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Jimmy Woode a.o. (NDR Workshop 47)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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October 26, 1966 (15 items; TT = 75:06)
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Bosse Broberg (tpt); Ted Curson (tpt); John Marshall (tb); Nathan Davis (ss, ts, fl, cl); Piet Nordijk (as, cl); Hermann Schoonderwalt (as, bs, fl); Attila Zoller (g); Frans Elsen (p); Jimmy Woode (b); Stu Martin (d); Fats Sadi (vb, perc)

1 Unknown Title 8:30

solos: Sadi (vb), Davis (fl)
2 Bass Medley (J. Woode) 10:55

solos: Zoller, Elsen, Woode
3 Quicksand (T. Curson) 7:58

solo: Curson
4 Introduction (Woode) 1:00

"The 'Not So Bittersweet' requires a little explanation, I think. It's a work in progress, it's a... folk/jazz ballet... wherein there are 17 characters, and each character is named Adam -- men, women alike, they're all named Adam. Jedermann, Adam. And they're all in search of their shadows, that is, their identity. Huh? And the first piece in this suite is called 'The Sum of the Vectors' -- a vector is... comme ça when two energies collide, or two people collide, and... the energies go off on a different path, it's a vector. This is the sum of the vectors, when Adam number one and Adam number twelve collide..."
5 The Sum of the Vectors (J. Woode) 5:46

solos: Sadi (bgo), Zoller, Davis (ts), Schoondewalt (bs)
6 Introduction (Woode) 0:30

"Adam number 13... found herself... she found an answer to the way of living and the why of living and the how of living. She settled for it, but she doesn't want to talk about it... because life is like jazz and it's like love, it's much better enjoyed than discussed... John Marshall asks, 'Who Will Buy My Dream' -- John Marshall, trombone..."
7 Who Will Buy My Dream? (J. Woode) 5:10

solo: Marshall
8 Introduction (Woode) 0:24

"Thank you for John Marshall... In physics it's known as a vector, but in life it's sometimes called a still point... Frans Elsen will probe, searching for his shadow, his identity. Nathan Davis, Piet Nordijk, Bosse Broberg will join him in 'Still Pointing'..."
9 Still Pointing (J. Woode) 6:10

Elsen, Broberg, Davis, Nordijk until 0:54; afterward solos: Nordijk (as), Broberg, Davis (ts), Elsen
10 Introduction (Woode) 0:39

"Thank you very much for 'Still Pointing'... Adam number ten... has found a world, all his own, he is standing knee-deep in his status quo, but... it is his own world. Hmm? Jedermann... Adam number ten says 'this is my kind of world' -- 'My Kind of World'..."
11 My Kind of World (J. Woode) 5:10

Jimmy Woode (voc). solo: Davis (fl)
12 Introduction (Woode) 0:22

"Thank you. We're going to terminate the suite right now with... its title tune... It's impossible of course, time doesn't permit... goin' t' whole suite... The title tune is called 'Not So Bittersweet', or 'Talk Some Yaki-dak'... 'Not So Bittersweet'..."
13 Not So Bittersweet (J. Woode) 6:55

solos: Nordijk (as), Marshall, Curson, Davis (ts)
14 Jazz Concerto for String Bass and Orchestra (N. Davis) (inc) 6:32

bass solo into free ensemble (3:10); bass solo into free ensemble (2:33); rhythm section + Davis (ts), faded out
15 Unknown Title 9:05

rhythm section only; bass solo until 3:55

NDR Jazz Workshop N. 47; produced by Hans Gertberg.

In addition to the titles listed above, the group also performed

Now Hear My Meaning - opening theme (J. Woode), 2:50
Birth (Leage), 5:40
Salute to Pocna (H. Schoonderwalt), 4:50
Petite Suite (Sadi), 8:36
Pilenz (A. Zoller), 4:55
Happy Girl (N. Davis), 6:00
M-Cycle (S. Martin), 6:28
Dondering (F. Elsen), 4:00
Extension (A. Zoller), 13:25
Sharoo (H. Schoonderwalt), 5:25
Now Hear My Meaning - closing theme, 0:35

The two unknown titles listed above are among these, but I cannot identify them.

I am grateful to Michael Frohne for help with this session.

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