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John Surman Quintet (studio session)
Tangerine Studio, London

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October 7, 1969 (3 items; TT = 44:36)
Tangerine Studio, London
Source/Quality: SB (B+)

John Surman (ss, bs, bcl); Mike Osborne (as); John Taylor (el-p); Brian Odges (el-b); John Marshall (d)

1 Way Back When (J. Surman) (Glancing Backwards (For Junior)) 22:00
2 Out and About (J. Surman) 8:26
3 Owlshead (J. Surman) 14:10

This session was issued in 1969 in very small numbers on a test pressing LP, Matrix RGG 1109/1110. The master tapes were recently found and the session has been issued on CD by Cuneiform Records as Way Back When (Cuneiform Rune 200).

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