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Peter Brötzmann Group
Philharmonie, Berlin

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November 6, 1971 (a) (3 items; TT = 25:22)
Philharmonie, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Manfred Schoof (tpt); Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Steve Lacy (ss); Trevor Watts (as); Peter Brötzmann (ts); Fred Van Hove (p); Han Bennink (d, perc); Achim Hebgen (ann)

1 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:15
2 Our Right (P. Brötzmann) 24:52
3 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:15

Recorded at the Berliner Jazztage 1971, part of a special concert series called "New Music Night." Another number, "Item" (31:23), was performed by a large group comprising the Manfred Schoof New Jazz Trio (Schoof, Gerd Dudek, and Peter Trunk), the Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet (Mangelsdorff, Heinz Sauer, Günter Lenz, and Stu Martin), and the Peter Brötzmann Trio (Brötzmann, Fred Van Hove, and Han Bennink).

The Miles Davis Group also performed in the Philharmonie on this date.

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