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Clarke-Boland Big Band
Liederhalle, Stuttgart

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May 16, 1968 (11 items; TT = 56:55)
Liederhalle, Stuttgart
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Benny Bailey (tpt); Jimmy Deuchar (tpt); Sonny Grey (tpt); Idrees Sulieman (tpt); Nat Peck (tb); Åke Persson (tb); Erik Van Lier (tb); Derek Humble (as); Johnny Griffin (ts); Ronnie Scott (ts); Tony Coe (ts); Sahib Shihab [Edmund Gregory] (bs); Francy Boland (p); Jimmy Woode (b); Kenny Clarke (d); kenny Clare (d); Dakota Staton (voc)

1 New Box 703 (F. Boland) 5:33
2 The Falcon (K. Clarke) 4:23
3 Cherokee (R. Noble) 2:53
4 Sweet and Lovely (G. Arnheim-H. Tobias-J. Lemare) 3:56
5 You Stepped Out of a Dream (N.H. Brown-G. Kahn) 7:51
6 Sax No End - Wild Man (F. Boland-K. Clarke) 5:57
7 Griff's Groove (F. Boland) 5:17
8 Gloria (B. Kaper-F. David) 4:58
9 Klook's Report (K. Clarke) 3:06
10 Mauve (F. Boland) 5:23
11 The Turk (Traditional, arr. F. Boland) 7:38

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