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Globe Unity Orchestra
Philharmonie, Berlin

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November 3, 1966 (1 item; TT = 19:12)
Philharmonie, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Manfred Schoof (tpt, cnt); Claude Deron (tpt); Horst Gmeinwieser (tb); Willi Lietzmann (tuba); Willem Breuker (ss, ts); Peter Brötzmann (as); Gerd Dudek (ts); Kris Wanders (bs); Gunter Hampel (fl, bcl); Alexander Von Schlippenbach (p, cond); J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall (b, tb); Peter Kowald (b); Mani Neumaier (d); Jaki Liebezeit (d)

1 Globe Unity (A. von Schlippenbach) 19:12

Recorded at the Berliner Jazztage 1966. This is the first performance of what came to be known as the Globe Unity Orchestra. In 1966 Alexander von Schlippenbach was commissioned by the RIAS (Radio in the American Sector -- one of two radio stations in West Berlin) to write a composition for large ensemble to be performed during the Berliner Jazztage 1966. The program for November 3 was dedicated to "third stream music":

  1. A composition by Boris Blacher for String Quartet, featuring Carmell Jones and Leo Wright;
  2. Schlippenbach's "Globe Unity" for orchestra and four soloists;
  3. The Albert Ayler Quintet;
  4. The Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra performing compositions by Pavel Blatny and Jaromir Hnilicka;
  5. Willie "The Lion" Smith

For his ensemble Schlippenbach drew on three working groups:

  1. The Manfred Schoof Quintet (Schoof, Dudek, Schlippenbach, Niebergall, Liebezeit);
  2. The Gunter Hampel Quartet (Hampel, Breuker);
  3. The Peter Brötzmann Quintet (Deron, Brötzmann, Wanders, Kowald, Neumeier)

Since there were few improvising trombone and tuba players, Schlippenbach persuaded the classical players Horst Gmeinwieser and Willi Lietzmann to join the ensemble.

Schlippenbach's first LP, Globe Unity (Saba/MPS SB 15019) was recorded a little more than a month after the Berlin concert, on December 6/7, 1966 at Ariola Studio in Köln with the same ensemble minus Gmeinwieser.

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