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Erich Kleinschuster Sextet + Charles Tolliver
Austrophon Studio, Vienna

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February 1, 1969 (6 items; TT = 42:53)
Austrophon Studio, Vienna
Source/Quality: SB (B+)

Charles Tolliver (tpt); Robert Politzer (tpt); Erich Kleinschuster (tb); Hans Salomon (ts, bcl); Fritz Pauer (p, el-p); Jimmy Woode (b); Erich Bachtr├Ągl (d)

1 Lil's Paradise (C. Tolliver) 8:48

Solos: Politzer, Pauer
2 The Household of Saud (C. Tolliver) 4:57

Solos: Tolliver, Pauer
3 Paperman (C. Tolliver) 6:32

Solos: Kleinschuster, Salomon (as)
4 In the Nile (C. Tolliver) 10:12

Solos: Tolliver, Pauer
5 Truth (C. Tolliver) 7:55

Solos: Tolliver, Pauer, Woode
6 Right Now (J. McLean) 4:29

Solos: Tolliver, Pauer

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