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John Surman and The Trio
Unknown venue, Prague

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October 24, 1970 (8 items; TT = 23:38)
Unknown venue, Prague
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

John Surman (ss, bs, bcl); Barre Phillips (b); Stu Martin (d)

1 Introduction 0:44
2 Billie the Kid (S. Martin) 0:46
3 Nuts (S. Martin) 4:10
4 Let's Stand (B. Phillips) 1:14
5 Foyer Hall (S. Martin) 2:58
6 Dousing Rod (B. Phillips-J. Surman) 2:42
7 Unknown Title 5:42
8 Caractacus (J. Surman) 5:22

7th Tschechoslowakisches Jazzfestival 1970. Titles announced from the stage as "Billie the Kid," "Let's Stand," "Foyer Hall," "In Between," "Silvercloud," and "Caractacus."

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