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John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu Orchestra
Unknown venue, Chateauvallon

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August 23, 1972 (10 items; TT = 81:21)
Unknown venue, Chateauvallon
Source/Quality: TV (B+)

John McLaughlin (g); Jerry Goodman (vln); Jan Hammer (el-p, org, synth); Rick Laird (el-b); Billy Cobham (d)

1 Introduction + band warming up (André Francis) 1:55
2 Meeting of the Spirits (J. McLaughlin) 14:33
3 You Know, You Know (J. McLaughlin) 9:34
4 Introduction (McLaughlin) 0:56
5 The Dance of Maya (J. McLaughlin) 14:36
6 Introduction (McLaughlin) 0:43
7 One Word (J. McLaughlin) 15:55
8 Resolution (J. McLaughlin) 1:26
9 Sanctuary (J. McLaughlin) 6:52
10 Awakening (J. McLaughlin) 14:51

This is a complete performance from an ORTF television broadcast.

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