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Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky and Jazzensemble Studio IV
Unknown venue, East Berlin

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February 8, 1971 (9 items; TT = 29:09)
Unknown venue, East Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Joachim Graswurm (tpt); Hubert Katzenbeier (tb); Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as); Jerzy Milian (vb); Eberhard Weise (p); Klaus Koch (b); Wolfgang Winkler (d); Michael Naura (ann)

1 Introduction (Naura) 0:24
2 Es sungen drei Engel (Traditional) 9:14
3 Introduction (Naura) 0:12
4 Spezialitäten (E-L. Petrowsky) 7:53
5 Introduction (Naura) 0:10
6 Via Abaregia (E-L. Petrowsky) 7:48
7 Introduction (Naura) 0:06
8 Serial Rag (J. Milian) 3:17
9 Closing announcement (Naura) 0:05

I don't know the date of the performance; the date listed is the likely broadcast date. The performance was probably part of the Jazz in der Kammer series broadcast by DDR radio.

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