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Lee Konitz-Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet
Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg

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March 30, 1968 (b) (6 items; TT = 22:50)
Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Lee Konitz (as); Barre Phillips (b); Stu Martin (d)

1 Zores Mores (A. Mangelsdorff) 4:21
2 At Twilight (A. Zoller) 4:02
3 317 East 32nd (L. Konitz) 9:02
4 'Round Midnight (B. Hanighen-C. Williams-T. Monk) 1:54
5 Ode to Billy Joe (B. Gentry) 2:29
6 Zores Mores (A. Mangelsdorff) (reprise) 1:02

Recorded at the second Jazz Öst-West festival by Bayrischer Rundfunk, and later broadcast (June 5, 1968) on WDR 3. Several days earlier (March 13-14) Konitz and Mangelsdorff were joined by Attila Zoller in Tonstudio Villingen to record the LP Zo-Ko-Ma (MPS 15.170).

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