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Circle (NDR Jazzkonzert)
Jazzhaus, Hamburg

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March 4, 1971 (7 items; TT = 108:25)
Jazzhaus, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (A-)

Anthony Braxton (reeds, fl, perc); Chick Corea (p, perc); Dave Holland (b, cello); Barry Altschul (d, perc)

1 508° K (A. Braxton) 23:12
2 Rhymes (C. Corea) 8:14
3 Toy Room (D. Holland) 6:07

Corea plays "Return to Forever" (3:07-5:03) and "Sometime Ago" (5:03-5:50)
4 Q & A (D. Holland) 12:27
5 Unknown Title 22:58
6 73° Kelvin, Variation A (A. Braxton) 10:25
7 There is No Greater Love (M. Symes-I. Jones) 25:02

NDR Jazzkonzert; producer unknown. The following day the group performed at Lila Eule in Bremen; the concert was recorded and broadcast by Radio Bremen.

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