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Erich Kleinschuster Sextet + Phil Woods
Austrophon Studio, Vienna

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May 2, 1969 (b) (13 items; TT = 32:32)
Austrophon Studio, Vienna
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Robert Politzer (tpt); Erich Kleinschuster (tb); Hans Salomon (ts); Phil Woods (as); Fritz Pauer (p); Jimmy Woode (b); Erich Bachtr├Ągl (d); Klaus Schultz (ann)

1 Unknown Title (theme?) 0:28
2 Introduction 0:20
3 Black Cherry Fritters (P. Woods) 6:45

Solos: Kleinschuster, Politzer, Salomon, Pauer, Woods
4 Introduction 0:14
5 Guess What? (P. Woods) 5:28

Solos: Woods, Kleinschuster, Pauer
6 Introduction 0:10
7 Gentle Eyes (F. Pauer) 6:51

Solo: Woods
8 Introduction 0:11
9 Philanthropy (H. Salomon) 4:09

Solos: Salomon, Kleinschuster
10 Introduction 0:11
11 For My Friends (R. Politzer) 5:52

Solos: Salomon, Woods, Pauer
12 Introduction 0:14
13 Riot (H. Hancock) (inc (fade out)) 1:39

Solo: Salomon

These tunes have circulated along with another set from about the same time (see here). These are from two different performances with slightly different personnel. One of them was recorded at Austrophon Studios in Vienna on May 2, 1969, but I'm not sure which one. I'm very grateful to Ernst Nebhuth for help with these sessions.

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