: Hoffmann (p); A. Mangelsdorff
11 Studio chatter 1:00
12 Bossa Nova Blues (H. Brandt) (false start and chatter) 1:02
13 Bossa Nova Blues (H. Brandt) 7:35

Solos: E. Mangelsdorff (fl); Brandt (bs); E. Mangelsdorff (as); See
14 Studio chatter 0:46
15 007 Beat (I. Hoffmann) 3:20

Solos: Hoffmann (org); E. Mangelsdorff (as)
16 Studio chatter 1:10
17 Two of a Kind (A. Van Rooyen) 5:29

Solos: Schoof (flh); Van Rooyen (flh)

1 One for J.B. (K. Doldinger) 3:59

Solo: Hoffmann (org)
2 That Bluesy Sound (I. Hoffmann) 3:59

Solos: Hoffmann (org)
3 Blues of Its All (I. Hoffmann) 5:13

Solos: Kriegel; Hoffmann (org)
4 Cees See Rider (A. Mangelsdorff) 5:32

Solo: See
5 That Bluesy Sound (I. Hoffmann) 6:06

Solos: A. Mangelsdorff; E. Mangelsdorff (as); Van Rooyen (tpt); Brandt (bss); Kriegel; Schoof (tpt); Doldinger (ts)
6 Fast Blues in F (H. Brandt) 3:10

Solos: Schoof (tpt); Brandt
7 Night Stop (P. Trunk) 4:18

Solo: Kriegel
8 To Satisfy My Soul (K. Doldinger) 4:34

Doldinger, Hoffmann, Trunk, See only. Solos: Trunk (cello); Doldinger (bcl); Trunk/Doldinger (4s)
9 Blues March (H. Brandt) 4:58

Schoof, Brandt, Hoffmann, Trunk, See only. Solos: Brandt (bs); Schoof (tpt)
10 Bossa Nova Blues (H. Brandt) 8:25

Solos: E. Mangelsdorff (fl); Brandt (bs); Doldinger (as); See
11 Quartenwalzer (K. Doldinger) 9:18

A. Mangelsdorff, Doldinger, Hoffmann, Trunk, See only. Solos: A. Mangelsdorff; Doldinger (ts)
12 007 Beat (I. Hoffmann) 5:12

Solos: Hoffmann (org); E. Mangelsdorff (as)
13 Springs Talk (P. Trunk) 4:24

Solo: Trunk (b)
14 Too Late (K. Doldinger) 7:34

Solos: E. Mangelsdorff (fl); Hoffmann (p); A. Mangelsdorff
15 Blues for Nana (M. Schoof) 6:33

Solos: A. Mangelsdorff; Schoof (tpt); Doldinger (ss); Trunk (b)
16 Two of a Kind (A. Van Rooyen) 6:33

Solos: Van Rooyen (tpt); Schoof (tpt)
17 Shakin' the Blues (H. Brandt) 4:27

Solos: Brandt (bs); Kriegel; Doldinger (ts)
18 That Bluesy Sound (I. Hoffmann) 5:16

Solos: Hoffmann (p); A. Mangelsdorff; Brandt (bss); Kriegel; Schoof (tpt); E. Mangelsdorff (bs)
19 Unknown Title 5:12

Solos: Trunk (b); Hoffmann (p)

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 45, "That Bluesy Sound." Produced by Hans Gertberg.

The rehearsal was filmed and broadcast; it took place the day before the concert (April 21). I'm grateful to Ernst Nebhuth for sharing the video with me.

"Quartenwalzer" and "Night Stop" were issued on NDR Jazzworkshop 1966 (NDR 629 904).

I've tried to correct the titles in the concert section -- the track listings in circulation are obviously incorrect. It would be nice to have an authoritative listing from the NDR files.

The last item does not sound like it belongs here. The sound quality is slightly worse than the rest of the items, and it sounds like a slightly larger ensemble.

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