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Chick Corea and Return to Forever (NDR Workshop 80)
Studio 1 des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg

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Unknown 1972 (b) (6 items; TT = 56:47)
Studio 1 des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Joe Farrell (ss, ts, fl); Chick Corea (p, el-p); Stanley Clarke (b, el-b); Airto Moreira (d, perc)

1 Captain Marvel (C. Corea) 11:31
2 Introduction 0:14
3 Light as a Feather (S. Clarke) 14:08
4 Unknown Title 8:53
5 Spain (C. Corea) 12:49
6 Crystal Silence (C. Corea) 9:12

I'm unsure of the date of this workshop. It may have been as early as February, or as late as August. Presumably it was produced by Michael Naura.

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