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Trevor Watts and Amalgam
BBC Studios, London

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November 1968 (3 items; TT = 24:52)
BBC Studios, London
Source/Quality: aud (B+)

Trevor Watts (ss, as); Peter Lemer (p); Jeff Clyne (b); John Stevens (d)

1 Hope (T. Watts) 7:18
2 Judy's Smile (T. Watts) 8:10
3 Time Passing (T. Watts) 9:24

Broadcast on Radio 3 Music In Our Time on Friday, December 6, 1968. According to Paul Wilson's superb discography of John Stevens (online at http://efi.group.shef.ac.uk/), "the programme commenced with a spoken account of the group’s history, written by Victor Schonfield and read by the presenter. One or two unbroadcast items may have been recorded at this session, including 'Prayer for Peace' and 'Tales of Sadness'."

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