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Chuck Mangione Quartet
Casino, Montreux

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June 23, 1972 (11 items; TT = 51:11)
Casino, Montreux
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Chuck Mangione (flh, el-p, perc); Gerry Niewood (ss, ts, fl, perc); Tony Levin (el-b); Steve Gadd (d); Unknown (ann)

1 Introduction 0:33
2 St. Thomas (S. Rollins) 6:14
3 Introduction 0:24
4 The Hill Where the Lord Hides (C. Mangione) 7:35
5 Introduction 0:23
6 High-Heel Sneakers (J. Higgenbotham) 10:11
7 Introduction 0:13
8 The Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor (C. Mangione) 12:53
9 Introduction 0:45
10 Sixty Miles Young (C. Mangione) 11:39
11 Closing announcement 0:21

Most of these tunes were later recorded in August 1972 at the Nazareth College Arts Center in Rochester NY and released on Alive! (Mercury SRM 1-650). In the liner notes Mangione refers to this performance at "Montreaux":

The music is the result of an experience which began in June at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and really blossomed during our three week stay at Ronnie Scott's in London.

Just being invited to perform at the prestigious Montreaux Festival had everyone in the Quartet excited, and since none of us had ever been to Europe, the trip iteself has all of us freaked out!

Switzerland was breath-taking! The mountains are so magnificent they humble you and yet there's a feeling of energy from everything around you.

There was no possible way we could have been prepared for the reception the music received. We had traveled thousands of miles to perform one hour for a foreign audience that had no idea who the hell we were. The reaction was fantastic! They were beautiful! Their rhythmic applause demanded encores, and there even were immediate invitations to other European festivals. The positive comments from the other musicians had me dazed -- but I really flipped when Claude Nobs, the Montreaux Festival Director, said that for a group with no previous appearance or record release on the Continent this reaction was unprecedented in the Festival's history.

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