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John Stevens + Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Olympic Sound Studios, London

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March 10, 1968 (1 item; TT = 32:08)
Olympic Sound Studios, London
Source/Quality: SB (B)

Kenny Parker (ss); Trevor Watts (as); Dave Holland (b); Peter Kowald (b); John Stevens (d, perc); Rashied Ali (d, perc)

1 Double Trio (J. Stevens) (part 1) 32:08

According to Paul Wilson's superb discography of John Stevens (online at http://efi.group.shef.ac.uk/), two titles were recorded on this date, "Double Trio – Part 1" (listed above) and "Double Trio – Part 2" (ca. 25:00). The music was slated for release as Island ILPS 61 but was never issued. Wilson remarks, "The Double Trio might be regarded as a prototype for the Peter Brötzmann Octet's classic Machine Gun album, which was recorded two months later and makes for interesting comparison."

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